Thursday, June 9, 2016

Brace Yourself

       The post title is awful. A clever one never came to me. You have to go with what you have got.  I originally thought about naming it "Banana Splint,"  but the joke was simply too awful.  count your blessings i nixed the idea.
       Southpaws rarely get to see how the other 90% of the world lives, but I have earned the distinction. I have not injured my wrist. The brace is to give the tendons a good stretch on advice from the occupational therapist who ha been working wih me lately. I wear it to sleep in mostly, as I am almost exclusively dependent on my left hand. Overuse might start causing me a problem in my creaking old age which is coming up faster than I would like to acknowledge.
       None of us are what we used to be, folks.  
       I first put the brace on yesterday morning, and my geek mind quickly made the association with one of iron man's gloves. It is interesting the character came to mind. I have been a comic book fan for thirty years now, but iron man was never one of my favorites. Regardless, I felt compelled to strike a heroic pose for selfie.   

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