Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Friends in High Places

       The plan was for me to draft the agreement to remove my feeding tube and email it to Victoria. She placed enough pressure on me to hurry as to be annoying. I was not planning to draft anything terribly complicated, but I did want time to get it right. Two events happened in the middle of this. The first was clearly beneficial. The second is still fuzzy as to whether it was my bad luck or deliberate sabotage. All things considered, one possibility is as likely as the other.
       Michelle came to visit the day after the events of the previous post. She was not here to specifically see me. She was unaware of what had just transpired with me. She was there with Dale Warren, the state ombudsman. Dale was head of the whole regulatory system. She came to inspect Oakhaven personally because of the recent increase in resident rights abuse cases. You may recall in addition to my case, a CNA had hit a resident, the police had been called on another abuse matter, and a couple other issues of which I have no specific details. Corporate/Oakhaven were putting on rave faces, but there were more fires to put out than they could manage. Michelle wanted dale to speak with me for insight.
       Michelle's instruction of me was a bit eye-opening. She explained the basics of my case to dale. Most was not a surprise. I was interested to learn she told Brock they could not place a chaperone on my visits with Courtney a week before I ever spoke to Sonya. Brock said I was gong to be presented with a discharge notice, so it did not matter. Michelle advised against that. Apparently this advise prompted Brock to contact Dr. Hiatt to manufacture suicidal idealizations, with which he refused to cooperate, and build a case to have me thrown out by spying on my conversations and internet activities. At some pint, some from Oakhaven claimed I threatened to hang myself from a curtain rod. This was news to me, and I adamantly denied. Michelle's mannerisms intimated we would clear the matter up later. She and I had already debunked the weird claim I tried to beat myself in the head with a hair brush, so this sort of assertion.
       Dale told me her office received more complaints about Oakhaven than other facilities in the region. Why did I think that was the case? I had a ready answer—Brock. She was abusive towards staff causing an unpleasant work environment in which residents suffer because of low staff morale. She made reckless decisions in which she would ignore any contrary advice. She verbally abusive to both staff and residents. I told dale about some of my worst experiences with Brock and offered up some ex staff members who would back up my other claims. If there was any way I could help protect others from the unethical practices of Wilson Senior Care and Oakhaven, I was going to do it.
       I also explained to Michele the events of the previous day. Her reaction was another hint we will talk about it later. I asked if she wanted to read the letter of consent before I sent it to Victoria. She said n. she trusted me to know what to properly write. Her answer sent up a red flag. One thinks she should be a little more interested in the matter. Oh, well. I marched ahead in spite of a major roadblock put up either by fate or corporate/Oakhaven. I will write about it in the next post and you can make up your own mind.

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