Monday, October 5, 2015

A Congress of Folly

       It probably was not the best idea to first meet Michelle for the first time an hour before we were to encounter corporate/Oakhaven to discuss important matters, but it could not have been helped because of the holiday season. Nevertheless, we hit it off quickly. She reiterated Aysa's statement from two day prior she was impressed with my thoroughness in detailing the issues and all events surrounding them. She told me for the first time the incidents surrounding Caligula had not been reported to the ombudsman's office, which probably explained the overly aggressive response I had been suffering over the last week. I signed a permission form for everything I had reported to be handed over to the Department of Health and Environmental Control.
    I was not certain what all to expect from the meeting with corporate/Oakhaven, so I was content to let Michelle take point. She endured these meetings all the time. I did request coaching. Michelle was to manage the meeting. I was okay with this. I was free to speak up, but the other side was going to rattle me if at all possible. It was in their best interest to have me appear unstable and easy to anger. I agreed to calmly listen, only to speak up if someone suggests anything which cannot be tolerated. This would wind up being both the most difficult and necessary part of the ordeal.
        We agreed on two points prior to the meeting; the sitters needed to go, and Dr. Lilly should no longer be my attending physician.
       When the time came for the meeting, I strolled right out the door with Michelle and Aysa. It did not seem like a big deal I still had a sitter. Ticia was my sitter, and it apparently did not strike her as odd, because she stayed put at my doorway. We stopped by Brock’s office to find out where the meeting would take place. It was the first time in over three weeks she had been anywhere near my vicinity. She did not acknowledge my existence. I was still under the impression corporate/management would hide their contempt.
       We were all to meet in a conference room near the back of the building. Michelle, Aysa, and I were in the room, but not settled in, when corporate arrived. It was the CEO Lofe, Sonya, and Chrystal. Just a note before continuing: The CEO's name was Dennis Lofe. His last name is pronounced Low-FEE. I am going to forgo my usual practice of referring to people by their first name in his case. I will do this because of the absolute obsession with the amount of money being spent on my nursing care and how it was excessive. Who could resist calling him Low Fee under the circumstances? Both Sonya and Chrystal gave me the cold shoulder, but Lofe stopped to greet me and shake my hand.
       “You must be Mr. Jeffords," he said. Take note we had never met before. While he clearly knew who I was by process of elimination, under any other circumstances, he would not have recognized me from Adam. This fact also means he had never seen my Facebook photo, a point which will become oddly relevant in short order.
       The first thing I noticed when we all sat down is Michelle and Aysa were handed folders full of documents. I was not. This was my first clue corporate had not intended me to be a part of the meeting. The second thing to be made clear was corporate intended to dominate the meeting. Michelle tried to speak, but Lofe cut her off with the announcement he wanted to read a statement. I have is a hard copy of this statement. (Aysa gave me her folder after the meeting) Since I cannot cut and paste it like the emails I have post, I have to type it out the old fashion way. I suffer in order to broadcast the truth, folks.
       “Upon efforts of the facility, resident remains unsatisfied with the services of the facility as provided within the facility's reasonable and customary provision of nursing home service. We have attempted in every way to meet the needs of Mr. Jeffords in our skilled nursing facility. However, it is apparent Mr. Jeffords remains dissatisfied. As Mr. Jeffords has requested placement in an alternative facility, which has gotten the concurring opinion and approved by his psychologist and attending physician, we concur and shall seek an alternative facility for Mr. Jeffords.
       The health and well-being of the residents and staff living working in the facility are being jeopardized by Mr. Jeffords. Mr. Jeffords has threatened to bring in state and federal authorities if his demands are not met, and will not stop until 'the doors are locked and chained.' there 87 other residents dependent on the facility for their care. There are 120 employes who depend on the facility for their livelihood.
       Mr. Jeffords has falsely accused three staff members of verbal abuse. We do not take accusations of abuse lightly, nor does the state. Employee morale suffered as a result of suspensions while the claims were investigated. Countless hours of investigating these accusations were wasted.
       Mr. Jeffords posted a photo of a caricature of Garfield holding a gun with the caption 'this is me today.' Mr. Jeffords posted Humpty Dumpty (Brock ________) 'All the king’s horses...when the horses got there they should have shot Humpty Dumpty.'
       Mr. Jeffords connects his hated sister who abandoned him to the facility administrator. Mr. Jeffords badgers staff through email posting. Mr. Jeffords shows aggressive behavior by “getting in the face' of staff.
       We admitted Mr. Jeffords to the facility approximately one year ago. We have nourished him to good health from a point of being abandoned by his sister. We have provided him many amenities well beyond that of any other resident in our system. We fully agree with his healthcare professionals Mr. Jeffords would be better served in an alternative facility.
