Thursday, October 8, 2015

Moments of Transition

       I was supposed to get 72 hours in order to “decide” whether to accept the discharge. Even though the decision had already been made, I took the extended time because I could. By extended time, I mean 48 hours, because that is when Chrystal and Victoria showed up with the thirty day discharge agreement for me to sign. Maybe they came after two days instead of three because it was a Friday. Or maybe Michelle comprised with Lofe on 48 hours instead after I left Wednesday's meeting and it got lost in all the weirdness. Whichever the case, it was not anything worth raising a fuss over.
       I cannot say I was happy to see Chrystal against. According to Marlie, she had been the one to label my Facebook posts as threatening. In all fairness, Marlie also said Sonya chewed her out for copying Chrystal's description of threatening behavior and suicidal idealizations into my healthcare plan because it was not incriminating enough to suit her. I was not a fan of Chrystal's attitude when she fumbled the explanation as to why I was being placed under sitters then lend relationships I had established. The feeling seemed mutual. She acted as though she smelling manure at the meeting.
       Chrystal explained she was going to be handling my transition out Oakhaven instead of Paulette. There was t least one bright spot in this mess, then. She gave me her business card. Her email address was prominent. She told me email was the best way to communicate with her. I deiced to test the waters on the matter. My emails had been described rather negatively as of late.
   “Is my emailing you going to be considered 'aggressive' and 'badgering?'' I asked.
       “It depends on the content,” she tersely snapped.
       All righty, then. Her tone left no doubt she was not going to suffer any of my unhinged lunacy. At least I knew where I stood. Too many other corporate/Oakhaven were nothing but phony. In a twisted way, I suppose Chrystal was refreshing. For now, at any rate.
       I asked to rad the agreement before I signed it. It was all pretty standard. It said we mutually agreed the relationship between corporate/Oakhaven and me was irreconcilable, and all parties agreed I should be discharged. Nevertheless, I requested the agreement be faxed to Michelle for her examination. In short order, she assured me everything was as we all had agreed with no unpleasant surprises hidden. I asked both Chrystal and Victoria point blank if corporate or Oakhaven had any notions my signature constituted an acceptance of responsibility on my part. They both assured me my signature meant nothing other than a gentle boot on my rear end when I had another place to live, provided this new place materialized within the next thirty days. So I signed the acceptance.
       Chrystal picked it up, and told me, “I'll be in touch soon.”
       She and Victoria let without further fanfare. I began to think about the rotten aspects of the whole matter. Oakhaven was a hostile enough environment with corporate/Oakhaven pushing down on me in the first place. Now everything depended on Chrystal, who was clearly not thrilled at the prospect of putting up with me. Not to mention I had only a mere thirty days to uproot my life. Well, the feeling was mutual. It occurred to me...if I could now leave at any time, why could I not return to McLeod Darlington? It was a transition hospital that sent patients to other long term facilities all the time. It sounded like a great idea. I—relatively speaking—enjoyed my time there during summer 2013. It was the Hilton compared to Oakhaven. I emailed Michelle to run it by her while expressing my concerns about remaining at Oakhaven under the circumstances.
       Two jittery communications within an hour must have merited a personal meeting to soothe my nerves. Michelle told me t sit tight. She was going to send Aysa to answer my questions. Aysa arrived with due haste. Se explained to me McLeod Darlington was a transition hospital, but that somehow would make my transition a more complicated process. I figured going there would remove the thirty day deadline, but Aysa assured me the deadline was not craved in stone. As long as everyone was being paid, I could not be kicked out just because the thirty days were up. Keep that information in mind. It will be important later. I expressed concerns about the animosity I was experiencing, including Chrystal being added to the mix. Aysa assured me they were all under too much scrutiny to not be nice to not follow the rules.
       I agreed to cooperate with the way thing were going. I liked Aysa, but her assurance corporate/Oakhaven would follow the rules the remainder of my time there rang hollow. These are the people who allowed a schizophrenic to run wild attacking helpless residents and still angry say I cost them a lot of money for reporting them over it. Rules and niceties were never a priority for anyone associated with Wilson Senior Care/Oakhaven. They went to incredible lengths to confirm their reputation over the next few weeks.

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