Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A May Full of Mayhem

       The month of may certainly turned out to be full of mayhem. I planned to pick up the blogging pace since it has been lagging in recent weeks, but I never anticipated so much material falling into my lap. Who would have guessed a month which began with a false alarm about high blood pressure would end in a death threat for fulfilling my civic duty to inform voters about their choice of candidate? It was quite impressive to behold.
       Yes, I did say false alarm on the blood pressure. After nearly three week of regular checking, my pressure is confirmed to be excellent for a man my age. I do not have hypertension, much less high blood pressure. So no medication or even diet changes for me, which is all good news.
       But about the issue that is not so much good news. I said I would no longer blog on the Chavis issue and I have no desire to do so. But a the personal attacks keep rolling in on various social media, several things need to be made clear. One, those attacking me did not know I even exited prior to last Wednesday even though I lived in the Chavis home for nearly a decade. Is that not odd? Two, they are attacking me with both ad hominems and dishonesty alike, but they had to get their information from the Chavises themselves, and we have seen via their daughter's word's what think. Finally, if they wanted me gone so badly, we could have arranged an amicable departure years ago instead of dumping me at a low point in my life with nothing but a change of clothes. There is no disputing these three points.
       But there is one disputable point—the fact I have largely allowed these attacks to go unanswered does not mean I have no answer. It means I have risen above efforts to goad me into attack. But the door swings both ways. I have no problem disputing the claims being freely throw about with nearly a decade's worth of facts about my treatment in the Chavi household. Does the fact I am constantly referred to before, during, and after as an outsider tel you anything? Or do you believe t I just a coincidence I am enjoying the best health I have had in a decade? I have been classy enough to let strangers fight the Chavi's imaginary battle for them. But I will stand up for myself with a long narrative of facts if anyone care to keeps talking matters they know nothing about.    

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