Friday, September 2, 2016

Rock Me Like a Tropical Storm

   The weather is expected to become increasingly bad as Tropical Storm Hermine travels its way up the coast. Hermine I not a hurricane by any means, but I am till wary of flooding after lat fall's near miss with building an ark to survive. It is already raining buckets, and is expected to continue to do so through the weekend.
       I am putting this blog entry out there now in case the power goes out later. I am trying to go back on a roll with regular blogging, but something always seems to cone up. So you get these trite journal entries as opposed to the self-important naval gazing to which I would much rather be indulging. Oh, well. Better luck once things dry out.
       On the plus side, the storm offer me a chance to post one of my favorite YouTube clips:

              Yes, it is fake.  But it is also hilarious.

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