Monday, June 13, 2016

A Follow Up to Discuss the Personal Attacks from Team Chavis.

       I want to thank everyone for the incredible response to my previous video regarding the Darlington County sheriff's race. As of this morning, it had 2852 views. That is far more than I ever expected. To my knowledge, it has more views—in some cases, far more—views than videos released by the campaigns themselves. I offer up a heartfelt thank you to Darlington county friends for their support in getting the word out there. I am humbled.
       It has certainly been an interesting three weeks since I posted my the video. By interpreting, I mean in terms of the old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” Ironically, I first heard the phrase alluded to by CNN political analyst Jeff Greenfield during the Bush v. Gore recount/legal battle in 2000. We may be in a close election now, too, but I assume this one is not going to wind up in the Supreme Court. I trust the court of public opinion on this one.
       The first video was intended as a public service announcement that was not particularly personal. Now that I have your attention, this time around is more personal.
       A I mentioned in my previous video, I no longer live in Darlington County, I am registered to vote in Sumter, and have not pledged support for either candidate for sheriff. I have nothing to gain other than informing the people of south Carolina vital information you are not likely to hear anywhere else. I knew I would become a target, and I was prepared for that. You do not have to look around too hard—I have linked much information in the description on the YouTube page, for the purists among us—to see the personal attacks I have endured. They have largely gone unanswered by me so as not to disrupt the barrage. I assure everything was an untruth ranging from a minor Pinocchio to dodge lightning bolts until retirement age in severity. Regardless, they are all reflections on the people who told them, not me.
       But the response to my video does bear some reflection. I would like to offer up three points. One, Neither of the Chavises responded directly to anyone, least of all me, even though they have an exponentially larger platform. The silence of the Chavis campaign speaks volumes. Two, surrogate from the campaign did made responses. These were people, save for one, who had no clue who I was even though I lived with the Chavises for nine years before being abandoned. Their often contradictory comments was based on only on the spin my sister told them. Perhaps most importantly, the criminal elements surrounding the Chavis campaign is jaw dropping. Receiving stolen property worth thousands, drug busts—you name it. It is an peculiar lot. Finally, the one response from a familiar person. It was a death threat from my niece. I am not certain how far that desire is for me from the rest of the Chavis clan, but why take chances, no? I note all responses to me stopped at that point while my video's numbers kept climbing, so I guess someone considers publicly wishing me dead a big mistake that will hopefully be lost down the memory hole.
       It will not be.
      On the plus side, two people told m all my personal belongings are boxed up.  Why that excuses the fat the Chavises still have it all instead of me is a mystery. Actually, it is not, as I do not believe a word of it. But I am prepared to call the bluff. I have a nice, big place where I can store everything I own. I have friends in Hartsville who volunteered to pick my things up and bring them to me. So the ball is in the Chavis court. I will not hold my breath waiting for a response. But I have seen the Malloy law firm's network in my blog stats as late as last Monday, so Denise cannot claim she has no seen the challenge.
     Thus ends my personal involvement in this drama in which Darlington County. I wanted to offer up vital candidate information to the people of Darlington county. I did that in my first video. I wanted to show the true character of the campaign in question. They have done that in response. I wanted to end by sharing my personal side of the matter. I did that here. I appreciate everyone listening. Again, I have no qualms with you voting for either candidate. I no longer have to suffer with you know who. But if you do, hey...that is up to you.  

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