Saturday, October 31, 2015

A True Scary Personal Story for Halloween (Written Version)

       I developed kidney stones when I was four years old. This was back long before laser surgery, so removing them had to be done the old fashion way. Because of my young age and assorted health issues, no surgeon wanted to cut me open to remove them, so I wound up monitoring them through regular check ups. Various procedures were performed during these check ups with varying degrees of intrusion. The most intrusive up until I had the laser surgery a decade later was a horrifying experience well beyond the procedure itself.
       Doctors were going to insert a tube which would travel through my urinary track up into my kidney and send images to a monitor for the doctors to view. I will leave it up to your imagination the tube's entry point. I was about six at the time, so putting me to sleep with a general anesthetic for the whole deal was the only reasonable option. They could not have a terrified child thrashing about in fear and discomfort during such a delicate procedure.
       I spent the night in the hospital because because I was due up for the operating room first thing in the morning. A nurse came in very early to give me a short in the quad. It was a mild sedative to keep me from panicking. It gave me a light, pleasant buzz, but a small child's imaginaginings of the torments about to be inflicted by strangers in masks cannot quite be tamed by medication.
The hospital had a practice of an orderly pulling children to the operating room in a little red wagon to make the scary trip seem like fun. I remember the orderly asking me if I liked racecars, then making engine noises. I was not amused.
When we got into the operating room, the orderly cradled me in order to lift me up onto the operating table. I stared up at the four bright lights while a nurse put one of those surgical caps they all war on me. She smiled, then walked out of view. Suddenly, the anesthesiologist came out of nowhere from the head of the table and put the ether mask over my face. It was such a surprise, I panicked. I began breathing so heavily my chest hurt. Breathing that hard caused the mask to cling to my face. It scared me into thinking I was suffocating, so I tried to get up. I was having none of this.
       The staff was not having any of my antics, either. I felt two hands on me. One was on my left shoulder. A man came into view. It was his hand. The nurse who had put the surgical cap on my a moment before put her hand on my right arm, and began stroking my head to calm me down. The two were trying to soothe me, but I fell into a terrified panic.
        They had no eyes.
      Their eyes were just empty sockets, with blackness floating deep into their skulls. With the surgical masks covering their faces, it was an horrific sight. What atrocities were these monsters going to do to me while I was unconscious? I tried to fight off sleep, but I could not. I 'floated' for a few seconds, then nothing but black.
       When I awakened, everything was back to normal. I stayed in the hospital another couple hours, and was released. My parents even got permission to take me to my favorite fast food place instead of the normal requirement of eating a meal safely before being discharged. The doctors in charge said everything went perfect, so why not/ I had been a good boy. I deserved the reward.

       I never mentioned to anyone what I had seen just before falling asleep, but it still traumatizes me now. I have had various procedures and operations in the years since, and I have insisted on IV medication to put me under. I have never suffered the experience again, so I guess I have associated it with e with the mask and ether. If I had surgery tomorrow, I would still insist on IV anesthetic. I will never run the risk of seeng those faces again.   

A True Scary Personal Story for Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 10, 2015


       I hope you can appreciate the mixed emotions I was struggling with during the events described in the previews post. I felt vindicated my poor treatment was not an isolated case as corporate/Oakhaven were attempting to prove. Abuse, neglect, and poor work ethic by irresponsible management and employees alike abound. Brock was attempting to keep a wrap on things as much as possible. She frequently held staff meetings to grill—and often berate—them over different kinds of abuse. Staff resented the heck out of her attitude. One the one hand, she was being a huge hypocrite considering how often they had been presented with the choice of lie or take the fall for her bad decisions. On the other, her express purpose for drilling the rules of abuse prevention was to ensure Oakhaven kept its already bad star rating of two rather than improve the living standards of residents.
       But at the same time, my weight began dropping as soon as the nightly tube feeding stopped. I dropped five pounds in a week. I had suspected from the beginning stopping the feeding was a bad idea. I had also insisted on not being placed in another nursing home. There was no way I possessed the strength to acclimate to another skilled nursing facility. It took me a brush with death to finally dredge up the fortitude to handle Oakhaven. For all I knew, the next facility I would be dumped in could be even worse. Same hell, different devils, as I once speculated. I was rapidly facing a major dilemma.
       It did not help much I was being encouraged to fight the discharge. People's hearts were generally in the right place, although there was a sizable element who liked the idea I defeated Brock every time she mistreated me. No one else, resident or staff, had the capacity or success rate in the past. The sentiment placed me in an awkward position. Yes, I was coming out on top, but look at the consequences of what might have happened if I had lost one? Who know how bad Caligula might have injure me? Or how much 48 mg of Lexapro would have dulled my mind? Or what up to three stints in a mental institution would have done? If Brock had gotten her way just once, I could have suffered permanent damage. Who is to say I would always get the best of her in the future? Prolonged war is tiresome even for the winning side.
       There was an idealistic sense among much of the staff I could get Brock fired. I was too cynical to buy into the idea. Considering everything she had gotten away with in the past, I did not see any realistic chance corporate would can her. I also walked a fine line. I was being accused of the crazy notion I was projecting my alleged hatred for my sister onto Brock enough to supposedly make public death threats. I did not need a general feel I had it out for Brock floating about. She was eaten up with enough paranoia already to compel her to spy on my social media, interrogate people with whom I conversed, and physically avoid my general vicinity. The only predictable aspect of her interpretation of anything she learned about me was she believe it in the most negative light possible.
       I was facing some tough decision. The best thing to do was find an assisted living facility I liked, yank the feeding tube, and get out the clutches of Wilson Senior Care and Oakhaven. Under such circumstances, I would then have to decide whether to sue. The law was my best weapon against corporate/Oakhaven from the beginning. I certainly felt I was owed something for my pain and suffering. Money was the only language they spoke. But my weight was also dropping. If it became impossible to pull the feeding tube, should I risk moving to what may be an even worse facility or continue in these trenches and hope for the best? Should the worst case scenario come to pass, I would reluctantly choose the latter.
       Interestingly enough, when Dr. Lilly came fr his monthly visit, I explained my concerns about my weight loss. He was careful to straddle the line between corporate/Oakhaven's wishes and my continued good health. When I told him if the tube stayed in, I was not budging from Oakhaven, he agreed to follow my wishes. He reiterated he never considered advising the feeding tube's removal at the expense of maintaining a healthy weight. This may be why Dr. Lilly was never again part of any aspect of the feeding tube's fate. From then on, Oakhaven had me deal exclusively with Dr. cooler, the surgeon who inserted the feeding tube in the first place. No one ever said anything about Dr. Lilly's noticeable absence, but considering the way I would soon be bullied into removing the feeding tube, it appeared a concerted effort was made to ensure my departure from Oakhaven.

