Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Effort to Fatten Me Up Continues

      I touched on my drinking habits last time around. The short version; I drink Dr. Pepper, because I like caffeine. How about bringing you up to speed on my eating habits? Putting on weight and keeping it on has been a struggle since hitting my lowest point of 68 lbs in early 2013 post-abdominal surgery and ballooning to a whopping 112 lbs when the feeding tube was removed in early 2015.
       So what has been going on? A bit of a yo yo effect. Removing a feeding tube tends to make one's weight plummet. I was not necessarily keen on removing my feeding tube for this reason, but circumstances demanded it. Things turned out better than expected. My weigh dropped only seven pounds down to 105 lbs. But 105 lbs is the most I have weighed in sixteen months. I even dipped below 100 at one point, but only to 99 lbs. Last month, I clocked in at 103 lbs. It seems impossible to start an upward trend, but at least I am avoiding a downward spiral. 
       I am winning tho battle with three square meals a deal and lots of junk food. Because junk food is the staff of life. Okay, the three square meals help more. I have a group of cooks who what southern cooking and soul food is all about. I have the frequent contributions of cookies and candies in addition to my own shopping excursions. Milky Way bars remain my favorite. Will all these goodies help me top 112 lbs again? Time will tell.   

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