Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Darlington County Sheriff Election Meets The Jerry Springer Show

       Sine Qua Non has dipped to some low points with topic written. Since the purpose of the blog was to get the story of my aggressive migration, let us call it, and its aftermath, those lows were absolutely necessary. Posts have lately slummed lower than anything than I have ever written before, and for that, I apologize. The addition of Team Chavis to the Darlington County sheriff's race necessitated spreading the word that few have heard or are at least unwilling to talk about. I knew shining a light in dark places would put a target on my back. It did, indeed.
       I have already written about the death threat and personal attacks I received. I have also described how I am vindicated, rather than condemned by them. They only served to prove my point about the character of Team Chavis. Judging by the near complete silence since the death threat, I assume Team Chavis put the brakes on its surrogates so as to minimize the damage to its brand. Fne with me. It is all out there. They have certainly made up for backing off me by bullying and issuing death threats to a number of other people. It has gotten to the point some supporters of Team Chavis have publicly denounced them. Welcome to my world, folks. You are late to the party, but at least you arrived.
       The character of many—not all, mind you—Team Chavis supporters with whom I have clashed has been shockingly low. The criminal element supporting the campaign for sheriff is surprising too. But I suppose the would have reason to dislike the current sheriff's department then, would they not? The old phrase “run it up the flagpole and see who salutes” is apt here. Team Chavis was run up the flag pole. When supporters looked left and right, quite a few began slinking away.
       Brace yourselves. Win or lose, enough of these Team Chavis supporters have demonstrated such low class, win or lose, they are going to make everyone miserable tomorrow. They will be arrogant and taunting in victory, or vulgar and bullying in defeat. I am anxious to see what they come up with regardless of the election's outcome. I will not, however, blog about the matter any further even if vitroil is directed at me. There is nothing more to add to what has already been thrown my way. I would now like to take Sine Qua Non to better places.

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