       Based on his desire to be transferred, his continued dissatisfaction at Oakhaven Nursing Center, and his being a threat to the welfare of others, we shall be issuing a thirty day notice f discharge for Mr. Jeffords. During those thirty days, we request the office of the ombudsman to place Mr. Jeffords in an alternative facility.”
       I will debunk the heck out this statement in the post right after this one with copious amounts it is nothing but hearsay, speculation, an outright lies. Sit tight for that. For now, appreciate how difficult it was to sit stoically while the statement was red in front of me. I failed at one pint by quietly laughing at the Humpty Dumpty assertion, to which Lofe stopped reading the statement briefly to say, "See? He's laughing.” It was a blunder on my part, but I definitely kept it calm much better than Lofe and company deserved.
       When Lofe was done reading the statement, Michelle requested to consult with me privately. Lofe, Sonya, and Chrystal silently filed out.
“Well, that was quite an ambush,” Aysa remarked a few seconds after the door closed behind Chrystal.
       “Have you ever seen anything like that happen before?' I asked.
       “Rarely, but it happens,” Aysa answered.
    Michelle thumbed through the documents in the folder looking for the statement. 'What was that about projecting hatred for you sister onto Brock?”
“So I did hear that right,” I quipped sardonically.
       Aysa slid her folder towards the head of the table where I was sitting. “Here. I don't know why they didn't give you one.”
       “Well, Jamie,” Michelle glumly began. 'This would be an improper discharge. I can probably argue for you to stay, but I think if you do, they're going to make your life miserable.”
       “I've noticed that,' I said.
      “I've successfully argued residents to stay in before, bu keep in mind...they are only required to hold your bed for ten days. If you have to be hospitalized for longer than that, they don't have to take you back. The hospital will place you wherever they can regardless of your wishes. I had that happen to a resident not too long ago after keeping him from discharge. Personally, I would like to see you go to an assisted living facility. They will respect you there. You are an extremely intelligent person. Way smarter than any of these people are. I'd like for you to participate in resident council. You're a great advocate.”
       Michelle was definitely pouring it on thick to appeal to my ego, but she was also correct about corporate/Oakhaven. If I stayed, they were going to make my life miserable. Even with the law on my sides, their lies had proven effective. Michelle was also right I should make the leap o assisted living. I was wary or removing my feeding tube—I was only 68lbs when it was put in—the thought of adjusting to life in another nursing home was too dreadful to consider. So we hammered out a specific acceptance of the discharge. I would accept the discharge on the conditions I denied all the allegations made against me and I would go only to the assisted living facility of my choosing—pursuant to acceptance in said facility, of course.
       When Lofe, Sonya, and Chrystal returned Brock was in tow. God bless Michelle. She made sure they knew their actions were grossly improper by telling them right off the bat by ripping their arguments to shreds. Oakhaven was a skilled nursing facility. Their purpose was to provide me with nighty tube feedings. I was satisfied with those, therefore I could not be discharged on the basis of alleged dissatisfaction. My Facebook posts were misinterpreted postings unrelated to anything, and my contact with staff through email was my right. If I were to be discharged under these circumstances, they would be heavily fined. Nevertheless, I agreed to accept the discharge based on the conditions I named above.
       Lofe agreed, but quickly became hostile when Michelle informed him the ombudsman did not place residents in new facilities. Corporate/Oakhaven was going to be stuck with that. He was also not fond of the warning any diminishing of services could result in a fine, probably because I had proven well versed in the law regarding nursing home responsibilities toward residents. Lofe also snapped at her twice. The first time was when she insisted Dr. Lilly no longer serve as my attending physician.
       “We've already switched his physician once,” Lofe said. 'There is only one more left.”
       “So what? He isn't going to be here long,” Michelle came back. She was growing more offended by Lofe's attitude.
       The second time around was after it had been agreed I would have three full days to think things over before signing the discharge agreement. Michelle insisted the sitters be removed immediately, but Lofe insisted corporate/Oakhaven wanted three days to decide whether to keep the sitters on me for the duration. There was no question such would be undue influence on my decision. It was requested I leave for further negotiations to take place. I agreed.
       Sonya walked me out. Although she never said a word, she smiled her phony grin at me. It was not a 'We finally beat you” smile, but the 'We only want you to be happy and we did not do a darn thing we need to be fined or sued over' smile she hoped I was stupid enough to believe was genuine. I did not, and that would soon become clear to her. But for now….what a day...and I had not even eaten lunch yet!

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