Thursday, October 27, 2016

From Unpredictable Weather Comes Predictable Results

     You know what they say...if you do not like the weather in South Carolina, wait a few minutes.  Actually, I think the saying is about the weather in New England.  But it still aptly describes the Palmetto State.  It was downright cold for a couple days there, and now it is back into the 80's.  The predictable result of the unpredictable weather is I caught a cold.
  It started with a sore throat on Tuesday that ran through Wednesday.  The germs bravely fought off an onslaught of orange juice over the two days to claim victory today.  I was full blown sniffing, sneezing, and coughing this morning. Fortunately, I discovered the joyous liquor-like qualities of cough syrup about two years ago.  Anything that will knock you out for hours yet make you feel like a new man when you wake up is all right in my book.
I am supposed to take a swig every four hours, but I am opting to only take a shot a day.  I do not feel like sleeping all the time, especially at the ris of not eating enough.  Besides, I want to be able to accomplish something during the day.  I know you are supposed to sleep off a cold.  I am working on it.  Ironic, when you think about it.   

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