Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A May Full of Mayhem

       The month of may certainly turned out to be full of mayhem. I planned to pick up the blogging pace since it has been lagging in recent weeks, but I never anticipated so much material falling into my lap. Who would have guessed a month which began with a false alarm about high blood pressure would end in a death threat for fulfilling my civic duty to inform voters about their choice of candidate? It was quite impressive to behold.
       Yes, I did say false alarm on the blood pressure. After nearly three week of regular checking, my pressure is confirmed to be excellent for a man my age. I do not have hypertension, much less high blood pressure. So no medication or even diet changes for me, which is all good news.
       But about the issue that is not so much good news. I said I would no longer blog on the Chavis issue and I have no desire to do so. But a the personal attacks keep rolling in on various social media, several things need to be made clear. One, those attacking me did not know I even exited prior to last Wednesday even though I lived in the Chavis home for nearly a decade. Is that not odd? Two, they are attacking me with both ad hominems and dishonesty alike, but they had to get their information from the Chavises themselves, and we have seen via their daughter's word's what think. Finally, if they wanted me gone so badly, we could have arranged an amicable departure years ago instead of dumping me at a low point in my life with nothing but a change of clothes. There is no disputing these three points.
       But there is one disputable point—the fact I have largely allowed these attacks to go unanswered does not mean I have no answer. It means I have risen above efforts to goad me into attack. But the door swings both ways. I have no problem disputing the claims being freely throw about with nearly a decade's worth of facts about my treatment in the Chavi household. Does the fact I am constantly referred to before, during, and after as an outsider tel you anything? Or do you believe t I just a coincidence I am enjoying the best health I have had in a decade? I have been classy enough to let strangers fight the Chavi's imaginary battle for them. But I will stand up for myself with a long narrative of facts if anyone care to keeps talking matters they know nothing about.    

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

        Memorial Day is the official start of summer fun. It is the day when we take our first steps into vacation. A day in which we gather with family and friends to enjoy fellowship and food. But do not forget the true meaning of the day. Memorial Day is a remembrance of those who have died in the defense of our country. Sons and husbands and father who can longer enjoy the fun and fellowship we take for granted. Let u not forgt those left behind who feel the loss mot sharply.
       Have a blessed Memorial Day!

Friday, May 27, 2016

I Received a Death Threat from Team Chavis

        Posting death threats on social media is a common pastime for Millennials these days. Nevertheless, I went through all the proper channels we have been advised of for online safety. I contacted the local police to establish a paper trail. I reported the threat to Facebook and blocked her. Finally, I contacted the Tony Chavis for Sheriff Facebook page and sent them the screen grab of the threat along with notice the authorities had been made aware. I did not bother to request a disavowal of the threat. While I am confident my death is not put of the Team Chavis campaign platform, they would rather not discuss their position on the issue.
       I fully intend this to be the final mention of the Chavis matter. The near schizo sentiment expressed above—why would I alienate the only people who care about me when they just want me to commit suicide or will do the job themselves if I would just tell them where I am-- encapsulates why the handful of Team Chavis supporter who have criticized me are wrong to say I am an ingrate. It was never a secret they resented the burden i posed and wanted it to end, one way or another. But no need to discus that any further. Their half of the story was featured in the previous post.
       There is nothing else Team Chavis supporters can offer up at this point that will not come across like self-parody. This is true even though—and maybe because of—“the inside info” spouted off by campaign supporters who were unaware of my existence until yesterday. The bottom line is you never tell family they are a burden, much less consistently for almost a decade. No bonus point are awarded for dumping them with nothing.  All I can say at this point is I rest my case. 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Rebuttal from a Chavis