Friday, October 9, 2015

The Sound of the Wheels Coming Off the Bus

       Chrystal's definition of “I'll be in touch soon” was a week and a half of no communication. It was an awkward week and a half, I might add. Everyone from Oakhaven management kept their distance. Some, particularly Brock, went to comical links to do so. There were instances in which she turned around and took a longer route through another hallway towards the West Wing when she saw me coming up the hallway she was initially waling down. I used to see her pass by my room multiple times a day. She never cam near it after I signed the discharge agreement. It was a deliberate move, but I never found out if it was her choice or if she was told by corporate to steer clear. Neither would surprise me.
       Brock may have gone to extreme lengths to avoid me, but everyone else who dealt with me opted for reinforcements. Victoria and Kisha were joined at the hip in every deliberate encounter with me. Paulette was similarly attached with Edna. Victoria denied anyone from management who dealt with me was required to have a witness, but Paulette told me otherwise. Evidence leaned heavily towards not only should no one be alone with me while conducting business, but as few people as possible should be handling matters period. Corporate and Oakhaven suffered with not everyone being on the same page in the past when presenting me the official line, and my pointing out the contradictions was costly for them. They needed to minimize any further damage. Of course, there was no point in streamlining the narrative when they were simply going to make it up anyway, but we will get to that later. Several times later.
       My situation was not the only disaster plaguing Oakhave far from it. Lest you believe Oakhaven's unethical dealings with me were isolated, there was a pervasive feeling the place was a sinking ship. You may recall corporate transferred Nichole T from Director of Nursing at Oakhaven to the identical position at Medford Nursing Center. The transfer was not a promotion. The express purpose was to spit up Brock and Nicole T for the various mismanagement issues. As CEO Lofe described it once, Wilson Senior Care lies to rearrange employees the same way ornaments are placed strategically on a tree to make it prettier. The reality is this is a way to avoid firing management personnel, thereby not attracting regulatory attention. As you can tell in my case, corporate never welcomed any agency examining their operations. It made them look guilty as sin, but that is the way they conducted business. All that to say Nicole T's departure appeared to make matters worse.
       I hope I do not need to mention Courtney's unfortunate departure, or the LPN whom I mentioned was fired under dubious circumstances the same night she slipped me DHEC's emergency number while I was under sitters. But these were not all. Three other incidents required DHEC investigation. The most serious involved a CNA flicking a resident in the face and calling him a retard. The police came to take a statement on a second incident. I am unclear of the third incident's details because it was investigated on day one of a two day inspection. The second day was devoted to my case, so I was a bit distracted. One of the night shift RN was accused of stealing painkillers from residents, and opted to quit rather than submit to a drug test. Had she tested positive, she would have lost her license. Make of her decision what you will. All during this time, CNA were jumping ship for “persona'”reasons. The reality was the increasingly toxic environment made it impossible to work at Oakhaven
    Sometime in all this mess, Paulette resigned. Exactly when or why is unknown. But her status had clearly changed since my situation flared up. She held an open animosity for me, so I assumed I was the main reason for her resignation. It was absolutely not fair. Even if her loss of status was completely related to me, I merely held her accountable for her instances of professional negligence which caused me harm. In a broader sense, the social worker is an obvious choice to take the fall for upper management's failure to prevent the aforementioned resident abuse. Whether Paulette chose to go on her own volition or was avoiding a Christmas ornament rearrangement is unknown. But what is known is no one appeared bothered by her departure.
       There were several weeks between Paulette's resignation and her beginning a new job elsewhere. During those weeks, we had virtually no official contact. The couple times I did need to speak to her were initiated by me and usually delayed until Edna was available to witness. There were two glaring exceptions. The first occurred during the week I was waring for Chrystal. I wanted Paulette to read the case against me Lofe had red out at the meeting the previous week.
       “They gave you one?” she asked in genuine surprise. She knew they would never have wanted me to see the false accusations. They could not afford me debunking them for DHEC, which I did anyway.
       “No. Aysa gave me hers,” I answered. “There is no way they wanted me to have this. Lofe whined to Michelle about me being there as soon as I was out of earshot. Do you want to read it?”
       “If you want me to,” she said.
      I knew she would not say no, but could not appear eager. Her fondness for drama made the temptation irresistible. She took the paper from me and laid it on her desk. As she slowly read it, she winced several times and apologized at least as many. The apologies were not meant to accept responsibility for anything, but an acknowledgment I was the latest person to whom corporate/Oakhaven had done this. She had seen it all before. Fair or not, her reaction reminded me how much of the mess could have been avoided if she had served as a proper advocate rather than bending too much to Brock's will. So I became a bit passive aggressive. Note I was unaware of her resignation at this point.
       “You know they are setting you up to take the fall for all this? They are blaming you for contacting the ombudsman. They are upset you gave me the email addresses. They are upset you gave me the employee handbook. I don't think it's all fair,' I told her. “Do you have anything you want to say to me about it?”
       “I choose to remain silent.”  
     Remain silent is what she did. Paulette began to read something while completely ignoring me. I remained sitting there for a few seconds. Just long enough to make things uncomfortable. I could probably have subsequently pushed her behavior as inappropriate, but I was being a jerk in my last statement, and there was no good reason to exasperate matters any further. I just got up and left without another word.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Moments of Transition

       I was supposed to get 72 hours in order to “decide” whether to accept the discharge. Even though the decision had already been made, I took the extended time because I could. By extended time, I mean 48 hours, because that is when Chrystal and Victoria showed up with the thirty day discharge agreement for me to sign. Maybe they came after two days instead of three because it was a Friday. Or maybe Michelle comprised with Lofe on 48 hours instead after I left Wednesday's meeting and it got lost in all the weirdness. Whichever the case, it was not anything worth raising a fuss over.
       I cannot say I was happy to see Chrystal against. According to Marlie, she had been the one to label my Facebook posts as threatening. In all fairness, Marlie also said Sonya chewed her out for copying Chrystal's description of threatening behavior and suicidal idealizations into my healthcare plan because it was not incriminating enough to suit her. I was not a fan of Chrystal's attitude when she fumbled the explanation as to why I was being placed under sitters then lend relationships I had established. The feeling seemed mutual. She acted as though she smelling manure at the meeting.
       Chrystal explained she was going to be handling my transition out Oakhaven instead of Paulette. There was t least one bright spot in this mess, then. She gave me her business card. Her email address was prominent. She told me email was the best way to communicate with her. I deiced to test the waters on the matter. My emails had been described rather negatively as of late.
   “Is my emailing you going to be considered 'aggressive' and 'badgering?'' I asked.
       “It depends on the content,” she tersely snapped.
       All righty, then. Her tone left no doubt she was not going to suffer any of my unhinged lunacy. At least I knew where I stood. Too many other corporate/Oakhaven were nothing but phony. In a twisted way, I suppose Chrystal was refreshing. For now, at any rate.
       I asked to rad the agreement before I signed it. It was all pretty standard. It said we mutually agreed the relationship between corporate/Oakhaven and me was irreconcilable, and all parties agreed I should be discharged. Nevertheless, I requested the agreement be faxed to Michelle for her examination. In short order, she assured me everything was as we all had agreed with no unpleasant surprises hidden. I asked both Chrystal and Victoria point blank if corporate or Oakhaven had any notions my signature constituted an acceptance of responsibility on my part. They both assured me my signature meant nothing other than a gentle boot on my rear end when I had another place to live, provided this new place materialized within the next thirty days. So I signed the acceptance.
       Chrystal picked it up, and told me, “I'll be in touch soon.”
       She and Victoria let without further fanfare. I began to think about the rotten aspects of the whole matter. Oakhaven was a hostile enough environment with corporate/Oakhaven pushing down on me in the first place. Now everything depended on Chrystal, who was clearly not thrilled at the prospect of putting up with me. Not to mention I had only a mere thirty days to uproot my life. Well, the feeling was mutual. It occurred to me...if I could now leave at any time, why could I not return to McLeod Darlington? It was a transition hospital that sent patients to other long term facilities all the time. It sounded like a great idea. I—relatively speaking—enjoyed my time there during summer 2013. It was the Hilton compared to Oakhaven. I emailed Michelle to run it by her while expressing my concerns about remaining at Oakhaven under the circumstances.
       Two jittery communications within an hour must have merited a personal meeting to soothe my nerves. Michelle told me t sit tight. She was going to send Aysa to answer my questions. Aysa arrived with due haste. Se explained to me McLeod Darlington was a transition hospital, but that somehow would make my transition a more complicated process. I figured going there would remove the thirty day deadline, but Aysa assured me the deadline was not craved in stone. As long as everyone was being paid, I could not be kicked out just because the thirty days were up. Keep that information in mind. It will be important later. I expressed concerns about the animosity I was experiencing, including Chrystal being added to the mix. Aysa assured me they were all under too much scrutiny to not be nice to not follow the rules.
       I agreed to cooperate with the way thing were going. I liked Aysa, but her assurance corporate/Oakhaven would follow the rules the remainder of my time there rang hollow. These are the people who allowed a schizophrenic to run wild attacking helpless residents and still angry say I cost them a lot of money for reporting them over it. Rules and niceties were never a priority for anyone associated with Wilson Senior Care/Oakhaven. They went to incredible lengths to confirm their reputation over the next few weeks.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Debunking Wilson Senior Care and Oakhaven's Argument Against Me

