Friday, October 7, 2016

Rock Me Like a Hurricane

       We have been anticipating hurricane Matthew for a couple days now in South Carolina. The storm appeared to stall indecisively for a bit in the Caribbean before settling on central and northern Florida this morning. Matthew ought make its way up the east coast to reach South Carolina by tomorrow. Projections say Matthew may bring only high winds and rain, but for the last couple days, bred, bottled water, and batteries have been flying off the shelve. A Dollar General near me was not even bothering to stock certain shelve. They had open boxes on the floor with employees handing out however much customers wanted.
       Keep in mind how far inland I am. Sumter is about 45 minutes from the direct center of South Carolina. A hurricane has done little to this town since Hugo back in 1989. people are still wry, presumably with the severe flooding that occurred last year. It was the worst flooding I have ever experienced. Definitely no fun. But the point is it is amusing how panicked people become in the Palmetto State when bad weather threatens. More than a couple day of snow threatens to plunge us into cannibalism.
       The mood has not been helped much by the frequent sharing of the above photo on Facebook. I saw it at least a half dozen different times in my feed. Apocalyptic minded folks think the image of hurricane Matthew looks like a skull. There happens to be a lot of apocalyptic minded folks among the End times prophecy obsessed conservative denominations of South Carolina. But even Matt Drudge had the image up much of Wednesday night with the headline “The Skull of Matthew.” So...yeah. The hurricane will be a big deal for someone.
       I just hope I do not lose power. Or some other weather event will happen so I can allude to a different song. This is the third post in a month I have mentioned “Rock Me Like a Hurricane.” How about another one of those tiny, lawn chair tipping tremors we have experienced from the Charleston area up Then I could go with 'You Shook me All Night Long.” There would not be much of a long quake, so I would have the irony going. We are missing a golden opportunity here. Hurricane Matthew resembles a skulls, and skulls are so metal!

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