Monday, May 16, 2016

Under Not So Much Pressure

       I noted in a post last week a high blood pressure reading from a routine medical exam. It was 150/80 or something along those lines. The doctor wanted my blood pressure checked daily for a week to see if I have a long term problem requiring medication. I have had minor bouts of high blood pressure, some lasting for months, but all stemming from an event like surgery. The problem has never popped up seemingly out of the blue. It was disheartening to discover the pattern has changed.
       Maybe the pattern has not changed after all. My blood pressure has been checked regularly for six days now. The highest it clocked in was 120/70 on Thursday. Those numbers are good for a man my age. The reading even went as low as 116/60 yesterday morning. Such a reading can be classified as Southern California mellow. I have not reconnected with my doctor yet. I assume I will some time in the mile of the week when the blood tests I am also waiting for come in. But It is safe to assume my blood pressure is not really an issue.
       My doctor asked if anything was weighing on my mind which might have sent my blood pressure soaring. I did not have a specific answer for her. The general issues were swirling around, but they still are in the midst of enjoying a week long blood pressure mellow. All I can guess is something must have annoyed me right before the exam. In that case, everyone needs to stop annoying me. It is taking a toll.

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