       Speaking of exposing these people for what they truly are, I am now going to expose these people for what they truly are. Up until now, I have left both the written response from Sonya and the statement from Lofe unanswered so as to allow corporate/Oakhaven's argument against me sink in untainted. But is my turn to expose the argument for the crock it is.
       One additional note here is a written statement by Victoria with which I am going to begin. I have not published it in a blog post for three reasons. One, all I have is a hard copy, and I do not feel like typing it all out. Two, it is boring, so you will not want to read it, and three, Sonya drafted the first portion of her letter from it. There is no reason to dig into the issue twice. The main reason I am including it is because Victoria completely fabricated a conversation between us within it. I cannot let that slide unchallenged.
Victoria's Written Statement
       I The only issue I have with Victoria’s written statement is a fictional conversation we allegedly had in Paulette's office after the latter has presented the chaperone requirement for Courtney’s visitation. According to Victoria, I went on an unhinged tirade claiming not allowing Courtney to visit was direct retaliation to me. This is completely false. Victoria was only in Paulette’s office for a few moments before Brock entered and stunned us all into silence with her attitude. The only words exchanged between Victoria and me regarded my request for the ombudsman to judge whether the compromise violated my rights as I believed. (Michelle ultimately ruled it did.) After Brock copped her attitude with me, Victoria remained silence for a few long seconds before slinking out herself.
       Victoria also claims that neither she, nor Brock, knew Courtney and I were friends. I am not sure why she felt she could claim Brock was unaware of my friendship with Courtney, but it is untrue. I requested to attend weekly church services with Courtney during late summer 2014 and was told I cannot leave the facility with an off duty staff. I do feel the need to mention here several staff—including Courtney—informed me other residents have left with staff in the past. Whether there was a rule change in the interim is unknown to me and now irrelevant. Brock was also a frequent “secret” visitor t my Facebook page to monitor my activities, particularly any I had with staff. I will concede Victoria may have not known I was friends with Courtney at the time. If she had only spoken for herself.
       Victoria also wrote “I never seen” and spelled ma'am as “mam.” I suppose her grammar and spelling errors are not a huge deal, but it is my response, so I am going to put them out.
Sonya's Response to My Initial Complaint
       I love how Sonya starts off with the sorry-not-sorry apology “we apologize that you feel your rights have been violated…” I understand corporate/Oakhaven has to avoid liability in sch matters, but those apologies always sound like the person is sorry you are too stupid to understand nothing improper was actually done. To be fair, asking Courtney to leave was an honest mistake, and one I never intended to hold them accountable for it. My issue was the chaperone requirement. So I have no beef with Sonya's recounting of the interaction between Victoria and Courtney.
       My beef begins when Brock enters the picture. According to the response, Brock explained to me the handbook rule a discharged employees must ask permission in order to visit a resident and the visit must be chaperoned. This is false. Brock actually told me Courtney was fired, banned from the facility, and if I wanted to see her, I would have to leave the facility. Whether Brock lied to Sonya about our conversation, or the two were colluding to get their stories straight, I cannot say. Given past dishonesty from both, it is impossible to know.
       One major piece of evidence pointing towards collusion is both Sonya and Brock claim the chaperoned visits is a compromise especially for me when it is the actual handbook rule rather than the misrepresentation Brock told me. Even though I cited the handbook in my initial complaint, thereby proving I had read the thing, that fact somehow slipped by Sonya. She was irritated to discover someone had given me a handbook to use later. Paulette was the one. Given her history of dishonesty, she may have denied it. When Sonya expressed anger to Oakhaven staff I was emailing her, Paulette denied giving her address to me even though I still have the lit of emails in her handwriting. I offered to show Sonya the list at one pint. She declined.
       Before delving into my claims, Sonya's devotes a log paragraph to my emotional breakdown after being abandoned to a nursing home by my sister, Denise. She does this to cast doubt on my credibility. Throughout the rest of the response, she also lays it on thick how I am emotionally unstable and prone to angry outbursts. The reality is I declined to commit suicide. I even confessed what I had been considering even though no one would have been the wiser if I kept it to myself. I tolerated sitters. I agreed to take antidepressants. I cooperated with counseling. For my honesty and cooperation, I was treated like crap.
Kendra misrepresents both the content and location of our conversation. She made her 'We're not here to baby you' comment in my room, not at the nurses' desk. I approached her at the nurses' desk after meeting with Paulette. According to Paulette, Kendra stated I had “thrown a tantrum.' I asked Kendra at the desk why she had said such a thing. I was not aggressive in doing so, either. I have experience in law and politics. I know how to address touchy issues in a calm, careful manner. What is not stated in the response, but Kendra told Sonya was Paulette had told me the tantrum accusation, but it was not true. Why Sonya's response does not reflect this is unclear, but it is one of the reasons Paulette was suspended and ultimately resigned. The omission by Sonya further strengthens the collusion argument. It is also worth mentioning Kendra acknowledges the two of us were subsequently cordial. Yes, because I am a much nicer person than these people make me out to be.
       The next part involves Robyn and Aleesha, the activities crew, alleging how the laptop disappeared from my room. This, too, is complete fabrication. I was not eating lunch when they visited. I was exercising on the arm bike with Lucy. Robyn and Aleesha were there to ask if I wanted to join an outing to the circus in a couple weeks, not to ask if I needed any 'materials.' The laptop was already gone from my room. This was the first time I noted its disappearance. Alesha told me it was at the nurses' desk. I wondered why it was there and asked it to be brought back. It was not.
       Depending on who answered and when, the story varies on what happened next. Paulette initially said Robyn took it, then later denied that and said she did not know. At one point, she said she investigated and no one would admit to taking it. Brock at first agreed it was Robyn, then changed her story to it being a mystery person, although she copped an attitude in July over my alleged refusal to accept it. Evidence point towards Robyn taking it away and falsely claiming I refused to accept it. Why? Robyn and Aleesha are good friends with Kendra and the laptop would have to have been removed while I was not in the room. The disappearance could only have taken place while I was in Paulette's office immediately after m allegedly tantrum at Kendra. So...revenge for Kendra? Maybe.
       The proof I can present is from Robyn herself. If I may spoil an as yet to be published post, I asked Robyn why she falsely claimed I told her and Aleesha 'y'all take that thing and go” when I had her as a captive audience. She turned beet red and told me “We're not going to talk about that.” she and Aleesha had not anticipated I would find out what they had told Sonya about the laptop's disappearance. It caught her off guard I exposed their lie. We never spoke outside of her official capacity as Paulette's fill in after her resignation. Aleesha never spoke to me again period. She is the only Oakhaven person to unfriend me from Facebook. So, it is pretty clear thy lied, but no one wants to clarify the truth.
       The next section refers to who made the decision to have me involuntarily committed to a mental institution. Initially, Paulette claimed it was Brock's decision, then changed her story to Dr. Hiatt. Dr. Hiatt denied suggesting I should be institutionalized and said it was Brock’s idea. Brock admitted in July it was her decision. Sonya's response claims it was Dr. Hiatt again. I had him read a hard copy of Sonya's response. He claimed it was a false accusation against him. I authorized him with written permission to discuss the matter with the ombudsman and/or DHEC as they chose to contact him. When I pointed this out to Paulette, she became visibly upset. I took this as confirmation she had falsely blamed Dr. Hiatt. Considering Brock had no problem admitting to me the involuntary commitment was her idea, the rationale for perpetuating the lie is beyond me. Maybe because she failed to get it done? I do not know.
The next section claims Paulette staged an intervention to clear up any resentments I may have had with management over Caligula. In fact, she told me the meeting was her idea, no one else knew about it, and then proceeded to blame the Caligula incident entirely on Brock and Nicole T. I am not certain it is Paulette or Sonya misrepresenting the meeting as being a group apology via Paulette. Brock had on multiple occasions to multiple people including myself refused to apologize or even admit a mistake.
       In the same section, Sonya claims I was asked to continue monthly sessions with Dr. Hiatt as though I was being begged to continue for my own sake. I was going twice monthly at the time and wanted to continue at that pace. Dr. Hhiatt agreed that was the most beneficial pace. Brock cut it down to once a month against the recommendations of Dr. Hiatt, Paulette, and me until mid-summer when a week of bullying by management and staff lead to a meltdown. I was then bumped back up to twice monthly. I developed an ulcer in the process.
Repairs on my room were done in March after I pointed out to DHEC its dilapidated condition had been ignored for the two months I had occupied it , not in July as Sonya claims. Why Sonya would want to claim they dragged their feet an extra four months on making repairs is beyond me, but there you go. Offering as much benefit as possible, she may have bee given bad information by Brock, Paulette, etc. Nevertheless, it is a falsehood presented as truth, so I point it out. Sonya's response claims I because overly aggressive and defensive at the July meeting, but does not say I explained Brock’s attitude and personal attacks were justifiable cause, and both Paulette and Nicole T. acknowledged such afterward.
The next section claims the nurse call button and orthopedic knife were removed for my protection. This is incorrect on both counts. There simply as no nurse call button in the room to which I was forcibly moved. There was one in the room in which I had previously been even during the time in which I had a sitter. As for the knife, the kitchen lost and never bothered to replace it in spite of the knife being personal property I brought with me to Oakhaven.
       Finally, Paulette claims she did not lose her temper in a meeting when I pointed out Dr. Hiatt disputed her revised claimed he wanted me involuntarily committed to a mental institution and confirmed her original assertion it was Brock's idea. She did lose her temper, was suspended by Sonya for it, and subsequently resigned.
Lofe's Statement
       Here is where it gets really strange. Lofe presents the case against me in two main points: I am an excessive drain on resources and am a danger to the well-being of other residents. The main expenditure on me is Wi Fi. While the Wi Fi was install with me in mind, it is free to use for all residents and visitors. At least four residents maintained a social media presence during my time at Oakhaven, although they did not receive the same hostile scrutiny I endured, and the Wi Fi still remains nearly a year after I departed. So my no longer being a resident has not ended the alleged largest drain on resources Wilson Senior Care suffers within its system. Sonya has gone so far as to list non-existent movies, CD, and books on tape I have supposedly been given. None had been given to me, and the matter was dropped quickly, presumably because of its petty nature rather than it not being true in the first place.
       My supposed threat to the well-being of residents is two-fold. The first is the increased scrutiny upon which I am allegedly placing on Oakhaven. The obvious question is if the facility has nothing t hide, what is it worried about? Allegedly, I threatened to bring in state an federal authorities until the doors were locked and chained. I never made this statement. But, hey...if they believe a state or federal inspection will lead to Oakhaven's closure, then then one has to wonder if the facility is hiding something that needs to be found.
       Lofe alleges I falsely accused Brock, Paulette, and Kendra. I have already addressed tho matter, but I would like to point out the claim “countless hours of investigation were wasted.” I emailed my complaint to Sonya at noon on Monday. The investigation took place entirely on Tuesday. Assuming generously it took the entire nine to five workday, which it most certainly did not, at most thirteen hours were spent. (12-5 Monday + 9-5 Tuesday.) To consider thirteen hours maximum countless is quite sad.
       Speaking of sad...the Facebook allegations. The big deal was this Garfield drawing not dissimilar from the other 700+ photos I have posted on my Facebook page since 2009, which has been acknowledged by Chrystal though dodged by Sonya:

