Wednesday, June 29, 2016

An Amazing Trick of Physics

       My day began at 4:30 AM for no reason than I am currently in a period of awkward sleep patterns. I know it is not healthy to just sleep whenever you want without an established schedule, but I have no obligations beyond the flowing of my own creative juices, so my whims win out. Then again, the day started off on the wrong foot, so maybe there is something to the whole warning about not messing with the natural order of things.
       So here is the deal...i was changing clothes. My shirt was laying on top the dresser. My key was resting in its usual spot on the dresser, but suffering the unusual indignity of being smothered by said shirt. When I yanked my shirt off the dresser, the key came flying. Presumably a valiant escape attempt. I heard the key hit the floor. No problem. I will just put my shirt on a grab the key afterwords. No such luck. But it was not as simple as that. The little bugger was no where in sight. After frantically searching, I surmised it must have landed under the dresser.
       The only way the key could have done this acrobatic trick was to have precisely hit the leg of the nearby chair and squeeze in between an incredibly small space between the dresser and the floor. A most impressive feat I recognize in retrospect. In retrospect, because at the time I was quite irritated. This is definitely not the way to start the day off right.
      The dresser was too heavy to move, of course. The ordeal created a milestone. I was forced to bend down on my hands and knees for the first time in at least four years. My knees re less than six months away from turning forty, and they protested highly about being too old for this sort of thing. I sympathized.
       The narrow space between the dresser and the floor was too narrow for my hand to slip through. I was secretly relieved by this revelation. The arachnophobic never want to stick their hands in a dark place even when there is logically no spider there. You can never truly trust those critters not to be there. I had to get a thin piece of cardboard to fish the key out. It was a frustrating endeavor for a few moments, I eventually met with success.
       So...did your day start off right/?

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