Saturday, October 22, 2016

Actions & Intentions

       The following story has been passed down for heaven only knows how long. There are numerous variations utilizing different animals. Regardless of the differences in the telling, the sentient is the same. The following is the version I choose to tell. Take from it whatever you wish.
     There was once a tiny mouse waling home at sunset. He had wandered off much farther than it should have and was not going to make it back before nightfall. Worse yet, it was the beginning of winter when the nights turned bitterly cold. As darkness fell and the temperature dropped, the little mouse found it difficult to go on. The cold became too much for it and the little mouse collapsed an impossible distance from his home to traverse.  It was sure to freeze to death.
       But a few moments after the little mouse collapsed, a horse walked up the street with a man on his back who was also headed home on this cold night. The horse stopped over the mouse, lifted up its tail, and plopped a giant pile of dung on the mouse. The horse's rider prompted the animal to carry on after the deed while completely unaware of the little mouse. The little mouse was now filthy and stank, but he was wrapped in a warm pile of turd that would be enough to keep it from freezing to death until morning.
      The little mouse laid there for an hour or so before a fox approached. The fox investigated the situation. He fond the little mouse all nice and warm in the pile of turds. The fox grabbed the little mouse with its mouth, yanked it up, and eat him whole. The fox then walked away satisfied with his evening meal.
       So what is the moral of this story? It is that not everyone who craps on you is an enemy, and not everyone who pulls you out of crap is a friend. Be careful when judging people by the actions and intentions.

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