Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Second Email to Sonya

       I composed the following email and sent it off to Sonya a couple hours after the events described in the previous entry.   It is interesting to note when Sonya presented emails to the ombudsman to support her claim i wa aggressive and badgering, she did not include this one.  Presumably, as wth the first email, she did not want to explain any of the claims made about he actions.  I took the liberty of presenting a copy of this email to the ombudsman and DHEC myself.

       I have removed full names from the letter.  Otherwise, it is pasted from the original email.


Dear Sonya,

I consider the current one-on-one status I have been placed under as a reprisal for the recent dispute over visitation by Courtney in general and my contact/promised further interaction with the ombudsman. I believe this is corporate attempt to get me to sit down and shut up. But I am more the “stand up and shout hallelujah” type.

The argument for deeming me a violent threat is ridiculously flimsy. I am a five foot tall, 100 lb, legally blind cripple who uses a walker. You have taken two Facebook posts which were clear to anyone with discernment to be jokes--a Garfield caricature of Charlie Sheen in Platoon and a status update saying ‘I must keep telling myself, there is no internet in prison. There is no internet in prison…”--and construed them as inciting violence. Furthermore, I have made no threats of physical harm to any resident, staff member, resident family member, or corporate representative.

I have, however, been subject to staff member’s anonymously reporting comments I have made in conversations not involving them. Most humorously, have been the insidious revelations Courtney’s mother and that I miss OT Ellen Copeny’s needling me to behave.

I have also been in contact with my therapistt, Dr. _____ Hiatt. He will contact Oakhaven to discuss the damage your current actions are inflicting on a year’s worth of progress. When I asked the corporate rep who visited this afternoon to consult with him, she replied corporate decisions, even those which make a sight unseen judgment on my mental/emotional health, do not take any ongoing psychiatric care that may be occurring into advisement.

Not healthy.



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