Thursday, June 4, 2015

Undue Vigilance

       I could have waited until nine AM or so when Victoria would have come in, but she could have had any number of obligations before being free to meet with me. There was no way I could sit idle until then with everything on my mind. Edna was the only management personnel who routinely arrived at seven AM. I knew she would be there. She was already in the middle of the mess. She would point me in the right direction, if for no other reason than to spare herself. I went to her office for the third time in three days. I asked who was in charge at the moment. She said without Victoria here, she was, and asked if she could help me.
       “I would like to know why you are taking written statements of my conversations?' I asked point blank while still standing.
       “We're not allowed to do that?' she asked.
       “No, ma'am. You are not.” I replied.
       “Hold on a minute. Let me get somebody on the phone who can talk to you.”         Edna picked up the phone as I sat down in my now frequent spot.
       “Yes, ma'am. Tell them to get here in their jammies, if necessary.'
       Edna got Victoria on the phone. I obviously could not hear Victoria's side of the conversation. “Victoria, it's Edna. I've got Mr. Jamie Jeffords in my office. He is very upset about written statements we have taken of his conversations. What should I tell him?"
       Victoria took a long time for whatever she was telling Edna. I assumed there were some expletives involved, as I was not supposed to know about the statements. After a couple minutes, Edna said goodbye and hung up. She told me Victoria would see me when she arrived later in the morning. I guaranteed Victoria was on the phone to corporate immediately in full panic mode.
       So I wound up waiting on Victoria, anyway. I was fortunate enough to have a distraction rather than simmer in the interim. Marlie, the Healthcare Planner, was making the rounds shortly after I returned to my room. She was always eager to gossip. I offered up everything that had happened to me in the last couple days, and she laid some bombs on me in return. Sonya had taken the previous day to investigate the claims against Brock, Paulette, and Kendra. Brock had to knock a day off her vacation and drive back to Darlington for the interview. He hated me before, but I had achieved a brand new level of animosity because of that one. Kendra denied making the “We're not here to baby you' comment. She claimed Paulette falsely told me she had said that. Kendra was lying. She did say it to my face, but I was amused she pinned it on Paulette apparently just for the heck of it. I am not certain what Brock specifically said, but the assistant ombudsman, Aysa, told me Brock had somehow blamed Paulette for her actions, too. Paulette had been suspended for the day because of it. Brock and Kendra threw her under the bus.
       But what really caught my attention, by way of puzzling me, was Marlie relaying a conversation that had bounced around corporate regarding a Facebook status I had posted. I stole it from a Farside comic—Why did all the king's horses get the first crack at putting Humpty Dumpty back together again? According to Marlie, corporate thought it was a coded message in which I was threatening Brock, whom they assumed I meant by Humpty Dumpty. Yes, folks. They thought I was making a death threat through a nursery rhyme. Apparently, I am a Batman villain. I laughed it off as corporate being stupid. Stupid or not, they ran with it.
`     I had to wait nearly two hours before Victoria to arrive. Edna came to get me from my room. She served as the witness, of course. I sat down in front of Victoria stationed at Brock's usual desk.
       “I heard you wanted to see me,' she said.
   I sat in stony silence and stared at her. I hated this little game corporate/Oakhaven liked to play. I surmised never being the one to bring up an issue in which they may have committed a wrongdoing was a way of dodging responsibility for it. It is kid of like when a cop stops your car and asks if you know why he pulled you over. He is attempting to get you to admit guilt. Except this is much, much more frustrating. I was in no mood to play this game.
       “Well?” I asked,
       “Well, what?” Victoria asked.
    Oh, good grief. Fine. I played the game. “Why are you taking written statements about my conversations?”
      “We aren't. Staff members have approached us to make statements,'" Victoria said.
      “Edna sounded like management was taking statements,” I offered.
      “I misspoke about that,” Edna interjected.
     “No, I think you said it right. Corporate decided to change the story,” I said.
   “I asked corporate what I should do with them. They told me to not do anything,'" Victoria responded.
     “'Them?' how many are there?' I asked.
     “Six? What are they?”
    “One of them is you saying you're going to get in a lot of trouble without Ellen here to stop you,” Victoria said.
