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Sonya's Response to My Initial Complaint (Finally)

Here is the letter Sonya wrote in response to my initial complaint.  As usual, only the full names have been changed to however the people mentioned are referred throughout these blog entries.  Otherwise, it is pasted directly from the email Sonya sent me.

This is the first of two instances in which I am going to present corporate/Oakhaven's argument against me in their own words.  This letter in particular presents a far different view than my recounting in these blog entries.  I stand by what i have written as the truth, but you are the final judge.  You may make up your own mind based on the accouts presented.

That said...dear Lord, Sonya is a terrible writer.  'Caringly' is not a word.  Neither is "ideations."  She meant "idealizations."  Notice how she switched often from addressing me directly to saying "Mr. Jeffords" as though she was writing to someone else and back to me again.  Alisha does not spell her name like the traditional Alicia, either.     

But, hey...grammar an spelling are not the most egregious errors in this letter. 


Dear Mr. Jeffords:

We apologize that you feel your rights have been violated in regards to visits from an ex-employee. 
After interviewing Victoria, RN, DON who asked the ex-employee to leave the facility, it is clear that the DON was unaware that the ex-employee was visiting any residents, but rather thought she had come to the facility to retrieve her last check since it was a pay date.
Matter of Visitation Rights
On 12/19/14, Victoria RN, DON saw Courtney, a former employee standing in the lobby by the birdcage near East Wing conversing with a family member with what appeared to be a paycheck stub in her hand. December 19, 2014 was a pay day for employees and Courtney received a paycheck on 12/19/14. Victoria waited to speak with Courtney in private because she overhead Courtney telling the family member how she was fired and how unfair we were to her. Victoria waited until Courtney and the family member parted ways and asked to speak with Courtney. At that time, Victoria reminded Courtney that the handbook stated that terminated employees cannot come on the premises. The DON was unaware at that time that Courtney had visited with you on that day because she saw the ex-employee on the East Wing and as we know your room is located on West Wing on the opposite side of the building. On 12/31/14 the DON contacted the ex-employee and explained to her that she could visit, but she would need to contact the DON or Administrator prior to visiting.
Per Paulette’s Social Service Progress note dated 12/23/14 12:42pm Late Entry Around 3pm Friday, 12/19/14, you entered the Social Services Director’s office and asked why the SSD told a former employee and friend that had been terminated by the facility that she could not visit with you. SW caringly informed you that she had no knowledge of this matter and that the two of you needed to go to the Executive Director. The Executive Director met with you and the SSD in her office and the Executive Director explained to you that the company policy stipulates that a discharged employee is prohibited from re-entering the nursing facility at any time and that if a discharged employee desires to visit the facility for any reason, the discharged employee must contact the Executive Director or Director of Nursing. You expressed that you felt like this was a violation of your rights. As a compromise, Executive Director informed you that the former employee could have supervised visits; therefore, the former employee when scheduling visits with the ED or DON and either of them would need to be in the building at the time of the visitation.
Issue 2 Matter of Habitual Violation of Rights
On 1/8/14, in your Quarterly MDS interview with Paulette Lowe you shared suicidal thoughts and plan. The Social Worker notified the MDS Coordinator, RN Unit Manager, Director of Nursing, Executive Director, MD, and Counselor. 1:1 supervision was implemented on 1/8/14 for your safety and well-being. On 1/9/14, you were seen by the Nurse Practitioner and Lexapro 5 mg every day was ordered for depression. On 1/9/14 you attended counseling with Dr. Hiatt. Social worker followed up with you on-going. On January 20, 2014, we facilitated a physician change at your request.
In your concerns, you stated that Kendra told you that “we are not here to baby you”. On 12/29/14, when interviewed by Sonya  RN CCO, Kendra denied making that statement. She stated that she did not know that there was any problem between you and her. She stated that you both are very cordial when you see each other. The only altercation that she can recall is in early January when she was approached by you in an aggressive manner about needing a baby sitter. She informed you that she was not discussing that matter at the desk and that she would alert Paulette the Social Worker. She also states that as several months passed, you and she became very cordial with each other.
You alleged that the facility laptop had been removed without your knowledge or approval. Robin, Life Enhancement Director stated that she and Alicia, Life Enhancement Assistant went to visit with you around lunch on that date and she asked if you needed any materials. She stated that you replied no I don’t need anything. She also asked you how you were enjoying the laptop. She states you began cutting your meat angrily and shaking and then looked up and said “just take the laptop and y’all get out.” They exited the room with the laptop. Alicia validated that she was present and that you requested that the laptop be removed. Wi-fi was installed at Oakhaven specifically with you in mind to provide meaningful activities for you through use of the laptop. Since admission, the facility has provided a boom-box, books on tape, movies, Atlanta braves decorated helmet, baseball memorabilia, CDs, a large print bible, lunch outings, as well as laptop and wi-fi access to meet our individual needs.

