Thursday, May 26, 2016

Rebuttal from a Chavis

       I gave it a full 24 hours for my candidate vetting video to float around the internet. It actually took a while for any criticism to emerge. The slow response was not surprising, and neither were the eventual results. I assumed Tony and Denise would not say a word. Check. Proxies would attack me with their talking points. Check. Those talking points would discuss the hellish years I lived with them, which my video did not address, and skip over the issues of being stranded without my personal belongings, which my video did address. Check. So I am three for three here.
       Now I will grant there was a lone straw of wheat among the chaff of criticism and that is the lack of equal time. Fair enough. My neice, Kristen, was thoughtful enough to supply a rebuttal to my Facebook inbox. She subsequently labeled me a coward. Working under the assumption I was supposed to present this rebuttal myself. I opt to honor her wishes. Never let it be said I am anything but fair. The following is as came in my inbox, save for asterisks to make the profanity more family friendly. Pardon the irony.   
To Jamie Jeffords, the selfish monster, that is supposed to be my uncle, that has been attacking and harassing my family for years;
My family sacrificed ten years so that my mother could take care of you. Ten years right across the hall from me! No vacations because we had to monitor you, I couldn't have friends over because you smelled so bad! She changed your colostomy bags for 10 years you ungrateful a**hole. She paid for your surgeries, most of your medical supplies expenses, she HOUSED you and FED you when no one else could or wanted to. You treated us like sh*t in our own house. No one dropped you off or abandoned you. She stayed with you all night long at the hospital countless times. My sister had to drive from Columbia to Florence to watch Jackson, my brother, because she chose to stay with you. Remember Jackson? Your nephew you've never even spoke to while living under the same roof! My mom had surgery and stayed sick for months after that. But it's all about YOU right?! I mean my mother is not allowed to have health issues unless it's convenient to you?! And your stuff you claim was thrown out? It's in boxes. Still in the room you occupied. You are a sad miserable person. Always have been. Always will be. I didn't see anyone else trying to help you. My mother helped you in more ways than you care to admit, because you're the victim right? Your life is miserable and terrible by your own doing. All my family did was try to help, but all you did was sh*t on us in the pettiest ways. Your life is unfortunate, that much is true, but it's not my family's fault. All they did was try to help when no once else could or wanted to. But you pushed us away, you alienated yourself, you treat us like the enemy. You've got no one else, Jamie. Why would you choose to lose your family too? You have no idea the amount of love we have in our hearts for each other, that could have easily have been shared with you if you would've put your self-hatred for yourself and everyone else aside. 
Do you realize that I had a baby? Do you care? He was beautiful, he was amazing, he's changed my life and my family's life for the better indefinitely. And then he died of SIDS a few weeks ago. Do you realize how broken that has made me, my mom, my dad, and the rest of my family? Do you care how much that hurts, to lose something so precious that I created and raised by myself? Our lives will never be the same. And right now, with it only happened recently, you decide to attack my family? Unjustly? Accusing us of doing things you are full aware aren't true. 
What is your agenda? What do you intend to do with all of this bullying to us? Maybe "God" will smite us if you keep praying us away. 
Why do you deserve to live and my son doesn't?
You're a f*cking monster, and your misery and suffering is payback for being such an awful person to the people that try to make your life easier. 
You can rot as far as I'm concerned. You've done nothing but cause my family so much stress and pain after years of trying to help you. 
Oh, last thing, that surgery you had to "correct your hernia". Was actually to remove your ovaries. Youre a f*cking hermaphrodite. So much for "gods beautiful creatures". You're a true monster. My mother protected you from that. Maybe I should just post my own video? 
        There you go, folks. Equal time, and the finest example of the Chavis attitude I endured for nine long years. Not ten, as Kirsten falsely asserts. There are many untruths among her letter. Some from dishonesty, others from ignorance of the facts. I am going to be the bigger person and let them stand. Not out of a sense of being noble, thought noble I am, but rather anything less than allowing these personal attacks to go unanswered will result in my further demonizing. I can live with whatever opinion the Chavises and assorted fan wish to have. The apple truly does not fall far from the tree.
       There is one point I still just do not get.  Kirsten is the second person to tell me all of my personal belongings are boxed away in their house as though that justifies them keeping it.  My stuff lives there; I live here; my stuff should live here.  It is not rocket science.    
        Oh, the second person who has assured me my stuff is boxed away all nice and cozy never to be mine again is a Mrs. Zellar. She is an adamant supporter f tony who has privately said she is sorry for my situation and will pray for me and publicly attacks me. She is also married to David Zellar, a law enforcement officer who was arrested on August 8, 2015 on charge of breach of trust on obtaining stolen goods valued between $2,000-$10,000. Would you like to see his arrest record?

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