       The second issue was an alleged death threat to Brock. According to Lofe, I posted a status update saying “Humpty Dumpty (Brock) All the king's horses...when the horses got there, they should have shot Humpty Dumpty. Here is a screen shot of the post in question:

       My twitter is connected to Facebook. All of my status updates are tweets simultaneously published on both pages. As you can see, I was heavily misquoted. Furthermore, the tweet was a joke swiped from this far side comic an has nothing to do with anything relevant to corporate/Oakhaven/Brock.

       Next, Lofe alleges I cannot my hated sister who abandoned me to Brock. I initially assumed this must have been a misinterpretation of one of the four written statements staff members made which are still unknown to me. When I asked Sonya the origin of the accusation, she first denied knowing. But when I introduced the buzzwords “slander” and “defamation” and “actual damages,” she suddenly remembered Brock is the only one making the claim. Since Brock has a long history of spying on my internet activity, it I safe to assume she is the one who came up with the creative theory I hate my sister and am projecting the feeling onto her, and probably the bizarre Humpty Dumpty death threat, too.
       There you have the bulk of my debunking the argument against me. I have not yet finished relaying the story of how I left Oakhaven, so some of these will be fleshed out more as I recount conversations with various people. But I imagine you can see why I chose to accept the discharge in spite of the false accusations. I was dealing with people who were more reckless with residents' ell-being than they were even accusing me of being.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


