Wednesday, June 29, 2016

An Amazing Trick of Physics

       My day began at 4:30 AM for no reason than I am currently in a period of awkward sleep patterns. I know it is not healthy to just sleep whenever you want without an established schedule, but I have no obligations beyond the flowing of my own creative juices, so my whims win out. Then again, the day started off on the wrong foot, so maybe there is something to the whole warning about not messing with the natural order of things.
       So here is the deal...i was changing clothes. My shirt was laying on top the dresser. My key was resting in its usual spot on the dresser, but suffering the unusual indignity of being smothered by said shirt. When I yanked my shirt off the dresser, the key came flying. Presumably a valiant escape attempt. I heard the key hit the floor. No problem. I will just put my shirt on a grab the key afterwords. No such luck. But it was not as simple as that. The little bugger was no where in sight. After frantically searching, I surmised it must have landed under the dresser.
       The only way the key could have done this acrobatic trick was to have precisely hit the leg of the nearby chair and squeeze in between an incredibly small space between the dresser and the floor. A most impressive feat I recognize in retrospect. In retrospect, because at the time I was quite irritated. This is definitely not the way to start the day off right.
      The dresser was too heavy to move, of course. The ordeal created a milestone. I was forced to bend down on my hands and knees for the first time in at least four years. My knees re less than six months away from turning forty, and they protested highly about being too old for this sort of thing. I sympathized.
       The narrow space between the dresser and the floor was too narrow for my hand to slip through. I was secretly relieved by this revelation. The arachnophobic never want to stick their hands in a dark place even when there is logically no spider there. You can never truly trust those critters not to be there. I had to get a thin piece of cardboard to fish the key out. It was a frustrating endeavor for a few moments, I eventually met with success.
       So...did your day start off right/?

Monday, June 27, 2016

A Living Witness to History

       I was talking to a friend over lunch Friday about his interest in genealogy. He has traced his family history back to the mid-19th century. Knowing my interest in history leans more towards the big picture, he asked this intriguing question: if I had a time machine and could go back and witness—and only witness—an historical event, what would I choose?
       A history buff I may be, but I do not think there are any historical events I want to witness personal. In some cases, the mystique would be destroyed. Meetings are meetings, whether it is the signing of the Declaration of Independence or the surrender of Imperial Japan. I would hate to think such events are more mundane in reality than in my mind's eye. I doubt I would like to bear witness to any famous battle, either. I am not certain what purpose seeing such a thing would serve.. So I was in a quandary. The honest answer was I would not care to see any event first hand.
       Now any history buff out there must have a desire to hit me in the back of the head for not wanting to take advantage of such an opportunity. I was immediately bemused at m own refusal to indulge. It only took a couple minutes of discussing the idea further before I decided if I had use of a time machine, I would use it to solve some of history's mysteries. The answer suited me so well, I am surprised it did not occur to me immediately. I would rather know something new rather than see in person something I have already read about. I came up with three.
       One, I want to know what the adult Jesus looked like. The bible never describes Jesus' appearance in any detail. We know he had beard, and that is about the extent of it. The generally accepted appearance of Jesus with long, dark hair and a full beard has been around since the 6h century, but there is no solid evidence for it. The question of whether Jesus was a classic hero type or ordinary would have interesting spiritual implication. I am not certain there is a specific event in Jesus' life I want to visit, but I would choose some point in the last three years of his life.
       Two, some points in prehistory. Again, my purpose would be to settle many questions in the religion v. science battle that has raged for centuries. I am not certain even to begin, hence I say key point. What I would like to do is settle the evolution v. Intelligent Design debate. White I have spent much time studying apologetics, I have largely avoided this aspect of defending the Christian faith. I have done so because, quite frankly, I see no reason why theistic evolution would be a bad thing if true, and much evidence says it is true. Of course, biologists, anthropologists, and religious thinkers cannot agree on significant aspect of Creation. It would be amazing to see the truth with my own eye. Yes...eye. I only have one these days, remember.
       Finally, I would like to know what happened to Amelia Earhart. Admittedly, this is a personal one with no religious consequences possibly echoing into eternity. A woman's body was discovered on Gardner island of the Phoenix Islands, Kiribati. The corpse was determined to be that of a white woman of northern European descent. Was she Earhart? Did Earhart live as a castaway for a time after her plane went down attempting to circumnavigate the globe in 1937? I would like to know, but the only way I could was to travel to Gardner Island when the mystery woman was still alive. The non-intervention aspect of serving only as a witness would cause a moral dilemma that would probably haunt me. Maybe the positive aspects of my first two sojourns into history would offset.
       There are many other mysteries I would like to see solved. What happened to the Mary Celete? Where did the lost colony go? What is the fate of Josef Mengele? What real crashed at Roswell? But a top three is a good number to choose. Feel free to provide your own top three, five, ten, or what have you in whatever social media venue you like. HiIt would be interesting to see what historical events others are curious about.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wibbly, Wobbly, Timey, Wimey... Stuff

