Monday, September 19, 2016

Close Shaves

      I finally got my hair cut. It needed it a week earlier, but things kept getting in the way. The bird's nest that was my hair absolutely had to go. I may have been a little overzealous in telling the barber to cut it as short as he could without spiking it. Oh, well. It turned out all right, and I will certainly not need another for a long while. Short hair looks better on me.
    My weight is still hovering around 100 pounds. It appears to be the new normal. No complaints from me about it. I never thought I would hit a hundred pounds in my life, much less maintain it if the mark was ever reached. I have even bounced back from a 24 hour bug a couple weeks ago I was sure might set me back insurmountably. I am doing a fantastic job of shoveling in those calories. Because junk food is the staff of life.
       I will end this post on a beating a dead horse note, because I promised back in June to keep harping on it. Team Chavis still allegedly has my personal belongings boxed up. This is, of course, a lie. They threw all my stuff out as far back as May 2013. but I have, am, and will continue to call their bluff. What do I have to lose? Either they admit what they have done or I get my stuff back. I will make arrangements to pick it up. Team Chavis just has to dig up whatever piddling courage and/or honesty they have within them. I am not optimistic.

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