Per Social Progress note on January 20, 2014 around 4pm, Dr. Hiatt stated that Mr. Jeffords could benefit from 1:1 counseling and group therapy. Dr. Hiatt stated he thought that Mr. Jeffords could best be served with an appropriate inpatient and appropriate group therapy. The counseling/therapy would need to consist of meeting him where he is emotionally so that the counseling would facilitate or bring forth cognitive and behavioral change for Mr. Jeffords. Dr. Hiatt’s recommendations prompted Social Worker to seek out psychiatric and mental health resources. Per Social Service Progress Note dated 4/6/14, initially you had counseling sessions with Dr. Hiatt twice weekly. On or around March 10, 2014 Dr. Hiatt recommended that you begin attending counseling on a once weekly basis. All counseling therapy sessions were approved by Executive Director.
DHEC has reviewed and investigated issues related to former roommate, Caligula. On 4/18/14 at 3:59 pm, Social Worker documented that she apologized to you for any past or present issues and you stated that you accepted her apology. Social Worker told you that she felt it was important to your relationship to air any concerns or problems between the two. This intervention was done in an attempt to put any resentments, anger, or disappointment that you may have with her or the facility behind them and to move forward. SW also discussed with you that it was important to continue monthly counseling with Dr. Hiatt on a monthly basis. SW asked you if this was reasonable and if you were willing to attend. SW also stated to you that this was your decision and you had the option to refuse counseling and you agreed to continue counseling with Dr. Hiatt.
During the period that you were receiving 1:1 supervision and assistance, you voiced concerns over the bathroom door and room door. On 7/14/14, staff was completing an interview and you voiced concerns stating that you wanted to move due to a fan being nosy outside of your room. Work orders were completed and repairs were completed per maintenance. Per the concern form, our Social Worker asked you if there was another room that you wanted to be moved to presently. You declined. Social Worker also asked if you would like to be notified of the next male bed available and you said yes. You were offered a room on East Wing but declined because you wanted to stay on the West Wing. She felt you became defensive stating that we were coming at you, and she told you that we were trying to address your concerns and make a happier home for you. You said, “I’m sorry, but it is the lawyer in me that pushes me to fight”. You were moved to a new room on West Wing (C7b) on 7/21/14.
The call light cord and orthopedic knife were removed due to suicidal ideation which including suffocation and asphyxiation. You were receiving 1:1 supervision and assistance and a bell was provided. During an interview on 7/14/14, you expressed a concern regarding the orthopedic knife. Per the concern form, you were screened by therapy for an appropriate weighted knife and a weighted knife was purchased.
Paulette, Social Worker, denies having yelled at you or any other resident and also denies telling you or any other resident to leave her office. Social Worker has never had any allegations from any other residents that she has behaved inappropriately and she interacts with residents on a daily basis.
On 12/30/2014, you expressed to Marlie, MDS Coordinator that you would like to leave the facility, but you have concerns that they will not take someone with a PEG tube. You also expressed to the DON that you would like to have your tube removed and wanted to wait until Dr. Lilly returned from the holiday to discuss this with him.
We hope this addresses your concerns. Please let us know if you have any questions or other concerns.

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