Monday, September 12, 2016

In Sickness and in Health Until All the Votes Are Tallied

       You have seen the video by now. Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, leave the 9/11 memorial service on Sunday because she becomes “overheated” in 77 degree weather. Supposedly, she stumbles stepping off the sidewalk curb and must be helped into her van by the Secret Service before being whisked away, sans her pres detail, to her daughter's apartment. At least that is the official line. The reality is Clinton passed out. The Secret service agents were the only thing between her and the concrete. They tossed her in the van like a sack of potatoes.
       Clinton finally admitted today she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, but did not disclose her illness to the public because she did not think her sickness “was a big deal.” not disclosing the diagnosis is a major blunder for a candidate already struggling with an image of dishonesty. Even on the most basic level, Clinton I campaigning in close contact with swarms of people, including the highly susceptible very young and very old, with a contagious and potentially fatal illness. One million Americans develop pneumonia annually. Fifty thousand die from it. Clinton is being incredibly reckless.
       But let us look at the issue in term of how it may affect the election. Clinton's health issues—or more likely her dishonesty about them—may cause doubt in her ability to serve as president. If so, there will likely be a drop in her pull numbers among swing voters. The solid left and right factions are too polarized to budge one way or the other. If Clinton's poll number are affected by her health, it will not be noticeable for about a week.
       Much of it will depend on how Clinton returns to campaigning. If she come back toward the end of the week invigorated, even though still sick, Voters might actually sympathize with her in the same way fan root for an athlete who is “playing hurt.” many of the working class, blue collar voters Clinton needs to lure away from Republican candidate Donald Trump live paycheck to paycheck with no choice but to work through illness. They might empathize with Clinton’s plight. But only to a point. Even a star athlete can only play hurt while he is winning. There is a point at which strong will to power through turns into weakness. Clinton will not get a second chance to suffer an episode of bad heath.
       The mot likely scenario is Clinton returns clearly struggling, but with a more sympathetic eye on her from the pres and public. This is likely why trump wished her well and remains quiet on making Clinton’s health an issue. He does not want to look as though he is bullying an unwell woman. But Clinton is not going to be able to hide any further health issues, particularly if another incident like Sunday's occurs. I expect the race to tighten regardless. Clinton cannot rely on her run out the clock strategy against Trump. She will appear far too weak if she does not come out winging.
       I do not foresee the democrats replacing Clinton. She has spent her adult life wanting to be president. She would campaign in an iron lung if necessary. The party is not going to take the nomination away from her. They are especially not going to take it away from the first woman nominee and hand it off to a man. It is not happening, folks. The democrats would rather focus on taking over Congress in order to strongly oppose President Trump's agenda.

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