       It should come as no surprise I walked out of the conference room shocked. Who would not after experiencing a meeting like I had just been through? It did not even occur to me or anyone else I was walking the halls without a sitter as escort. I passed by Paulette as she was leaving her office. She smiled at me.
       “How are you?” she asked.
       I looked at her. “I supposedly hate my sister and am projecting my hatred unto Brock.” I turned and walked away, but not before I noted the puzzled look on her face.
       When I got back to my room, the nursing staff crowded around to find out what happened. I handed the hard copy of Lofe's statement to my sitter, Ticia. Aftr she rad it, it got passed around. Everyone who read it became angry. A couple cried. I had formed some strong bonds with my caregivers after all this time. I talked to everyone and hugged many times for the twenty or so minutes the remainder of the conference took. Michelle and Aysa came back to talk to me. The two were just as befuddled as I was.
       “Lofe asked why you were there. They weren't expecting you to be. I asked him why. We've had residents who were practically comatose at these meetings.”
       “I don't think they wanted me to hear that. Maybe I was supposed to be in a padded room instead.”
       “I asked why Paulette wasn't there since she was so involved,' Michelle said.
       “I think she's the fall guy,” I offered.
       Michelle shifted gears. “Lofe said you had hit yourself in the head the morning you were put one on one.”
       “That's not true,' I said, my brow knitting. “I got a small puncture wound with a comb tooth. Three nurses saw it, including Victoria and Keisha. Besides, I was careless because I was angry about being placed one on one. It was after the fact.”
       “Do you mind if we look?” Michelle asked.
It took a second pr so before I ralized she wanted to examine my scalp. I agreed. Michelle and Aysa stood on either side of me as I sat down. They slowly picked through my hair. First in the general area at which I had been punctured, then branching out after not finding any mark. I had to laugh in the middle of it all.
       “You know, if we were chimpanzees, this would make us extended family,” I joked.
       They both laughed. It was the first chance the three of us had enjoyed a release of tension in well over an hour.
       “At least you haven't lost your sense of humor through all this,” Michelle said.
       “How can you not laugh at all this?” I asked. “It's theater of the absurd.”
       The pair finished rifling through my hair, and came up empty. There was no visible scar. I reiterated it was merely a puncture wound. My blood was thin because of anemia, so even the smallest wounds bleed profusely. Why Lofe claimed I had hit myself with hairbrush was a mystery, but considering the blatant falsehoods in his written statement, an outright le and the incident should not have been a surprise.
       Michelle took down the names f the three nurses who tended to the puncture wound. There was an unspoken acceptance she was just going through the motions. Director of Nursing Victoria and Unit Supervisor Keisha were not likely to contradict the official line. One wondered if they falsified the report in the first place. Keisha confiscated the comb in question. Yeah...this was a lot of cloak and dagger shtick for a nursing home.
       As Michelle and Aysa prepared to leave, she paused. “lofe refused to take the sitters off. I'm going to contact our legal team. Just sit tight. In the meantime, thy cannot force you to keep the door open. Don't do anything that will give them justification. I agreed, and she left with Aysa.
       I opted to leave the door open. As irritated as I was over the lack of privacy, it was probably was probably wisest to show I had nothing to hide. Considering the pictue of me corporate/oakhaven was attempting to paint of an emotionally unstable firebrand, I should not do anything provocative. I quietly wrote up an email to Dr. hiatt explaining what had just happened, then ate lunch as though nothing was out of the ordinary.
       It was about an hour after lunch when Victoria and Keisha came by to tell me the next shift's sitter would be the last. The circumstances were the same as when Victoria told me the previous week corporate was going to do me a favor and allow Courtney's visits without a chaperone instead of the realty Michelle told them they had no choice. In this case, corporate was supposed making a peace offering to remove the sitters when in reality the legal team from the ombudsman's office told them they had no choice. These ding-a-lings never saw fit to tell the truth no matter how blatantly obvious the lie.
       “This should make you feel better,” Victoria said.
       It would have if the chess game was not going to continue to the bitter end. Rather than ending the sitters immediately, corporate insisted on the second shift sitter coming in because she was aleady scheduled. Surprise, surprise—Nicole B arrived to sit, she was cold and wanted to come in the room by the heater. I internally laughed—no closing the door, huh?--and agreed. If corporte wanted a couple more passive aggressive shots at me, why not let them? Oh, if only those were the last jabs!
       The next day was Thursday. I was greeted with a mixed bag of oddities and olive branches. Marlie the healthcare planner was the first. She usually dropped by evey morning with friendly visits to evey resident. But she was the socially awkward type who said plenty of things she should not say. It was good fortune how often her tendencies worked to my advantage.
       “After the meeting yesterday, everyone stopped talking about you,” she said. “i asked Jonathon 'I thought we were all in this together!'”
       “'In this together?' As in ganging up on me?” I asked.
       She laughed, oblivious to the reality she should have kept that little bit to herself. But, as I have said before, her social fumbles were often useful. We continued chatting another few minutes about something frivolous and unrelated. Even my elephant-like memory cannot recall it. She moved quickly onto someone else in a few minutes.
       Next up was Victoria and Keisha. They acted all friendly. I found it odd they would act as they there should not be any tension between the two and me. I found it odder still they had no idea at all what was going to be said to me at te meeting. I let them read the statement. Victoria acted even more strangely after reading. I had assumed her managerial position would have put her more in the know, but se seemed genuinely surprised at how vicious Lofe and company had been. She even thanked me for allowing her to read it. I was still skeptical she was sympathetic, so I let slip I knew Sonya had added aggressive behavior and suicidal “ideations” [sic] to my healthcare plan.
       “Who told you that?” she exclaimed.
       “Don't worry about how I know. Just know I do,” I said.
       So Victoria was still more interested in keeping me in the dark about things which could help my case than helping me out. At least I got quick confirmation. Victoria and keisha left quickly after my declaration, so I assume it struck a nerve in one way or another.
       As it wa my first full day with a sitter in over a week, I strolled around quite a bit. These strolls were the first time I noticed brock was actively avoiding me. It was not unusual to be snubbed her, but now she wos turning around in the hallway if she saw me coming and the like. I never found out if she had been instructed to steer clear by corporate or if it was a personal choice. Either way would be amusing. Corporate had either flexed muscle over her or I fraked her out. Feel free to choose your favorite interpretation.
       While Brock was even more standoffish than usual, Victoria was the exact opposite. Before this whole mess started, we had not spoken ten words between us in nearly a year and a half. Now she was suddenly deeply concerned about me in all respects. I tried to be nice, but the combination of her detrimental actions and my cynicism regarding people in general made it difficult. Whether I pushed her way or pressure from corporate/Oakhaven forced her back into taking a hard line, are interactions soon faded back to normal.
       Lost in all this until mid-morning was the fact Dr. Lilly was still my attending physician. It was never made clear whether my request to have him removed from that job had been ignored or just fell through the cracks during all the excitement. Whichever the case, he came to Oakhaven to sign his portion of the discharge agreement, and then visited me afterward. He was noticeably subdued from Monday night. What a difference sixty hours can make.
       I did not ask if he had read the email I sent off critiquing his previous visit. I would have sent it to him as well if I had known his address. But I assumed he had at the very least been consulted. He seemed to feel it was important to tell me he never had any intention of removing the feeding tube. He only wanted to halt the feeding in order to gauge my weight loss. Fair enough, but my big concern was he had floated possible involuntary commitment to a mental institution as a Sword of Damocles to scare me into cooperating. All that was technically irrelevant now that I had agreed to pull the feeding tube and leave regardless. Technically irrelevant, but not personally.
       “Well,” I began “the meeting yesterday was an ambush. The accusations made against me are hearsay, speculation, and outright lies. They hoarded statements secretly to build a case against me. They tried to convince my therapist to violate confidentiality to concoct a reason to have me forcibly committed, and Sonya settled on bullying the healthcare planner into adding aggressive behavior and suicidal idealizations—excuse me--'ideations,' as Sonya calls them—right before placing me one on one. These people are unethical and dangerous.”
       Dr. Lilly nodded an acknowledgment which did not commit him to agree with anything I had said. No matter. He spoke a few words strongly, but politely indicting he wanted to be anywhere but here right now, and he prepared to leave.
       “You asked me Monday night if I thought all this was worth it,” I said. He paused in expectation of me continuing. “Yes, it is. Exposing these people for what they truly are is totally worth it.”

