Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fall Has Arrived

       While I am mostly a spring and summer kind of guy, I welcome the arrival of fall. I love it when the leaves turn the color of October. The morning are becoming chillier. Not so chilly I need a jacket or even long sleeve yet, but enough to sit outside a while and appreciate the seasonal change. Fall is my last nostalgic time of the year, but I have been immersed in it lately. The reason why will become more obvious in tomorrow's post.
       If I am enthusiastic for any autumn reason beyond the weather, it is usually the sports season. I say usually, because the thrill is gone this year. I love baseball, but my Atlanta Braves were terrible this year. They were not the worst in the National League, but they did not miss the distinction by much. I will most likely root for the NL team in the World Series, but I feel no enthusiasm for the prospective playoff entrants. My beloved University of South Carolina Gamecocks have stumbled right out the gate. It is painful to watch. I have already mentioned how the NFL's national anthem protests have turned me off professional football. So it has been a tough year for sports as far as I am concerned.
       My hair has grown out enough from my near hearing a few weeks ago to look presentable for public viewing. I usually wait until a holiday to post a random selfie, but the next holiday is Halloween. Posting a plain old selfie on Halloween feels like conceding defeat in the effort to keep up decent appearances. That being the case, my latest self I posted above for whatever purpose suits you.

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