      I received this surprise in the mail today. It was a gift from friend and fellow Doctor Who fan, Kristina. My camera may not do justice.  If you cannot see clearly, it is the various doctors rendered as cats with a feline rogues gallery.
       The poster currently hangs proudly among my increasingly number of geeky decorations. The place is a haven for sociopolitical nerds with a penchant for comics and science fiction.

Monday, June 20, 2016

It Was a Papa John's Night

       It was a Papa John's night. As I said a couple posts ago, I am fatter than I once was, but not as fat as I want to be. Therefore, a pizza is required every now nd then. The evening's feast was a Swiss burger smothered in garlic sauce. I approved. According to the advertisement, this selection is a limited time special. If you want it, you have to order it soon.
       For the record, I have experimented with sauces other than tomato on my pizza. Barbecue is a good alternate, but I now think garlic sauce is my favorite. Just watch out for the dragon breath. But that is what toothpaste is for, no?

Friday, June 17, 2016

Darlington Mayor Gloria C. Hines Does Not Want You to Hear About Her Involvement in the Sheriff Election

       Therefore, the video must be publicized.  If Darlingtonians wish to take a moment for their hearts, swollen with civic pride, to return to normal size, the rest of us will patiently wait.
       Are we all set now?  Good.
       Darlington Mayor Gloria C. Hines was recorded ranting about the sheriff election between incumbent Sheriff Wayne Byrd and challenger Tony Chavis. The audio can be difficult to understand, but the gist of it is Hines says she cannot control Byrd and wants him out of office in favor of Chavis. She claims to have proof Byrd has engaged in illegal activities and threatens to go public with it. She ends by telling whomever is with her the conversation is to remain a secret.
       Obviously, that did not happen. Hines never went public with any proof of illegal activity on Byrd's part, either. Surely if she was in possession of any, she would have used it to influence the outcome. The video purportedly originates from the Byrd campaign itself. I was sent it on Friday with assurances of its authenticity and asked if I thought it meant anything.
       First, I have no proof the video is actually from the Byrd campaign. All things considered, its origin does not really matter. Hines never smeared Byrd with the proof she allegedly had and he lost regardless of her intervention. Second, since Hines never used the alleged proof, she has not done anything slanderous even if her alleged proof is demonstrably true. No one to my knowledge even knows what she is talking about. Finally, unless she can be connected to voter fraud in support of Chavis, there is not much there.
       On the bright side, Darlington now have confirmation their mayor is every bit bit as corrupt and dishonest as their new sheriff, so they have that going for them. Seriously...while I realize the area is not exactly a bastion of integrity or intellectualism, is these really the best office holders available?         

Thursday, June 16, 2016

News of My Demise Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

       The title is way too dramatic, but it got your attention. Considering I have attracted an unusual amount of attention lately from strangers who had no idea I even existed before watching a certain infamous video. I have opted to allow these folks to go largely unanswered and let the vitriol and contradictions speak for themselves. It probably will not interfere with that endeavor to elaborate on my general state of good health. I am in the best health I have been in at least since emergency surgery in October 2012. Depending on your criteria, I am in the best health since my colon ruptured in May 2004.
       The biggest issue is my weight. I hit a low of 68lbs after my 2012 surgery with little success of gaining weight. I wound up with a feeding tube shortly before suffering the Chavis boot. My time with the feeding tube Sans Chavis family stretched from May 2013 to February 2015. During that time, I went from 68lbs to an all time high of 112 lbs by the time the tube was removed. One's weight tends to plummet when a feeding tube is removed, but mine did not. My weight fell to 105 lbs and has not fluctuated more than three pounds lower in the fifteen months since I have been responsible for shoveling in the calories myself. Last week, I clocked in at 103 lbs.
     Draw whatever conclusions you wish from these facts, but from the beginning, I was never considered to need full time nursing care. For the last fifteen months, I have not been under skilled nursing care. The only difference between my continued good health over the last three years has been I have not suffered under the 'care' of the Chavis family. If I have a negative attitude towards them, I have good reason. Their continued behavior does not do a whole lot to dispel my reasoning.
        So...yeah. I am tanned, rested, re-emerged and ready to rumble.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I Put My Name On It


