Thursday, October 1, 2015

Email to Sonya Regarding Dr. Lilly

       I addressed this email to Sonya. She was the chief Clinical Officer at Wilson Senior Care and, considering her attachment to the legal team, the most likely candidate to have been the unnamed administrator who visited Dr. Lilly. It turned out to be a sloppy email because I was still rattled while writing it. My sitter, Nicole B, even commented on how furiously I was going at it. The door had been shut the entire conversation with Lilly. I imagin Nicole B heard none of it, but was dying of curiosity.

       The email is cut and pasted below, typos and all included just to show how I felt t the time. The only changes I have made is to replace full names with partial blanks.


Dear Sonya,

This evening, January 5, 2015, Dr. ______ Lilly, my physician at Oakhaven Nursing Center, paid me a visit to ask what was going on. I told him I was currently having a dispute over visitation rights for a discharged employee. The ensuing conversation revolved around two points. The first is that I am now subject to psychological evaluation and possible involuntary commitment to a mental institution based o anyone’s belief I am a threat to myself or others, and second, he will begin the motions to have my feeding tube removed.

Dr. Lilly lectured me over the necessity of the rule banning discharged employees from returning because they are a potential threat for reprisals on their part for being fired, potential for abusing residents, etc. Dr. Lilly essentially told me I could not a accommodated because the needs of the majority of residents outweighed mine as one who was not considered a typical nursing home resident in the first place.

Dr. Lilly advised me that he had been visited in his office today by unnamed administrators and a lawyer regarding my recent threatening behavior. He defined this threatening behavior as the dispute with the administration, emails, and contact with the ombudsman. Please note he specifically listed contact with the ombudsman as a threatening behavior and, therefore, the cause of my current one-on-one.

Dr. Lilly informed me because of this special status, I would now be subject to transport via ambulance to the emergency room for a psychological evaluation with the potential for involuntary commitment if it was deemed necessary to be a danger to myself or others by merely one person's say so. When I asked if that was the criteria for anyone to be psychologically evaluated, I was told no. I am subject because of where I am mentally and emotionally.. therefore, an expressed different level of srutiny.

I brought up the fact I have not been evaluated by any mental health professional, so how has it been determined “where I am mentally and emotionally.” Dr. Lilly made no effort to answer this question. He only reiterated that I am subject to transport for a psychological evaluation to determine if involuntary commitment is necessary based on anyone’s feeling that I am a danger to myself or others.

When asked who could make this decision, I was told anyone--doctor, nurse, administrator…anyone who can observe and judge my behavior.

When asked what could be examined, Dr. Lilly said verbal acts, physical acts, contact through electronic means--email, to be specific. He brought up the Facebook post of Garfield in a soldier’s uniform. When I told him that was meant to be humorous, not threatening, Dr. Lilly told me no one would not have time to examine the context in order to determine intent. His priority was the safety of myself and others. Such would be subject to a mental health professional to sort out.

As I was not evaluated by a mental health professional before being placed one-on-one by Wilson Senior Care, there has been no determination that I am actually a threat to others or myself. I have insisted that I am not, but have been repeatedly ignored. There is no probable cause for me to be under what has been declared an increased scrutiny with threat of involuntary commitment. I believe this is an unwarranted threat against me, a belief which is strengthened by the revelation Dr. Lilly has been advised by unnamed administrators and at least one lawyer.

I brought up the concern this new status seems to be forced on me for the flimsiest of reasons and noted Oakhven Nursing Center had a history of ignoring rules and proper procedure with me in the past. I brought up the example of being forced to room with a schizophrenic who physically attacked me. Dr. Lilly told me I was “somewhat correct.” When I pressed on what the somewhat meant, he told me living with someone suffering from mental illness might be disconcerting, but it is a highly likely part of nursing home life. This answer does not inspire confidence my best interests and personal safety are of particular concern to most involved in maintaining my health and well being.

Dr. Lilly then discussed with me stopping my nightly tube feeding to evaluate whether I can maintain weight without it. If so, he said, ‘We’ll see what we can do about getting you out of here.” A little while after he left, I was informed by the nurse he left orders to discontinue the tube feeding, have a physical therapy evaluation regarding daily functions, and establish the criteria for me to be sent off for psychological evaluation. I have not, and do not, consent to having my tube feeding discontinued.

I have not consented to any actions that might lead towards my discharge from Oakhaven Nursing Center, but it appears a medical reason to discharge me is being manufactured without my consent or approval. Considering the content of Dr. Lilly’s discussion and the current disagreement to which I am engaged with Oakhaven Nursing Center management and Wilson Seniorcare, I believe I am being forcibly removed as a reprisal.

As sending this email qualifies as threatening behavior under Dr. Lilly’s criteria of “threats” through electronic means, I am sending this email to Ombudsman Michelle ________, Assistant Ombudsman Aysa ________, and my therapist, Dr. _____ Hiatt (via Facebook PM), so it may be evaluated by proper authorities should Dr. Lilly, Oakhaven Nursing Center, or Wilson Senior Care decide to deem it a threat and have me taken for evaluation.

Jamie Jeffords

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