       I gave it a full 24 hours for my candidate vetting video to float around the internet. It actually took a while for any criticism to emerge. The slow response was not surprising, and neither were the eventual results. I assumed Tony and Denise would not say a word. Check. Proxies would attack me with their talking points. Check. Those talking points would discuss the hellish years I lived with them, which my video did not address, and skip over the issues of being stranded without my personal belongings, which my video did address. Check. So I am three for three here.
       Now I will grant there was a lone straw of wheat among the chaff of criticism and that is the lack of equal time. Fair enough. My neice, Kristen, was thoughtful enough to supply a rebuttal to my Facebook inbox. She subsequently labeled me a coward. Working under the assumption I was supposed to present this rebuttal myself. I opt to honor her wishes. Never let it be said I am anything but fair. The following is as came in my inbox, save for asterisks to make the profanity more family friendly. Pardon the irony.   
To Jamie Jeffords, the selfish monster, that is supposed to be my uncle, that has been attacking and harassing my family for years;
My family sacrificed ten years so that my mother could take care of you. Ten years right across the hall from me! No vacations because we had to monitor you, I couldn't have friends over because you smelled so bad! She changed your colostomy bags for 10 years you ungrateful a**hole. She paid for your surgeries, most of your medical supplies expenses, she HOUSED you and FED you when no one else could or wanted to. You treated us like sh*t in our own house. No one dropped you off or abandoned you. She stayed with you all night long at the hospital countless times. My sister had to drive from Columbia to Florence to watch Jackson, my brother, because she chose to stay with you. Remember Jackson? Your nephew you've never even spoke to while living under the same roof! My mom had surgery and stayed sick for months after that. But it's all about YOU right?! I mean my mother is not allowed to have health issues unless it's convenient to you?! And your stuff you claim was thrown out? It's in boxes. Still in the room you occupied. You are a sad miserable person. Always have been. Always will be. I didn't see anyone else trying to help you. My mother helped you in more ways than you care to admit, because you're the victim right? Your life is miserable and terrible by your own doing. All my family did was try to help, but all you did was sh*t on us in the pettiest ways. Your life is unfortunate, that much is true, but it's not my family's fault. All they did was try to help when no once else could or wanted to. But you pushed us away, you alienated yourself, you treat us like the enemy. You've got no one else, Jamie. Why would you choose to lose your family too? You have no idea the amount of love we have in our hearts for each other, that could have easily have been shared with you if you would've put your self-hatred for yourself and everyone else aside. 
Do you realize that I had a baby? Do you care? He was beautiful, he was amazing, he's changed my life and my family's life for the better indefinitely. And then he died of SIDS a few weeks ago. Do you realize how broken that has made me, my mom, my dad, and the rest of my family? Do you care how much that hurts, to lose something so precious that I created and raised by myself? Our lives will never be the same. And right now, with it only happened recently, you decide to attack my family? Unjustly? Accusing us of doing things you are full aware aren't true. 
What is your agenda? What do you intend to do with all of this bullying to us? Maybe "God" will smite us if you keep praying us away. 
Why do you deserve to live and my son doesn't?
You're a f*cking monster, and your misery and suffering is payback for being such an awful person to the people that try to make your life easier. 
You can rot as far as I'm concerned. You've done nothing but cause my family so much stress and pain after years of trying to help you. 
Oh, last thing, that surgery you had to "correct your hernia". Was actually to remove your ovaries. Youre a f*cking hermaphrodite. So much for "gods beautiful creatures". You're a true monster. My mother protected you from that. Maybe I should just post my own video? 
        There you go, folks. Equal time, and the finest example of the Chavis attitude I endured for nine long years. Not ten, as Kirsten falsely asserts. There are many untruths among her letter. Some from dishonesty, others from ignorance of the facts. I am going to be the bigger person and let them stand. Not out of a sense of being noble, thought noble I am, but rather anything less than allowing these personal attacks to go unanswered will result in my further demonizing. I can live with whatever opinion the Chavises and assorted fan wish to have. The apple truly does not fall far from the tree.
       There is one point I still just do not get.  Kirsten is the second person to tell me all of my personal belongings are boxed away in their house as though that justifies them keeping it.  My stuff lives there; I live here; my stuff should live here.  It is not rocket science.    
        Oh, the second person who has assured me my stuff is boxed away all nice and cozy never to be mine again is a Mrs. Zellar. She is an adamant supporter f tony who has privately said she is sorry for my situation and will pray for me and publicly attacks me. She is also married to David Zellar, a law enforcement officer who was arrested on August 8, 2015 on charge of breach of trust on obtaining stolen goods valued between $2,000-$10,000. Would you like to see his arrest record?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Candidates & Character in the Darlington County Sheriff's Campaign

