Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Saudi Arabia Jinn Hoax

       The above video has been circulating the internet for about a year and a half now. Various uploads offer differing accounts of what it actually is. The video has supposedly originated from Saudi Arabia, India, or Mexico. The hunched over figure is a witch, ghost, or just a creepy old woman. I will run through the possibilities debunking what I can below. One thing is for certain—the video is incredibly disturbing.
       Starting wit the most obvious...the figure is not a ghost, witch, or jinn. (Jinn is an Arabic word for demon.) I do not believe While I cannot change your mind if you are open to he possibility since I have no proof against, a natural explanation is a presupposition as far as I am concerned. Take it for what it is worth to you.
       What may not be so obvious is the terrified men panicking off camera are speaking in Arabic. So that rules out India and Mexico. That leaves us with the two most popular theories: Saudi border patrol video or Kuwaiti film students.
       The internet appears to prefer the Saudi border patrol theory. The story goes two border patrol officers, a veteran and a rookie, are driving near the Saudi-Kuwaiti border when they encounter this hunched over figure. It is the rookie you hear screaming to back up the vehicle as the figure chases them. The veteran remains calm throughout. Because the veteran remains so calm, it is presumed the encounter is a prank played on the rookie as hazing the new guy. 
       The only problem with this is the strict religious law in Saudi Arabia. Witchcraft and mysticism are capital offenses. I doubt anyone, particularly government employees, would risk being accused of witchcraft for the sake of pranking the newbie. Certainly they would not upload such evidence online.
       In every discussion thread I saw while researching this pot, someone inevitably popped up to say this video was made by two Kuwaiti film students who wanted to make a “found footage” movie like The Blair Witch project. This sounds like a far more reasonable explanation for the video's origin. The hunched over figure is clearly fake. Kuwait has a more modern sensibility, Film students would have more leeway playing with the horror genre there than in Saudi Arabia.
       While I lean towards the film students theory, the internet consensus says Saudi border patrol prank. You will have to make up your own mind. If it is a Saudi border patrol prank, they had better hope ISIS never get a hold of this video. They will learn the bet way to invade is to deres up like a Scooby Doo villain.

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