Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Candidates & Character in the Darlington County Sheriff's Campaign

       Some of you may not know I wrote a far more varied blog called Eye of Polyphemus from 2003-2013. While I wrote some personal entries periodically to explain health issues, the blog was largely about politic, law, science fiction, and the occasional celebrity shenanigans. To label Eye of Polyphemus frivolous was to bestow far more credit than it deserved. Writing the blog was fun to do, but never as therapeutic as I had hoped.
       I deleted Eye of Polyphemu in April 2014 after I was abandoned in various nursing facilities and without internet access or even a laptop for nearly a year. When I was fortunate enough to re-enter the 21t century, I wanted to blog again. But I debated whether to continue with Eye of Polyphemu or begin anew with another, more appropriate blog. My life had obviously changed radically by that point. I needed to tell my story. I needed to vent, but what I needed to say did not fit in with the old blog. Thus, Sine Qua Non was born.
       Those who have followed from the beginning know the main purpose of Sine Qua Non was to tell the story of my abandonment and how I have dealt with the consequences for three years now. Those consequences have not all been directly related to my abandonment. Spending a couple years in nursing facilities engaged in frequently unethical practices is an adventure in and of itself. But the issue still stand—my abandonment was the origin point fr the ordeal.
       Quite some time ago, I learned my brother-in-law planned to run for sheriff with my sister running his campaign. I live in another county now, so I do not care if he get to play sheriff or not. I moved away from Darlington over a year ago. I changed my voter registration back in march of this year. I cannot vote in Darlington. I do not lift a finger to support either candidate. I have not given a dime to either campaign. 
       All I want is to get the truth out there, because my brother-in-law and sister have put forth a tremendous effort to make me disappear. But I am still here, and I want to offer Darlington voters information they need to make an informed choice on the sheriff candidates' character. So I made the following video for you all to watch and share with friends.

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