Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Who Watches the Watchers?

       I had to plot my next move after my less than pleasant encounters with Sonya. It was best to let the professionals handle things from here, so I planned to hand the matter back over to the ombudsman, Michelle. I was deeply lamenting this whole mess was unfolding over the holiday season. Because of this, I had not even gotten a face to face meeting with her. It felt like I was on my own here. Corporate/Oakhven must have shared the viewpoint. They kept coming at me relentlessly as though there would never be any consequences.
       Since Sonya was second banana at corporate, she was not likely to have informed anyone at Oakhaven how our meeting went. Brock was on vacation, too, so the Director of Nursing, Victoria, was playing substitute fr her role on top of her regular duties. So Oakhaven was not running at full speed during the holidays, either. But I needed to notify someone from Oakhaven I was going to report Sonya's lack of good faith in dealing with the issue of visitation. I did not see Victoria anywhere, but Edna was in her office. It was probably not wise to make my declaration to the witness to the events, but I did it anyway.
       I sat down in the same chair in front of her desk I had the previous afternoon. I told her I was going to report sonya for her dishonesty in dealing with me. I explained how I knew about the handbook rule and it was not a compromise and it was contrary to federal law regardless. Edna wrote it all down furiously, making me repeat it three times just to make certain. I asked Edna if she heard sonya claim the handbook rule was actually a compromise developed by brock. She told me she was not paying attention. Not paying attention to a conversation going on at her desk upon which she was specifically assigned to witness. So Edna was willing to lie to cover for corporate/oakhaven. It figures. No wonder she was the “go to” witness for any future encounters with me.
       There was not much else to do the rest of the day beyond sending off the email to Michelle explaining everything that had occurred the day before. At least, I thought I could sit and wait for Michelle to take over. There was no such luck. Oakhaven never quite sleept when it came to screwing me over. They were always up to something.
       I am going to continue protecting my source due to his/her continued connections to Oakhaven. Victoria subsequently interrogated every staff member she could think may have encountered me in the search for my informant. Considering victoria was heard to desperately say she had to find out how I discovered what I am about to tell you, She must have been under pressure from corporate to plug the leak. I had no sympathy for Victoria's plight.
       I was given a heads up to watch what I say and to whom I say it because Oakhaven was watching me. More specifically, staff members with whom I talked were being asked to write statements about what I said. I had a difficult time believing it, though it fit right in with Oakhaven's general unethical practices and mistretment of residents. I asked my informant for proof. She told me two CNA, Tara and Toray, had been asked to write what they had heard when I mentioned Courtney's mother and I emailed each other. I had one of my closest relationships with Tara. If this was true, she would tell me. I just had to wait until the morning to find out.
       Let me clarify  something here, because the issue of spying on my conversations is going to be a lasting one. I trust tara implicitly. She is the bluntly honest type. Both Toray and Victoria, who took the statements, will be dishonest to cover for themselves. So appreciate when the issue becomes murkier in the next blog entry, it is the fault of the latter two the truth was impossible to definitely ascertain.
       I did not slept much that night. I was wide awake a few minutes before seven AM when Tara walked passed my door to sing in for first shift. I asked her to come in, and then wanted to know if she had been asked to write a statement about my emailing with Courtney's mother. She confirmed she had.
       "You know I can't let this go?” I said.
     She would not get in trouble no matter what, but I hated dragging more people into this. Especially since oakhaven was vengeful over staff actions.
       “Yeah, I know,” Tara said.
        I hugged her, and then the war began.

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