Monday, October 5, 2015

A Congress of Folly

       It probably was not the best idea to first meet Michelle for the first time an hour before we were to encounter corporate/Oakhaven to discuss important matters, but it could not have been helped because of the holiday season. Nevertheless, we hit it off quickly. She reiterated Aysa's statement from two day prior she was impressed with my thoroughness in detailing the issues and all events surrounding them. She told me for the first time the incidents surrounding Caligula had not been reported to the ombudsman's office, which probably explained the overly aggressive response I had been suffering over the last week. I signed a permission form for everything I had reported to be handed over to the Department of Health and Environmental Control.
    I was not certain what all to expect from the meeting with corporate/Oakhaven, so I was content to let Michelle take point. She endured these meetings all the time. I did request coaching. Michelle was to manage the meeting. I was okay with this. I was free to speak up, but the other side was going to rattle me if at all possible. It was in their best interest to have me appear unstable and easy to anger. I agreed to calmly listen, only to speak up if someone suggests anything which cannot be tolerated. This would wind up being both the most difficult and necessary part of the ordeal.
        We agreed on two points prior to the meeting; the sitters needed to go, and Dr. Lilly should no longer be my attending physician.
       When the time came for the meeting, I strolled right out the door with Michelle and Aysa. It did not seem like a big deal I still had a sitter. Ticia was my sitter, and it apparently did not strike her as odd, because she stayed put at my doorway. We stopped by Brock’s office to find out where the meeting would take place. It was the first time in over three weeks she had been anywhere near my vicinity. She did not acknowledge my existence. I was still under the impression corporate/management would hide their contempt.
       We were all to meet in a conference room near the back of the building. Michelle, Aysa, and I were in the room, but not settled in, when corporate arrived. It was the CEO Lofe, Sonya, and Chrystal. Just a note before continuing: The CEO's name was Dennis Lofe. His last name is pronounced Low-FEE. I am going to forgo my usual practice of referring to people by their first name in his case. I will do this because of the absolute obsession with the amount of money being spent on my nursing care and how it was excessive. Who could resist calling him Low Fee under the circumstances? Both Sonya and Chrystal gave me the cold shoulder, but Lofe stopped to greet me and shake my hand.
       “You must be Mr. Jeffords," he said. Take note we had never met before. While he clearly knew who I was by process of elimination, under any other circumstances, he would not have recognized me from Adam. This fact also means he had never seen my Facebook photo, a point which will become oddly relevant in short order.
       The first thing I noticed when we all sat down is Michelle and Aysa were handed folders full of documents. I was not. This was my first clue corporate had not intended me to be a part of the meeting. The second thing to be made clear was corporate intended to dominate the meeting. Michelle tried to speak, but Lofe cut her off with the announcement he wanted to read a statement. I have is a hard copy of this statement. (Aysa gave me her folder after the meeting) Since I cannot cut and paste it like the emails I have post, I have to type it out the old fashion way. I suffer in order to broadcast the truth, folks.
       “Upon efforts of the facility, resident remains unsatisfied with the services of the facility as provided within the facility's reasonable and customary provision of nursing home service. We have attempted in every way to meet the needs of Mr. Jeffords in our skilled nursing facility. However, it is apparent Mr. Jeffords remains dissatisfied. As Mr. Jeffords has requested placement in an alternative facility, which has gotten the concurring opinion and approved by his psychologist and attending physician, we concur and shall seek an alternative facility for Mr. Jeffords.
       The health and well-being of the residents and staff living working in the facility are being jeopardized by Mr. Jeffords. Mr. Jeffords has threatened to bring in state and federal authorities if his demands are not met, and will not stop until 'the doors are locked and chained.' there 87 other residents dependent on the facility for their care. There are 120 employes who depend on the facility for their livelihood.
       Mr. Jeffords has falsely accused three staff members of verbal abuse. We do not take accusations of abuse lightly, nor does the state. Employee morale suffered as a result of suspensions while the claims were investigated. Countless hours of investigating these accusations were wasted.
       Mr. Jeffords posted a photo of a caricature of Garfield holding a gun with the caption 'this is me today.' Mr. Jeffords posted Humpty Dumpty (Brock ________) 'All the king’s horses...when the horses got there they should have shot Humpty Dumpty.'
       Mr. Jeffords connects his hated sister who abandoned him to the facility administrator. Mr. Jeffords badgers staff through email posting. Mr. Jeffords shows aggressive behavior by “getting in the face' of staff.
       We admitted Mr. Jeffords to the facility approximately one year ago. We have nourished him to good health from a point of being abandoned by his sister. We have provided him many amenities well beyond that of any other resident in our system. We fully agree with his healthcare professionals Mr. Jeffords would be better served in an alternative facility.
       Based on his desire to be transferred, his continued dissatisfaction at Oakhaven Nursing Center, and his being a threat to the welfare of others, we shall be issuing a thirty day notice f discharge for Mr. Jeffords. During those thirty days, we request the office of the ombudsman to place Mr. Jeffords in an alternative facility.”
       I will debunk the heck out this statement in the post right after this one with copious amounts it is nothing but hearsay, speculation, an outright lies. Sit tight for that. For now, appreciate how difficult it was to sit stoically while the statement was red in front of me. I failed at one pint by quietly laughing at the Humpty Dumpty assertion, to which Lofe stopped reading the statement briefly to say, "See? He's laughing.” It was a blunder on my part, but I definitely kept it calm much better than Lofe and company deserved.
       When Lofe was done reading the statement, Michelle requested to consult with me privately. Lofe, Sonya, and Chrystal silently filed out.
“Well, that was quite an ambush,” Aysa remarked a few seconds after the door closed behind Chrystal.
       “Have you ever seen anything like that happen before?' I asked.
       “Rarely, but it happens,” Aysa answered.
    Michelle thumbed through the documents in the folder looking for the statement. 'What was that about projecting hatred for you sister onto Brock?”
“So I did hear that right,” I quipped sardonically.
       Aysa slid her folder towards the head of the table where I was sitting. “Here. I don't know why they didn't give you one.”
       “Well, Jamie,” Michelle glumly began. 'This would be an improper discharge. I can probably argue for you to stay, but I think if you do, they're going to make your life miserable.”
       “I've noticed that,' I said.
      “I've successfully argued residents to stay in before, bu keep in mind...they are only required to hold your bed for ten days. If you have to be hospitalized for longer than that, they don't have to take you back. The hospital will place you wherever they can regardless of your wishes. I had that happen to a resident not too long ago after keeping him from discharge. Personally, I would like to see you go to an assisted living facility. They will respect you there. You are an extremely intelligent person. Way smarter than any of these people are. I'd like for you to participate in resident council. You're a great advocate.”
       Michelle was definitely pouring it on thick to appeal to my ego, but she was also correct about corporate/Oakhaven. If I stayed, they were going to make my life miserable. Even with the law on my sides, their lies had proven effective. Michelle was also right I should make the leap o assisted living. I was wary or removing my feeding tube—I was only 68lbs when it was put in—the thought of adjusting to life in another nursing home was too dreadful to consider. So we hammered out a specific acceptance of the discharge. I would accept the discharge on the conditions I denied all the allegations made against me and I would go only to the assisted living facility of my choosing—pursuant to acceptance in said facility, of course.
       When Lofe, Sonya, and Chrystal returned Brock was in tow. God bless Michelle. She made sure they knew their actions were grossly improper by telling them right off the bat by ripping their arguments to shreds. Oakhaven was a skilled nursing facility. Their purpose was to provide me with nighty tube feedings. I was satisfied with those, therefore I could not be discharged on the basis of alleged dissatisfaction. My Facebook posts were misinterpreted postings unrelated to anything, and my contact with staff through email was my right. If I were to be discharged under these circumstances, they would be heavily fined. Nevertheless, I agreed to accept the discharge based on the conditions I named above.
       Lofe agreed, but quickly became hostile when Michelle informed him the ombudsman did not place residents in new facilities. Corporate/Oakhaven was going to be stuck with that. He was also not fond of the warning any diminishing of services could result in a fine, probably because I had proven well versed in the law regarding nursing home responsibilities toward residents. Lofe also snapped at her twice. The first time was when she insisted Dr. Lilly no longer serve as my attending physician.
       “We've already switched his physician once,” Lofe said. 'There is only one more left.”
       “So what? He isn't going to be here long,” Michelle came back. She was growing more offended by Lofe's attitude.
       The second time around was after it had been agreed I would have three full days to think things over before signing the discharge agreement. Michelle insisted the sitters be removed immediately, but Lofe insisted corporate/Oakhaven wanted three days to decide whether to keep the sitters on me for the duration. There was no question such would be undue influence on my decision. It was requested I leave for further negotiations to take place. I agreed.
       Sonya walked me out. Although she never said a word, she smiled her phony grin at me. It was not a 'We finally beat you” smile, but the 'We only want you to be happy and we did not do a darn thing we need to be fined or sued over' smile she hoped I was stupid enough to believe was genuine. I did not, and that would soon become clear to her. But for now….what a day...and I had not even eaten lunch yet!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lifelines III

       I found the email from the previous post in my inbox at around 10:30 PM. Sonya had sent it only shortly before that then. Presumably, she was hoping I would be in bed and not red it before the meeting the next day. Why else wait until the last minute? The email was chock full of falsehoods which did not even match up to the results of the investigation given officially to the ombudsman. Oh, well. It was my usual habit to stay up late into the night on the internet, so I ran smack into the email before it had barely settled in my inbox.
       My sitter at the time, who shall remain nameless because of her continued association with Oakhaven, was an ally. She believed I was being treated poorly while acknowledging corporate/Oakhaven's history of mistreating the less quiet residents like me. She believed, as did others, the situation had escalated and spiraled out of control so quickly because they were not prepared for me to come back at them repeatedly.
       I read the best parts of Sonya's email out loud. The sitter enjoyed hearty laughs with the over the tops descriptions of management's warm, caring behavior in response to my purple-faced, berserk rages. It was all laughably phony even by Sonya’s standards.
       Sleeping was easy that night, which is unusual when I have a big day ahead of me.
       When morning arrived I was fresh as a daisy. This was also unusual. As mentioned above, I was a night owl who liked to stay on my laptop until all hours. I am not usually a morning person. But I was full of anticipation this morning. The meeting was at 10:00 AM. Michelle and Aysa were not due until 9:00 AM. It was not quite 8:00 AM when I finished eating breakfast, so there was plenty of time for anticipation to gnaw at me.
       Ellen came by my room at around 8:30 AM. She had been on vacation throughout this entire mess, so it was the first time I had seen her since before Christmas. But just because she was not here does not mean she was not neck deep in the quagmire. Someone from corporate had called her at least once to ask if she had talked to me. She told whoever t was she had not, but if I wanted to get in touch with her, I knew how. Ellen was also asked abort the paperwork on the orthopedic knife. She never filled any of it out, and since she was quitting in February to go live with her soon to be stateside military husband, did not care to be bothered with it. Neither did I. Was the paper trail behind the knife important.
       “The ombudsman and I are meeting management at ten,” I told her.
     “That must be why so many people I never see are here this morning,” Ellen said.
       “Oh?” My curiosity was piqued.
       “The CEO is here.”
       “They are bringing out he big dogs. They must really want to get rid of me,” I quipped.
       “Of course, they do,” Ellen said. 'They've complained there is only so much they can do for one person.”
       “They have not done anything excessive for me. What I was asking for now is a right I already have. They just refused to stop blocking it.”
       “I think you should have picked your battles. I thought you were going to drop this one? You'd have plenty more opportunities in the future.'
       “I was going to drop it.”
      “Then why didn't you?”
       I shrugged. “I got caught up in it, I guess. A clash was inevitable t some pint. It might as well be now when I know the law is on my side.”
Looking back, I amazed how naive a statement that was. I knew full well it did not matter if the rules one relied upon were as sold as ancient bedrock, irrationality can take them all down. Which it was about to do. Repeatedly.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sonya's Response to My Initial Complaint (Finally)

Here is the letter Sonya wrote in response to my initial complaint.  As usual, only the full names have been changed to however the people mentioned are referred throughout these blog entries.  Otherwise, it is pasted directly from the email Sonya sent me.