       I stand by everything I write on each blog I author, and it is all 

staying right where it is. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Darlington County Sheriff Election Meets The Jerry Springer Show

       Sine Qua Non has dipped to some low points with topic written. Since the purpose of the blog was to get the story of my aggressive migration, let us call it, and its aftermath, those lows were absolutely necessary. Posts have lately slummed lower than anything than I have ever written before, and for that, I apologize. The addition of Team Chavis to the Darlington County sheriff's race necessitated spreading the word that few have heard or are at least unwilling to talk about. I knew shining a light in dark places would put a target on my back. It did, indeed.
       I have already written about the death threat and personal attacks I received. I have also described how I am vindicated, rather than condemned by them. They only served to prove my point about the character of Team Chavis. Judging by the near complete silence since the death threat, I assume Team Chavis put the brakes on its surrogates so as to minimize the damage to its brand. Fne with me. It is all out there. They have certainly made up for backing off me by bullying and issuing death threats to a number of other people. It has gotten to the point some supporters of Team Chavis have publicly denounced them. Welcome to my world, folks. You are late to the party, but at least you arrived.
       The character of many—not all, mind you—Team Chavis supporters with whom I have clashed has been shockingly low. The criminal element supporting the campaign for sheriff is surprising too. But I suppose the would have reason to dislike the current sheriff's department then, would they not? The old phrase “run it up the flagpole and see who salutes” is apt here. Team Chavis was run up the flag pole. When supporters looked left and right, quite a few began slinking away.
       Brace yourselves. Win or lose, enough of these Team Chavis supporters have demonstrated such low class, win or lose, they are going to make everyone miserable tomorrow. They will be arrogant and taunting in victory, or vulgar and bullying in defeat. I am anxious to see what they come up with regardless of the election's outcome. I will not, however, blog about the matter any further even if vitroil is directed at me. There is nothing more to add to what has already been thrown my way. I would now like to take Sine Qua Non to better places.

Monday, June 13, 2016

A Follow Up to Discuss the Personal Attacks from Team Chavis.

       I want to thank everyone for the incredible response to my previous video regarding the Darlington County sheriff's race. As of this morning, it had 2852 views. That is far more than I ever expected. To my knowledge, it has more views—in some cases, far more—views than videos released by the campaigns themselves. I offer up a heartfelt thank you to Darlington county friends for their support in getting the word out there. I am humbled.
       It has certainly been an interesting three weeks since I posted my the video. By interpreting, I mean in terms of the old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” Ironically, I first heard the phrase alluded to by CNN political analyst Jeff Greenfield during the Bush v. Gore recount/legal battle in 2000. We may be in a close election now, too, but I assume this one is not going to wind up in the Supreme Court. I trust the court of public opinion on this one.
       The first video was intended as a public service announcement that was not particularly personal. Now that I have your attention, this time around is more personal.
       A I mentioned in my previous video, I no longer live in Darlington County, I am registered to vote in Sumter, and have not pledged support for either candidate for sheriff. I have nothing to gain other than informing the people of south Carolina vital information you are not likely to hear anywhere else. I knew I would become a target, and I was prepared for that. You do not have to look around too hard—I have linked much information in the description on the YouTube page, for the purists among us—to see the personal attacks I have endured. They have largely gone unanswered by me so as not to disrupt the barrage. I assure everything was an untruth ranging from a minor Pinocchio to dodge lightning bolts until retirement age in severity. Regardless, they are all reflections on the people who told them, not me.
       But the response to my video does bear some reflection. I would like to offer up three points. One, Neither of the Chavises responded directly to anyone, least of all me, even though they have an exponentially larger platform. The silence of the Chavis campaign speaks volumes. Two, surrogate from the campaign did made responses. These were people, save for one, who had no clue who I was even though I lived with the Chavises for nine years before being abandoned. Their often contradictory comments was based on only on the spin my sister told them. Perhaps most importantly, the criminal elements surrounding the Chavis campaign is jaw dropping. Receiving stolen property worth thousands, drug busts—you name it. It is an peculiar lot. Finally, the one response from a familiar person. It was a death threat from my niece. I am not certain how far that desire is for me from the rest of the Chavis clan, but why take chances, no? I note all responses to me stopped at that point while my video's numbers kept climbing, so I guess someone considers publicly wishing me dead a big mistake that will hopefully be lost down the memory hole.
       It will not be.
      On the plus side, two people told m all my personal belongings are boxed up.  Why that excuses the fat the Chavises still have it all instead of me is a mystery. Actually, it is not, as I do not believe a word of it. But I am prepared to call the bluff. I have a nice, big place where I can store everything I own. I have friends in Hartsville who volunteered to pick my things up and bring them to me. So the ball is in the Chavis court. I will not hold my breath waiting for a response. But I have seen the Malloy law firm's network in my blog stats as late as last Monday, so Denise cannot claim she has no seen the challenge.
     Thus ends my personal involvement in this drama in which Darlington County. I wanted to offer up vital candidate information to the people of Darlington county. I did that in my first video. I wanted to show the true character of the campaign in question. They have done that in response. I wanted to end by sharing my personal side of the matter. I did that here. I appreciate everyone listening. Again, I have no qualms with you voting for either candidate. I no longer have to suffer with you know who. But if you do, hey...that is up to you.  

