Monday, July 4, 2016

The Fourth of July

       Today we celebrate the United States' fortieth birthday. As a fiercely independent person, I was curious why my first instinct was to make that as my opening sentence. Our nation's 240th birthday, not Independence day? What gives? Then it struck me I am a little more than five months away from turning forty. I am a Bicentennial Baby, so I am always reminded of the number soon coming up for me. More so when the number is a milestone.
       I wanted to wrote a few words about what American means to me, but it I difficult to do in a brief blog post without sound trite. I am not competing in some high school essay writing contest. Sine Qua Non is for my thoughts and reflections, whatever they may be. So in keeping in brief, I will say this: I ran across an article this morning that said an average of 7,000 American renounce their citizenship very July 4th. Good riddance. They were probably all going to vote for Hillary Clinton.
       Lunch was a cookout. It was hot as all get out in Sumter, but I managed a nice spot for my two cheeseburgers, chips, and ice cream. I am all about American junk food when celebrating. Or any other time, for that matter. There was enough left over to have more for supper, so double the fun, folks. I live in the city limits, so no fireworks. Good food is a bigger deal to me than minor explosives, so I will manage.
       I hope everyone else enjoyed the same kind of day as I.   

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