Friday, May 27, 2016

I Received a Death Threat from Team Chavis

        Posting death threats on social media is a common pastime for Millennials these days. Nevertheless, I went through all the proper channels we have been advised of for online safety. I contacted the local police to establish a paper trail. I reported the threat to Facebook and blocked her. Finally, I contacted the Tony Chavis for Sheriff Facebook page and sent them the screen grab of the threat along with notice the authorities had been made aware. I did not bother to request a disavowal of the threat. While I am confident my death is not put of the Team Chavis campaign platform, they would rather not discuss their position on the issue.
       I fully intend this to be the final mention of the Chavis matter. The near schizo sentiment expressed above—why would I alienate the only people who care about me when they just want me to commit suicide or will do the job themselves if I would just tell them where I am-- encapsulates why the handful of Team Chavis supporter who have criticized me are wrong to say I am an ingrate. It was never a secret they resented the burden i posed and wanted it to end, one way or another. But no need to discus that any further. Their half of the story was featured in the previous post.
       There is nothing else Team Chavis supporters can offer up at this point that will not come across like self-parody. This is true even though—and maybe because of—“the inside info” spouted off by campaign supporters who were unaware of my existence until yesterday. The bottom line is you never tell family they are a burden, much less consistently for almost a decade. No bonus point are awarded for dumping them with nothing.  All I can say at this point is I rest my case. 

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