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Brace Yourself

       The post title is awful. A clever one never came to me. You have to go with what you have got.  I originally thought about naming it "Banana Splint,"  but the joke was simply too awful.  count your blessings i nixed the idea.
       Southpaws rarely get to see how the other 90% of the world lives, but I have earned the distinction. I have not injured my wrist. The brace is to give the tendons a good stretch on advice from the occupational therapist who ha been working wih me lately. I wear it to sleep in mostly, as I am almost exclusively dependent on my left hand. Overuse might start causing me a problem in my creaking old age which is coming up faster than I would like to acknowledge.
       None of us are what we used to be, folks.  
       I first put the brace on yesterday morning, and my geek mind quickly made the association with one of iron man's gloves. It is interesting the character came to mind. I have been a comic book fan for thirty years now, but iron man was never one of my favorites. Regardless, I felt compelled to strike a heroic pose for selfie.   

Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Effort to Fatten Me Up Continues

      I touched on my drinking habits last time around. The short version; I drink Dr. Pepper, because I like caffeine. How about bringing you up to speed on my eating habits? Putting on weight and keeping it on has been a struggle since hitting my lowest point of 68 lbs in early 2013 post-abdominal surgery and ballooning to a whopping 112 lbs when the feeding tube was removed in early 2015.
       So what has been going on? A bit of a yo yo effect. Removing a feeding tube tends to make one's weight plummet. I was not necessarily keen on removing my feeding tube for this reason, but circumstances demanded it. Things turned out better than expected. My weigh dropped only seven pounds down to 105 lbs. But 105 lbs is the most I have weighed in sixteen months. I even dipped below 100 at one point, but only to 99 lbs. Last month, I clocked in at 103 lbs. It seems impossible to start an upward trend, but at least I am avoiding a downward spiral. 
       I am winning tho battle with three square meals a deal and lots of junk food. Because junk food is the staff of life. Okay, the three square meals help more. I have a group of cooks who what southern cooking and soul food is all about. I have the frequent contributions of cookies and candies in addition to my own shopping excursions. Milky Way bars remain my favorite. Will all these goodies help me top 112 lbs again? Time will tell.   

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I Drink, and I Know Things

       I obviously borrowed the post til from Tyrion Lannister, but I do not mimic his drinking habits. There I no mead in the glass. Dr. Pepper is my drink of choice. Perhaps there exists a debate on the health detriments of alcohol versus caffeine, but it is one for another time. Or never. I am really not interested.
       What has interested me lately is history. More specifically, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast. I randomly came across "Blueprint for Armageddon" on YouTube a couple months ago. "Blueprint for Armageddon" is an impressively detailed account of the First World War largely from the perspective of the ordinary men who fought it. The series is long—five chapters at about four hours each—but are well worth the time invested. I put them on in the background while I worked on other things, but often find myself stopping to focus solely on the narrative.
       There are fifty-seven or so episodes of Hardcore History out there. I have listened to about forty of them thus far from. The episodes can be straightforward histories like “Blueprint for Armageddon” or the equally in depth “Death Throes of the Republic,” about the transition of Rome from Republic to Empire. Others tackle the philosophical questions of history, such as psychological issues as a factor in ancient/pre-modern times. Both perspectives of historical study have their merits.
       I say all this as introduction for a point coming up in a few posts. The is a concept Sine Qua Non is going to delve into because of what amount to—in terms of the individual podcast, at any rate—an inconsequential line, but had a large impact on me. It lead me to a road I plan to walk down a while. This is by way of preview for upcoming posts.
       If you are a history buff, I recommend Hardcore History. Carlin is not an historian. He is a journalist in California who has a fascination with the subject. As such, there is some question as to the credibility of some of the podcast. Or that his choice of subject matter is always interesting. I bypassed about seventeen episodes with no intention of revisiting. I will not say he is a charlatan. He I most certainly not a revisionist, but he is not Victor Davis Hanson, either Consider Carlin’s offerings entertainment from a well read layman.