Saturday, September 3, 2016

Rock Me Like a Brisk Wind and a Touch of Rain

    Tropical Storm Hermine fizzled out as far as Sumter is concerned. We received a downpour, but that is a bout it. I did not lose power as I feared, so no worries about stuck in the dark boredom for who know how long. Some spots to the eat did lose power for a while. Darlington County, for one. Just in time for thousands of visitors for the Labor Day NASCAR race.
       I should clarify the above. I should say I did not lose electricity rather than I did not lose power. In fact, the steady rain outside my window made me incredibly sleepy. I passed out early and snoozed through the remainder of the storm. It has been bright and sunny all day long. There is not even the slightest hint of bad weather the night before. So much for the prediction it is going to rain all weekend.
       Just to follow up, I have little to say about the South Carolina v. Vanderbilt game Thursday night other than it is exactly what I expected from the Gamecocks. They are terribly weak this year, and got lucky Vanderbilt has even less going for them. It is going to be a long, difficult season even for a loyalist like me.         

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