Thursday, April 7, 2016

Received a Get Well Card

       I have suffered from one monster of a cold since Tuesday it hit me with a fiery sore throat, throbbing headache, and stabbing tooth pain. It appears to be some heavy duty strain thriving in the hot one day, cold the next weather occurring so frequently in the early South Carolina spring. I have some antibiotics and cough syrup, so I should be good to go in a while. Especially wit the cough syrup. The stuff is like tequila shots. I have been more or less passed out for two days now.
       During those two days in la la land, I missed two regular meetings with a new acquaintance. These meetings have proven quite valuable for my peace of mind. It is disappointing to miss them. My partner in naval gazing must feel the same, as sh sent me the above get well card. It was a nice touch to a day otherwise spent in a medicated haze.
       Any further writing at this point would almost certainly veer off into the surreal, so I will cut this entry short. I shall return at some pout in the near future with regular entries which will presumably make some sort of sense. Probably. Maybe. Who knows? No guarantees, obviously.     

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