       It took a moment for that one to register on me. “Okay. I was sitting on the couch last Monday. Lesley came by, and we chatted for a moment how much we missed the vacationing Ellen. Ellen likes to tell me to behave as a joke between friends. I told Lesley I missed her saying it to me. There is nothing sinister about that. It was a friendly and private conversation. Who was listening in on it/”
       “So you were just talking about missing your friend?” Edna said. I do not know if she was trying to derail the conversation so Victoria would not have to answer, but it worked.
       “Yes. Nothing sinister about it.” I turned to Victoria. 'So why did you want to know that Courtney’s mother and I email each other?”
“i don't. Toray brought it to my attention. I took a statement from Tara, and said it was nothing.”
       “Why did she think it was anything in the first place?”
       “I don't know.”
      “Why not? You all are obviously looking for something specific. Everyone is not just suddenly listening to my conversations? They are being told to do so.”
      "Would you like to speak with the ombudsman?' Victoria was already halfway out her chair and had the received in her hand before she even finished her sentence.
       “She is on vacation,” I said.
       Victoria looked deflated as she dropped the receiver and sat back down. She was hoping the ombudsman could defuse the situation. She had to rely on Edna instead.
       “Is there anything we can do to make things better for you/' she asked.
       “You could stop spying on me,” I said. Neither one of them responded. After a long pause, I blurted out, “Why don't you pull this feeding tube and let me leave?”
       Victoria was genuinely taken aback. “I didn't know you wanted it out.”
       “I don't, but I don't think I can tolerate my treatment here.”
      “We don't want you to feel like a prisoner,” Victoria said.
    “Oh, I think my status is well below prisoner. You remember Caligula attacking me? That was Brock's doing. I haven't had one word of apology from her. But she has snapped that 'We're spending a lot of money on you.' What do you think of that?”
       “That doesn't sound very sympathetic,” Victoria said.
       It was a surprising answer. I had heard Victoria did not like Brock, but I still expected her to put up a unite front. I guess not. Of course, it really did not matter. Victoria would have been right in tune with Brock if she was in the office right now instead of vacationing across state. She started in on a maudlin line about us being the same age and she could not imagine being stuck in a nursing home even though, as a nurse, she is stuck in a nursing home. I did not want to hear it. I said to wait for Dr. Lilly to return from vacation before looking into the feeding tube's removal, and left.
       Let me clarify a few things. A nursing home is allowed to take written statements on conversations in a public area. It is a crap rule, but there it is. What a nursing home cannot do is sit on those statements without addressing whatever concerns they bring up. I figured this was an organized effort to build a case for throwing me out. That was later revealed to be the case, not only in a meeting with corporate reps, which I will recount soon, but a newbie CNA who told me a couple days after my meeting with Victoria and Edna Brock had let out a general call to watch what I said and did. The call came on the Monday after Brock had told me off over Courtney's visitation and around the time Brock had tried to convince Dr. Hiatt to violate doctor/patient confidentiality in order to manufacture suicidal idealizations and have me involuntarily committed. The first statement Victoria mentioned above, with Lesley and I talking about Ellen, occurred on that Monday. (It is still unclear whether the call to Dr. Hiatt occurred on Monday or Tuesday, for for disclosure.) Considering the email was a pint o interest, they were especially interested in anything related to the visitation matter.
       While I was meeting with Victoria, and shortly thereafter, Sonya was a busy at Oakhaven. She approached Marlie to change my healthcare plan. Chrystal whom I would meet for the first time in a few hours, wrote a statement regarding my aggressive behavior for Marlie to place in it. The main thrust was the written statements, Humpty Dumpty status update “threat,” and a photo of Garfield as an homage to Charlie Sheen's character in Platoon. Marlie looked up my Facebook page to have a look for herself. She told Sonya this was all just my sense of humor. Sonya practically yelled at her the corporate attorneys had interpreted it all as Chrystal said, so write it down. With that, Marlie wrote aggressive behavior and suicidal idealizations in my healthcare plan, even though the former was stupid and the latter was more than a year prior.
       You will never guess what corporate did next...

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