       Some of you may not know I wrote a far more varied blog called Eye of Polyphemus from 2003-2013. While I wrote some personal entries periodically to explain health issues, the blog was largely about politic, law, science fiction, and the occasional celebrity shenanigans. To label Eye of Polyphemus frivolous was to bestow far more credit than it deserved. Writing the blog was fun to do, but never as therapeutic as I had hoped.
       I deleted Eye of Polyphemu in April 2014 after I was abandoned in various nursing facilities and without internet access or even a laptop for nearly a year. When I was fortunate enough to re-enter the 21t century, I wanted to blog again. But I debated whether to continue with Eye of Polyphemu or begin anew with another, more appropriate blog. My life had obviously changed radically by that point. I needed to tell my story. I needed to vent, but what I needed to say did not fit in with the old blog. Thus, Sine Qua Non was born.
       Those who have followed from the beginning know the main purpose of Sine Qua Non was to tell the story of my abandonment and how I have dealt with the consequences for three years now. Those consequences have not all been directly related to my abandonment. Spending a couple years in nursing facilities engaged in frequently unethical practices is an adventure in and of itself. But the issue still stand—my abandonment was the origin point fr the ordeal.
       Quite some time ago, I learned my brother-in-law planned to run for sheriff with my sister running his campaign. I live in another county now, so I do not care if he get to play sheriff or not. I moved away from Darlington over a year ago. I changed my voter registration back in march of this year. I cannot vote in Darlington. I do not lift a finger to support either candidate. I have not given a dime to either campaign. 
       All I want is to get the truth out there, because my brother-in-law and sister have put forth a tremendous effort to make me disappear. But I am still here, and I want to offer Darlington voters information they need to make an informed choice on the sheriff candidates' character. So I made the following video for you all to watch and share with friends.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Balancing Act

       I met a physical therapist today for an evaluation. Even though I have taken long stretches of physical therapy in recent years, it has been a while. My more sedentary lifestyle has surely taken a toll. I was still surprised by how much, however. I am walking as well as ever and have not lost much strength, but my balance is way off. The lady had me place my feet as close together as possible and stand with my arms folded in front of me. I promptly fell back like we were playing that trust game in which you count on the person behind to catch you as you deliberately fall.
       The problem has mostly to do with ankle and shin strength. As my ankles have been fused since 1986, I do not walk in the usual heel to toe manner like everyone else. This leaves the proper muscles unused and prone to atrophy. The difference in my walking method has not been too much of a barrier for getting around, but I have taken advantage of working with a professional at various points in the past to improve matters, and I am doing so again. Besides, I am not exactly a spring chicken. It takes much more work to keep what I have much less improve on it.
       My therapist is named Kim. She is a perky, self-proclaimed ADD type. She has worked with other clients suffering from Arthrogryposis. She noted I have a mild case. I knew this. Arthrogryposis is normally a devastating ailment which often prevents people from enjoying any semblance of a normal life. I always knew I was blessed in the sense my physical disabilities could be far worse. But then I am bemused how pretty much everything else has been about as bad as conceivably possible. I guess it all balanced out.
       Kim told me her Arthrogryposis clients have some of the highest pain tolerances of anyone with whom she has worked. In spies of us mutually agreeing mine was a mid case, we both allowed I was a pretty tough guy in my own right. Fate put me to the test more in recent years than ever before. Now I have voluntarily agreed to take on no pain, no gain physical regimen to boot. I must be a glutton for punishment.     

