Friday, June 17, 2016

Darlington Mayor Gloria C. Hines Does Not Want You to Hear About Her Involvement in the Sheriff Election

       Therefore, the video must be publicized.  If Darlingtonians wish to take a moment for their hearts, swollen with civic pride, to return to normal size, the rest of us will patiently wait.
       Are we all set now?  Good.
       Darlington Mayor Gloria C. Hines was recorded ranting about the sheriff election between incumbent Sheriff Wayne Byrd and challenger Tony Chavis. The audio can be difficult to understand, but the gist of it is Hines says she cannot control Byrd and wants him out of office in favor of Chavis. She claims to have proof Byrd has engaged in illegal activities and threatens to go public with it. She ends by telling whomever is with her the conversation is to remain a secret.
       Obviously, that did not happen. Hines never went public with any proof of illegal activity on Byrd's part, either. Surely if she was in possession of any, she would have used it to influence the outcome. The video purportedly originates from the Byrd campaign itself. I was sent it on Friday with assurances of its authenticity and asked if I thought it meant anything.
       First, I have no proof the video is actually from the Byrd campaign. All things considered, its origin does not really matter. Hines never smeared Byrd with the proof she allegedly had and he lost regardless of her intervention. Second, since Hines never used the alleged proof, she has not done anything slanderous even if her alleged proof is demonstrably true. No one to my knowledge even knows what she is talking about. Finally, unless she can be connected to voter fraud in support of Chavis, there is not much there.
       On the bright side, Darlington now have confirmation their mayor is every bit bit as corrupt and dishonest as their new sheriff, so they have that going for them. Seriously...while I realize the area is not exactly a bastion of integrity or intellectualism, is these really the best office holders available?         

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