Friday, August 12, 2016

One Measly Pound

        One measly pound.
      All I have managed to gain in the last month is one measly pound. After all the pizza, burgers, donuts, and assorted cookies and candy bars, I only managed to add a pound. Sure, I weigh in at the second highest weight I have ever been besides the day the feeding tube was removed, but still. My metabolism is burning it off about as fast as I can shovel it in. Perhaps I need to become lazy.
       Here is a selfie to go along with the weight update. It is not my usual holiday selfie, but vanity require no special day. Yes, I need a haircut. I will try to get one before the end of next week. When my hair gets to a certain length, I can only style it with a part down the middle. Right now, it is so long and thick, I might lose that pound simply in lopped off hair.
      The picture is my new Facebook profile photo. But I am not sure it will remain in such a lofty position. As noted, the shaggy hair looks awful. The upward angle posses a certain Charles Foster Kane sense of self-importance, as well. Considering all the egocentric naval gazing frequently going on here, I do not need a similarly themed photo making things wore.

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