This is the first of two instances in which I am going to present corporate/Oakhaven's argument against me in their own words.  This letter in particular presents a far different view than my recounting in these blog entries.  I stand by what i have written as the truth, but you are the final judge.  You may make up your own mind based on the accouts presented.

That said...dear Lord, Sonya is a terrible writer.  'Caringly' is not a word.  Neither is "ideations."  She meant "idealizations."  Notice how she switched often from addressing me directly to saying "Mr. Jeffords" as though she was writing to someone else and back to me again.  Alisha does not spell her name like the traditional Alicia, either.     

But, hey...grammar an spelling are not the most egregious errors in this letter. 


Dear Mr. Jeffords:

We apologize that you feel your rights have been violated in regards to visits from an ex-employee. 
After interviewing Victoria, RN, DON who asked the ex-employee to leave the facility, it is clear that the DON was unaware that the ex-employee was visiting any residents, but rather thought she had come to the facility to retrieve her last check since it was a pay date.
Matter of Visitation Rights
On 12/19/14, Victoria RN, DON saw Courtney, a former employee standing in the lobby by the birdcage near East Wing conversing with a family member with what appeared to be a paycheck stub in her hand. December 19, 2014 was a pay day for employees and Courtney received a paycheck on 12/19/14. Victoria waited to speak with Courtney in private because she overhead Courtney telling the family member how she was fired and how unfair we were to her. Victoria waited until Courtney and the family member parted ways and asked to speak with Courtney. At that time, Victoria reminded Courtney that the handbook stated that terminated employees cannot come on the premises. The DON was unaware at that time that Courtney had visited with you on that day because she saw the ex-employee on the East Wing and as we know your room is located on West Wing on the opposite side of the building. On 12/31/14 the DON contacted the ex-employee and explained to her that she could visit, but she would need to contact the DON or Administrator prior to visiting.
Per Paulette’s Social Service Progress note dated 12/23/14 12:42pm Late Entry Around 3pm Friday, 12/19/14, you entered the Social Services Director’s office and asked why the SSD told a former employee and friend that had been terminated by the facility that she could not visit with you. SW caringly informed you that she had no knowledge of this matter and that the two of you needed to go to the Executive Director. The Executive Director met with you and the SSD in her office and the Executive Director explained to you that the company policy stipulates that a discharged employee is prohibited from re-entering the nursing facility at any time and that if a discharged employee desires to visit the facility for any reason, the discharged employee must contact the Executive Director or Director of Nursing. You expressed that you felt like this was a violation of your rights. As a compromise, Executive Director informed you that the former employee could have supervised visits; therefore, the former employee when scheduling visits with the ED or DON and either of them would need to be in the building at the time of the visitation.
Issue 2 Matter of Habitual Violation of Rights
On 1/8/14, in your Quarterly MDS interview with Paulette Lowe you shared suicidal thoughts and plan. The Social Worker notified the MDS Coordinator, RN Unit Manager, Director of Nursing, Executive Director, MD, and Counselor. 1:1 supervision was implemented on 1/8/14 for your safety and well-being. On 1/9/14, you were seen by the Nurse Practitioner and Lexapro 5 mg every day was ordered for depression. On 1/9/14 you attended counseling with Dr. Hiatt. Social worker followed up with you on-going. On January 20, 2014, we facilitated a physician change at your request.
In your concerns, you stated that Kendra told you that “we are not here to baby you”. On 12/29/14, when interviewed by Sonya  RN CCO, Kendra denied making that statement. She stated that she did not know that there was any problem between you and her. She stated that you both are very cordial when you see each other. The only altercation that she can recall is in early January when she was approached by you in an aggressive manner about needing a baby sitter. She informed you that she was not discussing that matter at the desk and that she would alert Paulette the Social Worker. She also states that as several months passed, you and she became very cordial with each other.
You alleged that the facility laptop had been removed without your knowledge or approval. Robin, Life Enhancement Director stated that she and Alicia, Life Enhancement Assistant went to visit with you around lunch on that date and she asked if you needed any materials. She stated that you replied no I don’t need anything. She also asked you how you were enjoying the laptop. She states you began cutting your meat angrily and shaking and then looked up and said “just take the laptop and y’all get out.” They exited the room with the laptop. Alicia validated that she was present and that you requested that the laptop be removed. Wi-fi was installed at Oakhaven specifically with you in mind to provide meaningful activities for you through use of the laptop. Since admission, the facility has provided a boom-box, books on tape, movies, Atlanta braves decorated helmet, baseball memorabilia, CDs, a large print bible, lunch outings, as well as laptop and wi-fi access to meet our individual needs.

Per Social Progress note on January 20, 2014 around 4pm, Dr. Hiatt stated that Mr. Jeffords could benefit from 1:1 counseling and group therapy. Dr. Hiatt stated he thought that Mr. Jeffords could best be served with an appropriate inpatient and appropriate group therapy. The counseling/therapy would need to consist of meeting him where he is emotionally so that the counseling would facilitate or bring forth cognitive and behavioral change for Mr. Jeffords. Dr. Hiatt’s recommendations prompted Social Worker to seek out psychiatric and mental health resources. Per Social Service Progress Note dated 4/6/14, initially you had counseling sessions with Dr. Hiatt twice weekly. On or around March 10, 2014 Dr. Hiatt recommended that you begin attending counseling on a once weekly basis. All counseling therapy sessions were approved by Executive Director.
DHEC has reviewed and investigated issues related to former roommate, Caligula. On 4/18/14 at 3:59 pm, Social Worker documented that she apologized to you for any past or present issues and you stated that you accepted her apology. Social Worker told you that she felt it was important to your relationship to air any concerns or problems between the two. This intervention was done in an attempt to put any resentments, anger, or disappointment that you may have with her or the facility behind them and to move forward. SW also discussed with you that it was important to continue monthly counseling with Dr. Hiatt on a monthly basis. SW asked you if this was reasonable and if you were willing to attend. SW also stated to you that this was your decision and you had the option to refuse counseling and you agreed to continue counseling with Dr. Hiatt.
During the period that you were receiving 1:1 supervision and assistance, you voiced concerns over the bathroom door and room door. On 7/14/14, staff was completing an interview and you voiced concerns stating that you wanted to move due to a fan being nosy outside of your room. Work orders were completed and repairs were completed per maintenance. Per the concern form, our Social Worker asked you if there was another room that you wanted to be moved to presently. You declined. Social Worker also asked if you would like to be notified of the next male bed available and you said yes. You were offered a room on East Wing but declined because you wanted to stay on the West Wing. She felt you became defensive stating that we were coming at you, and she told you that we were trying to address your concerns and make a happier home for you. You said, “I’m sorry, but it is the lawyer in me that pushes me to fight”. You were moved to a new room on West Wing (C7b) on 7/21/14.
The call light cord and orthopedic knife were removed due to suicidal ideation which including suffocation and asphyxiation. You were receiving 1:1 supervision and assistance and a bell was provided. During an interview on 7/14/14, you expressed a concern regarding the orthopedic knife. Per the concern form, you were screened by therapy for an appropriate weighted knife and a weighted knife was purchased.
Paulette, Social Worker, denies having yelled at you or any other resident and also denies telling you or any other resident to leave her office. Social Worker has never had any allegations from any other residents that she has behaved inappropriately and she interacts with residents on a daily basis.
On 12/30/2014, you expressed to Marlie, MDS Coordinator that you would like to leave the facility, but you have concerns that they will not take someone with a PEG tube. You also expressed to the DON that you would like to have your tube removed and wanted to wait until Dr. Lilly returned from the holiday to discuss this with him.
We hope this addresses your concerns. Please let us know if you have any questions or other concerns.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Lifelines II

