Friday, October 2, 2015

Lifelines II

       The email returned results almost immediately Michelle responded within the hour with the question of whether it was unusual for Dr. Lilly to visit at such an odd time. Yes, it was. As noted in the previous entry, Lilly usually paid all his patients a visit shortly before or after lunch sometime in the middle of the month. This was early January at 7:30 PM and at was a special trip to see only me. Michelle knew y the timing and the content of the meeting something did not feel right. Thank goodness I had back up on this matter so quickly.
       Dr. Hiatt also got back to me quickly with advice. If I found myself facing an ambulance ride towards a psychiatric evaluation and possible involuntary commitment, I should cooperate fully. Be polite and tell the truth. There was nothing so far to even merit concern, so there was no reason to act out and give them one. If all went well, a paper trail would be established proving there were no problems. This point struck me in particular. There had been declarations regarding my mental/emotional state not only with an examination by a mental health professional, but by non-mental health professionals sight unseen who purposefully ignored my regular therapist because they “don't do that,' according to Chrystal. This whole affair reeked.
      There will be more from Dr. Hiatt in a moment.
      What journey the email took from Sonya on down is a mystery, but the effort to placate me was immediate. Keisha, Victoria, and Marlie, all of whom would have played a role in my updated health care plan, came to visit in order to confirm I wanted the tube feeding resumed. I can only guess Michelle and/or Sonya in some combination brought about this backtracking. Lilly did not wind up communicating with the nursing staff until late in the afternoon. But his call was in plenty of time to resume the tube feeding that night. So right on time, I was hooked up. No one mentioned anything about a forced psychiatric evaluation or involuntary commitment. I assumed nothing short of physical violence or declaration I was the King of France would have brought about anything of the sort with the ombudsman's scrutiny brought about by the email.
       Now...Dr. Hiatt. I was fortunate enough to have a session with him that morning.  The session had been scheduled before this mess broke out, but said mess was the entirety of our conversation. It was the first time in nearly a week I was not under the constant eye of a sitter. These sessions were considered private, so the sitter remained in the lobby of Dr. Hiatt's office. I sank into the couch with true relaxation for the first time in a week. I never would have thought a private person like me would feel relief in letting my guard down in a therapist's office. I was on the same couch a year prior circling the wagons. What a difference twelve months can make.
       This is the session in which Dr. Hiatt informed me Brock had instructed Paulette to arrange a meeting with him two weeks ago in order to discuss alleged suicidal idealizations on m part. Dr. hiatt did not have my permission to talk to them about our sessions, so he refused. But sensing Brock did not have my best interests at heart, he told Paulette I had no suicidal idealizations. Dr. Hiatt informed me he had felt pressured because, in their estimation, he was not telling them enough. He and I were both figuring out quickly corporate/Oakhaven were considering me a threat. Ending the threat took priority over my health care. At least Lilly came right out and declared his intentions to that effect. Everyone else was moving behind my back.
       Credit where credit is due, Sonya's next move was not entirely behind my back. But it was at the last possible minute. At around eleven o'clock that night, she emailed me her response to the first letter I had written, at the Michelle's request, back on December 30th. The meeting between corporate/Oakhaven and Michelle, Aysa, and me was going to happen in the morning. I assume Sonya waited until as late as possible to send the response off in the hopes I would not have a chance to read it before the meeting. No such luck on her part. In the interest of fairness, I am going to publish her response in the next post.

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