Monday, October 10, 2016

I Survived Hurricane Matthew Unscathed

       The power returned a few hours ago after going out early Saturday morning, so I have been unable to access the internet. It is funny, really. I posted on twitter just on hour or so before losing power about the howling wind and driving rain. It seemed like so much noise. Since Sumter was on the outer edge of Hurricane Matthew's red zone, I was not expecting much trouble. My assumption wind up partially correct.
       While I endured little more trouble than eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with lukewarm Dr. Pepper in between long bouts of boredom, much of Sumter did not fair as well. Th city was spared massive flooding, at least on the historic levels suffered last year around this time, but heavy winds caused major damage. Power lines were out of commission all over the city. Tree limbs and assorted debris were strewn everywhere. Many trees fell, including several within my walking distance. I was fortunate none of the trees closest to me came down.
       The hits kept right on coming after the storm. Stop are still blinking in many areas, including a four way intersection at the end of my street. Not every driver seem to know they still have to stop. There were two accidents at the intersection between Saturday after noon and Sunday night. I have counted at least four ambulance sirens and a firetruck's in that time frame. Since the timing was well after the storm, they all must have been responding to car accidents. The fine citizens of South Carolina are not famous for their riving skills, but it is unreal out there right now.
       Now that I have spent some time perusing social media, I notice lots of areas east of here suffered worse. Many friends from the coast to Darlington County are without power. Quite a few have suffered varying degrees of damage. My thoughts are with all you ladies and gentlemen. The aftermath of Hurricane Hugo from when I lived in the area is still fresh in my memory 27 years later.
      My downtime was utilized as bet as possible. I managed a lot of housekeeping. My closets are now cleaned out wit wardrobe color coordinated. Drawers are uber-organized from clothing to nick knacks. If the lights had been out another day, I probably would have gotten around to rearranging the furniture. Thank goodness I have rejoined the 21st century instead. Am not sure how well I would have handled another night of staring at the ceiling in pitch blackness until falling asleep. Modern technology has spoiled me.   

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