Monday, May 16, 2016

Under Not So Much Pressure

       I noted in a post last week a high blood pressure reading from a routine medical exam. It was 150/80 or something along those lines. The doctor wanted my blood pressure checked daily for a week to see if I have a long term problem requiring medication. I have had minor bouts of high blood pressure, some lasting for months, but all stemming from an event like surgery. The problem has never popped up seemingly out of the blue. It was disheartening to discover the pattern has changed.
       Maybe the pattern has not changed after all. My blood pressure has been checked regularly for six days now. The highest it clocked in was 120/70 on Thursday. Those numbers are good for a man my age. The reading even went as low as 116/60 yesterday morning. Such a reading can be classified as Southern California mellow. I have not reconnected with my doctor yet. I assume I will some time in the mile of the week when the blood tests I am also waiting for come in. But It is safe to assume my blood pressure is not really an issue.
       My doctor asked if anything was weighing on my mind which might have sent my blood pressure soaring. I did not have a specific answer for her. The general issues were swirling around, but they still are in the midst of enjoying a week long blood pressure mellow. All I can guess is something must have annoyed me right before the exam. In that case, everyone needs to stop annoying me. It is taking a toll.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday the 13th and Confirmation Bias

       Today is Friday the 13th. One of those infrequent times when the dark forces of calamity all unite to give you a hard time. Or harder than usual, at least. Are you thinking about staying in bed today with cookies and Netflix so as not to tempt fate? Perhaps you have good reason. Maybe some bad things have happened to you on past Fridays falling on the thirteen. My advice is not to sweat it. In reality you are not any more the unfortunate soul on Friday the 13th than any other day. Here are a couple reasons why.
       Let us get the first, most obvius one out of the way. There is nothing particularly special about Friday the 13th. Thurday the 12th and saturday the 14th happen just as frequently. Yet the fear of Friday the 13th as an unlucky day—paraskevidekatria—has persisted since the 19th century. I could go into the murky history of why Friday and the number 13 have often been associated with calamities in Christianity and norse mythology, I am going to leave that for an article linked at the end of the post. I will instead focus on rational explanations.
       The second and probably most important reason Friday the 13th is considered unlucky is confirmation bias. In psychology and cognitive science, confirmation bias is a tendency to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one's preconceptions, leading to statistical errors. Simply put, confirmation bias is the act of drawing a conclusion then searching for evidence to support it instead of drawing a conclusion from evidence gathered first.
       How about an example. You are sitting at your desk working on a random Friday. You may curse lightly, but you will probably simply pick up your pen and resume writing without attributing any significance to the incident. Now assume the same accident happens on Friday the 13th. You might be inclined to blame dropping your pen because of the unluckiness of Friday the 13th
       Accidentally dropping your pen is the same act regardless of the day on which it occurs. You only attribute it to the bad luck of Friday the 13th because of the preconceived notion bad things will happen to you on that day.  It is all in you minds, folks. Go out there and have a great day, and stay every bit as safe as you would any other day.


The Origin of Friday the 13th as an Unlucky Day
Friday the 13th: Where Does It Come From and Why are We Still So Superstitious About the 'Unluckiest' Day?
Confirmation Bias from Science Daily

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Under Pressure

       Under pressure is not the most appropriate title. Over pressure does not make much sense, though. The most accurate term would be hypertension. As in slightly above normal blood pressure, which is what I am currently enjoying. Apparently. We are keeping watch over my blood pressure for the next week to see if the higher reading I got during a doctor's appointment Tuesday was the result of one off annoyance or a sign of lingering trouble.
       It was an otherwise routine doctor's appointment with the usual poking, prodding, and stabbing f needles. I had not been examined by this doctor since late summer. If I had not sought her out last month for an antibiotic to kill my turn with the upper respiratory ailment going around last month, I probably would not have even been on her radar. Take that as a sign of my continued good health in the little over a year now since I escaped the evil clutches of Oakhaven Nursing Center.
       For some reason, I have a nagging in the back of my mind about the blood test. I have no reason to assume my ulcer, which really has not been bad since the fall of 2014, is bleeding again. But considering the ulcer was caused by anxiety and quite a few people are fretting over how I feel about various matters and my blood pressure may or may not be on the rise, I may receive unpleasant news next week when the results come back. I hope my red blood cell count is normal. Or, if not, we can simply add to my iron intake instead of going through all the nasty procedures I endured in order to discover the ulcer in the first place.
       If the results are interesting, I might post something about it. Otherwise, w shall return to our usual naval gazing and existential angst.