Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day

       It is a holiday, and that means a selfie I posted. Blaming the post on a holiday is rationalizing narcissism. To make the situation even wore, I decided to part my hair in the middle today without realizing I was going to take a photo. I would have respectably parted my hair in the middle and combed it over like someone may age should. Alas, I am young at heart. My youthful exuberance is preserved for internet posterity now.
       One thing I have apparently lost much of my youthful exuberance for is summer. Labor day marks the end of summer all but officially, and I could not be happier. It is painful for this Parrothead to admit, but the summertime does not mean what it once did. Granted, spring was and still I my favorite season. I liked spring because of anticipation for the fun summer to come. Now that I am long since out of school, there really is no fun summer. Or at least no more so than any other season.
       Thee days, I like to sit outside and watch the world go by. The oppressive South Carolina heat makes enjoying the experience tough. Spring and fall weather are much more conducive. So I am happy fall is fat approaching. It is the bet time of the year for sports as well. There is the baseball postseason, USC Gamecocks football, and the NFL. NASCAR meant something for a time. I probably could not name half a dozen of the current crop of drivers.
       I did not watch a single minute of the Olympics this summer. There is far less drama involved in the games since the Cold War ended. I do usually enjoy the track and field events, if for no other reason than watching the false hopes of American and British runners dashed as some athlete from Kenya or Ethiopia comes zipping passed them from two miles back to win the gold. It never gets old. I am a sociopolitical nerd. I am more intrigued by the lobbying campaigns cities mount in order to host the games. The 2020 Olympics will be held in Tokyo, just like the anime Akira. Hopefully, things will turn out better in reality.
       By the way, it is unwise for a city to host the Olympics. The financial costs of preparing for the games is virtually always far less than the gains. But the reality rarely discourages anyone from making a bid. Los Angeles is making a strong case for the 2024 games in large part because of a new, taxpayer funded football stadium. Never mind the economic problems California has suffered under left-wing Gov. Jerry Brown. But I digress.
       I do not digress too far. This is an election year, and I have been fascinated by the presidential election. Even if I have not been writing about it beyond Twitter barbs and quips, the race between the two unpopular, unlikely candidates is amazing from both a political science and cynical humor point of view. I have both in abundance. Perhaps the theater of the absurd election cycle stumbles to a close, I will fell compelled to comment. Until then, I am gong to enjoy the season for what it is.    

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