Friday, April 1, 2016

This Blog is Ghostwritten By a Cat

     April 1st is the perfect time to reveal the identity of my ghostwriter. Sine Qua Non and a sizable portion of Eye of Polyphemus before it were penned by this cat. Like many tortured writers, he is plagued by substance abuse. In this case, catnip. But those emotionally broken often come up with the most soul searing words, so I reap the benefits. Yes, I am an enabler.
       The shame! The shame of it all! T is almost too much to bear!
       The reality of it is I have not been doing a good job of keeping up the blog for 2016 the way I intended. It is not that I am not writing. My personal journal entries have been piling up. The problem is how difficult it has been to translate them for public viewing. If you are one of the few people regularly following—thank you for your interest and patience—you have noticed many backdated entries showing up at odd times and in odd places. This is especially true with the Oakhaven entries, which have been particularly difficult to write because of the burden they carry. I have all intentions of getting back up to spend once everything finally comes together. I simply assumed things would all come together more quickly, but reality insisted.
       But moving forward at any speed is still progress. Expect to see sporadic entries a head of this one for a while and regular, but still new entries behind it. It will be weird, but it has worked in the past. If something about the whole endeavor is not to your liking, blame the cat. 
        It is what I do.      

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