Monday, August 15, 2016

Why No Daily Politics?

       The question remains unanswered—why do I not cover politics like I once did on my previous, long-running blog? The simplest answer is the other, extremely important issue on my mind way back in spring 2014 when I began writing again. Suffering an existential crisis compels one to search inward rather than wxx poetic on the day's events. While I have improved spiritually and emotionally, the fire in my belly for politics was extinguished and has yet to be re-lit. Well, except for my little excursion into the Darlington County sheriff' race.  But that was personal.  I can explain why daily politics holds no interest for me with the following three points.
       One, politics these day is absurd. I started paying attention to politics again when the primaries began in January. I had all intentions of blogging regularly on the subject, but found myself to make snarky comments via Twitter while live tweeting debates or after examining news items. I could not muter the will to produce any serious content because there was no serious content to find. Seriously...the Republican party could not stop a loose cannon, political novice from winning it nomination even though it put up sixteen other candidate in the effort. Meanwhile, the Democrats colluded to defeat an elderly socialist so their seizure prone favorite could earn the nomination—assuming she stayed out of federal prison. Try writing intellectual content that source material.
       Two, day-to-day politics is all about quickly forgotten sound bytes and quickly irrelevant, often contradictory, polls. No news lasts more than a day or two in the rapid mass media these days before being overshadowed by the next big thing. It I simply a waste of time to write about daily issue. The bigger picture lasts far longer. As for polls, I till feel burnt from 2012 when Mitt Romney was s far ahead, the blogosphere ran victory laps around Nate Silver's August prediction Barack Obama would win big. I reported on the accuracy of polls back then, but no more. Even Silver blew it earlier this summer when he predicted an 86% chance the United Kingdom would remain in the European Union as late as the morning of the referendum. Oops. I would not touch poll numbers with a ten foot poll these days.
       Finally, politics is a pageant. The government is a giant monster that gets a new head every four to eight years, but virtually nothing changes beyond which set of Wall Street banks benefit. If you looked at policy over the last sixteen year, could you tell which party was in charge when if they were not readily identified? I doubt it. I do not believe I could, at any rate. Rooting for a particular political persuasion feels more like a fruitless task by the day. Mercilessly mocking the process on Twitter ha its merit, even if just entertainment value, but I do not feel like going any deeper.
       Yet I still possess a strange affection for the academic discipline of political science. Useless though political science may be. History will teach you more about political science than actual political science. The subject is all about the big picture. The big picture is generally worth examining. So maybe some long, boring treaties on political issues may appear. You are all looking forward to those, right?             

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