Saturday, December 19, 2015

Fattening Me Up for Christmas

        A local church group likes to fill Christmas lists for residents. In all honesty, my desires are few these days. Dumb pride makes it difficult to accept anything that appears like charity. But I am trying adjust my thinking to view the reluctance to accept charity as a rejection of the person offering, so I cooperated the best I could. The lady who chatted with me a couple weeks ago was incredibly nice. She suggested some really nice items she and her friends would be happy to place under my Christmas tree.
       I just called it chatting, but we actually talked for a good while about the last couple years of my life. She was particularly concerned about my weight struggles. We talked a lot about food and especially snacks. The discussion resulted in me opening a large package of extraordinarily large Debbie cakes.      They have been an obsession of mine for pretty much my entire life. Life has been a bit stingy with them in recent years. Times change for the better, folks.
       The church group also served a large lunch of chicken, vegetables, and banana pudding for desert before handing out gifts.  it was the first full fledged Christmas celebration in years--and it is not even Christmas yet! 

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