       The email returned results almost immediately Michelle responded within the hour with the question of whether it was unusual for Dr. Lilly to visit at such an odd time. Yes, it was. As noted in the previous entry, Lilly usually paid all his patients a visit shortly before or after lunch sometime in the middle of the month. This was early January at 7:30 PM and at was a special trip to see only me. Michelle knew y the timing and the content of the meeting something did not feel right. Thank goodness I had back up on this matter so quickly.
       Dr. Hiatt also got back to me quickly with advice. If I found myself facing an ambulance ride towards a psychiatric evaluation and possible involuntary commitment, I should cooperate fully. Be polite and tell the truth. There was nothing so far to even merit concern, so there was no reason to act out and give them one. If all went well, a paper trail would be established proving there were no problems. This point struck me in particular. There had been declarations regarding my mental/emotional state not only with an examination by a mental health professional, but by non-mental health professionals sight unseen who purposefully ignored my regular therapist because they “don't do that,' according to Chrystal. This whole affair reeked.
      There will be more from Dr. Hiatt in a moment.
      What journey the email took from Sonya on down is a mystery, but the effort to placate me was immediate. Keisha, Victoria, and Marlie, all of whom would have played a role in my updated health care plan, came to visit in order to confirm I wanted the tube feeding resumed. I can only guess Michelle and/or Sonya in some combination brought about this backtracking. Lilly did not wind up communicating with the nursing staff until late in the afternoon. But his call was in plenty of time to resume the tube feeding that night. So right on time, I was hooked up. No one mentioned anything about a forced psychiatric evaluation or involuntary commitment. I assumed nothing short of physical violence or declaration I was the King of France would have brought about anything of the sort with the ombudsman's scrutiny brought about by the email.
       Now...Dr. Hiatt. I was fortunate enough to have a session with him that morning.  The session had been scheduled before this mess broke out, but said mess was the entirety of our conversation. It was the first time in nearly a week I was not under the constant eye of a sitter. These sessions were considered private, so the sitter remained in the lobby of Dr. Hiatt's office. I sank into the couch with true relaxation for the first time in a week. I never would have thought a private person like me would feel relief in letting my guard down in a therapist's office. I was on the same couch a year prior circling the wagons. What a difference twelve months can make.
       This is the session in which Dr. Hiatt informed me Brock had instructed Paulette to arrange a meeting with him two weeks ago in order to discuss alleged suicidal idealizations on m part. Dr. hiatt did not have my permission to talk to them about our sessions, so he refused. But sensing Brock did not have my best interests at heart, he told Paulette I had no suicidal idealizations. Dr. Hiatt informed me he had felt pressured because, in their estimation, he was not telling them enough. He and I were both figuring out quickly corporate/Oakhaven were considering me a threat. Ending the threat took priority over my health care. At least Lilly came right out and declared his intentions to that effect. Everyone else was moving behind my back.
       Credit where credit is due, Sonya's next move was not entirely behind my back. But it was at the last possible minute. At around eleven o'clock that night, she emailed me her response to the first letter I had written, at the Michelle's request, back on December 30th. The meeting between corporate/Oakhaven and Michelle, Aysa, and me was going to happen in the morning. I assume Sonya waited until as late as possible to send the response off in the hopes I would not have a chance to read it before the meeting. No such luck on her part. In the interest of fairness, I am going to publish her response in the next post.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Email to Sonya Regarding Dr. Lilly

       I addressed this email to Sonya. She was the chief Clinical Officer at Wilson Senior Care and, considering her attachment to the legal team, the most likely candidate to have been the unnamed administrator who visited Dr. Lilly. It turned out to be a sloppy email because I was still rattled while writing it. My sitter, Nicole B, even commented on how furiously I was going at it. The door had been shut the entire conversation with Lilly. I imagin Nicole B heard none of it, but was dying of curiosity.

       The email is cut and pasted below, typos and all included just to show how I felt t the time. The only changes I have made is to replace full names with partial blanks.


Dear Sonya,

This evening, January 5, 2015, Dr. ______ Lilly, my physician at Oakhaven Nursing Center, paid me a visit to ask what was going on. I told him I was currently having a dispute over visitation rights for a discharged employee. The ensuing conversation revolved around two points. The first is that I am now subject to psychological evaluation and possible involuntary commitment to a mental institution based o anyone’s belief I am a threat to myself or others, and second, he will begin the motions to have my feeding tube removed.

Dr. Lilly lectured me over the necessity of the rule banning discharged employees from returning because they are a potential threat for reprisals on their part for being fired, potential for abusing residents, etc. Dr. Lilly essentially told me I could not a accommodated because the needs of the majority of residents outweighed mine as one who was not considered a typical nursing home resident in the first place.

Dr. Lilly advised me that he had been visited in his office today by unnamed administrators and a lawyer regarding my recent threatening behavior. He defined this threatening behavior as the dispute with the administration, emails, and contact with the ombudsman. Please note he specifically listed contact with the ombudsman as a threatening behavior and, therefore, the cause of my current one-on-one.

Dr. Lilly informed me because of this special status, I would now be subject to transport via ambulance to the emergency room for a psychological evaluation with the potential for involuntary commitment if it was deemed necessary to be a danger to myself or others by merely one person's say so. When I asked if that was the criteria for anyone to be psychologically evaluated, I was told no. I am subject because of where I am mentally and emotionally.. therefore, an expressed different level of srutiny.

I brought up the fact I have not been evaluated by any mental health professional, so how has it been determined “where I am mentally and emotionally.” Dr. Lilly made no effort to answer this question. He only reiterated that I am subject to transport for a psychological evaluation to determine if involuntary commitment is necessary based on anyone’s feeling that I am a danger to myself or others.

When asked who could make this decision, I was told anyone--doctor, nurse, administrator…anyone who can observe and judge my behavior.

When asked what could be examined, Dr. Lilly said verbal acts, physical acts, contact through electronic means--email, to be specific. He brought up the Facebook post of Garfield in a soldier’s uniform. When I told him that was meant to be humorous, not threatening, Dr. Lilly told me no one would not have time to examine the context in order to determine intent. His priority was the safety of myself and others. Such would be subject to a mental health professional to sort out.

As I was not evaluated by a mental health professional before being placed one-on-one by Wilson Senior Care, there has been no determination that I am actually a threat to others or myself. I have insisted that I am not, but have been repeatedly ignored. There is no probable cause for me to be under what has been declared an increased scrutiny with threat of involuntary commitment. I believe this is an unwarranted threat against me, a belief which is strengthened by the revelation Dr. Lilly has been advised by unnamed administrators and at least one lawyer.

I brought up the concern this new status seems to be forced on me for the flimsiest of reasons and noted Oakhven Nursing Center had a history of ignoring rules and proper procedure with me in the past. I brought up the example of being forced to room with a schizophrenic who physically attacked me. Dr. Lilly told me I was “somewhat correct.” When I pressed on what the somewhat meant, he told me living with someone suffering from mental illness might be disconcerting, but it is a highly likely part of nursing home life. This answer does not inspire confidence my best interests and personal safety are of particular concern to most involved in maintaining my health and well being.

Dr. Lilly then discussed with me stopping my nightly tube feeding to evaluate whether I can maintain weight without it. If so, he said, ‘We’ll see what we can do about getting you out of here.” A little while after he left, I was informed by the nurse he left orders to discontinue the tube feeding, have a physical therapy evaluation regarding daily functions, and establish the criteria for me to be sent off for psychological evaluation. I have not, and do not, consent to having my tube feeding discontinued.

I have not consented to any actions that might lead towards my discharge from Oakhaven Nursing Center, but it appears a medical reason to discharge me is being manufactured without my consent or approval. Considering the content of Dr. Lilly’s discussion and the current disagreement to which I am engaged with Oakhaven Nursing Center management and Wilson Seniorcare, I believe I am being forcibly removed as a reprisal.

As sending this email qualifies as threatening behavior under Dr. Lilly’s criteria of “threats” through electronic means, I am sending this email to Ombudsman Michelle ________, Assistant Ombudsman Aysa ________, and my therapist, Dr. _____ Hiatt (via Facebook PM), so it may be evaluated by proper authorities should Dr. Lilly, Oakhaven Nursing Center, or Wilson Senior Care decide to deem it a threat and have me taken for evaluation.

Jamie Jeffords