Thursday, October 20, 2016

Lamenting the American Royal Families

       Out of all the things there are to lament regarding the 2016 election--andyou have a wide field of choices from which to select--the largest for me is the likely continuation of rule by House Bush and House Clinton.  Take a look at all but one American election in the last 36 years:

1980 George H. W. Bush (Candidate/Veep)
1984 George H. W. Bush (Veep)
1988 George H. W. Bush (Candidate)
1992 George H. W. bush (President)
1992 Bill Clinton (Candidate)
1996 Bill Clinton (President)
2000 George W. Bush (Candidate)
2004 George W. Bush (President)
2008 Hillary Clinton (Candidate)
2016 Jeb Bush (Candidate)
2016 Hillary Clinton (Candidate)

       It is absolutely amazing the only election since 1980 in which a Bush or Clinton did not run was the 2012. I understand Americans love dynasties, but it is ridiculous notion that a representative democracy of 319 people cannot cannot find candidates fro a more diverse pool of families. Perhaps Jeb Bush's lack of traction indicates the bush family's grip on power I loosening, but it is quite bad the Clinton' have a strong chance to hold the presidency up until 2024.

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