Saturday, June 6, 2015

Selling the Drama

       Note the oddity of me being placed one on one, yet left unattended both right after Victoria told me the news and after my accident. The lax attitude towards my status change lent even more credibility to corporate not really believing I was a threat to anyone, but were attempting to cover their rear ends regarding all that had happened between us.
       Nevertheless, things were dangerous. Nicole B whom had ironically been the one to grab Caligula before he could physically attack me, soon arrived. Though a CNA, Nicole B had been promoted to some supervisory position. She had become chummy with Brock as a result. I was suspicious she would no longer have my best interests at heart as she once did. Nicole B took placed a chair in the hallway just outside my door.
       I played it cool while waiting for corporate to send someone. If corporate sent someone. It was safe to assume no one wanted to engage me at this point. I expected if corporate sent anyone, it would be Sonya. She was neck deep in the entire mess by this point. Surely she had the backbone to address the one on one issue with me. As it turned out, she did not. Eventually, Chrystal arrived with Victoria in tow. I had never met Chrystal before. I knew her title was Technical Director. Technical director was an odd choice to send on this sort of adventure, but I did not dwell on the question of why. Chrystal would later tell me corporate sends her to do the jobs no one else will do. Knowing this, I assumed choosing her to talk to me meant my reputation for counterargument preceded me.
       It should be noted Chrystal and Victoria looked much alike. They were roughly the same height. Both average build. Both had brown hair always in a ponytail. Both wore glasses. With my lone, legally blind eye combined with my limited personal interaction with the two, it was often difficult for me to distinguish between them. I mention it now, but it will become an issue later.
       Chrystal introduced herself, and acknowledged I had asked to speak with someone from corporate, then asked what I wanted to talk about as she sat on Rambo's now stripped bed. This game again. She knew what I wanted to talk about. But fine. I agreed to play the game.
       “Would you mind explaining to me why I have been placed one on one?” I asked.
       “You have recently engaged in some threatening behavior that has alarmed corporate,' she said.
       “What might this alarming behavior be?”
       “Some of your recent Facebook posts have been disturbing.”
       “Such as?” I asked.
       “You have a drawing of Garfield holding a gun,” Chrystal offered up.
      I wanted to laugh, but I resisted. I post at least one humorous photo on Facebook a day. They often reflect my warped, but harmless, sense of humor. This was the first time anyone mentioned the Garfield cartoon as dangerous. Now was not the time to mock the silly notion. Now was the time for a logical counterargument.
      “I posted that yesterday morning. Over twenty-four hours ago. If you thought it was a true threat, why did you not act on it sooner?”
    “I can't answer that,” Chrystal said. 'but you have made some recent statements that have caused some alarm, too.”
       “I've heard. I've done the incredibly dangerous move of exchanging emails with Courtney’s mother. Why is the contents of my inbox any of your business?”
       “It isn't,” Victoria interjected. “I've written up Toray for reporting it.”
      Victoria was not telling the truth. I already knew Oakhaven had put out the word to keep an ear out for my conversations. A couple days from the events I am currently writing about will have a newbie CNA from the East Wing inadvertently admit Brock had asked staff to watch me, but the CNA did not see why. I seemed all right to her. Oakhaven/corporate was sitting on these statements and hoping to gather more in order to build a case against me. Plus, Victoria spent the next couple days interrogating under corporate pressure anyone who might have tipped me off. She never found m source. Corporate had to make some kind of move t save face.
      I pushed the issue regardless. 'but why did Toray think my talking to Courtney's mother is something you all would be interested in knowing?”
       “I don't know. I can't read Toray's mind. You're asking me questions I can't answer," Chrystal said.
       “Then tell me this. I am 5' 2”, a 100pounds soaking wet, legally blind, and use a walker. Who am I a threat to?”
       My eyesight may be bad, but even I could see Chrystal beginning to squirm. No one had described me to her beforehand. She was ill prepared to explain exactly what threat I posed and to whom. She could not think of anything to say, so Victoria came to her rescue.
       “This is for your protection, too,” Victoria said.
       “Has someone threatened me? Who?' I asked.
    I knew full well no one had threatened me. Victoria was hinting at manufacturing suicidal inclinations. This in spite of the fact I had none and corporate decided to put me one o one after my accident with the comb. I was not buying the suicide argument for the one on one, but the claim I was a threat to anyone was equally unraveling for corporate. Victoria was bailing Chrystal out, but neither was better off.
       “We don't know what may come up,” Victoria answered.
   “Why didn't you contact Dr. Hiatt if you are concerned about my mental/emotional state before putting me one one one?”
       “We don't do that,” Chrystal said, point blank.
      Remember, at this point, I was still unaware Brock had directed Paulette to contact Dr. Hiatt the previous week in the hopes he wold help manufacture a case to have me involuntarily committed. He refused, citing doctor/patient confidentiality, but assured Paulette I had no suicidal inclinations. I assume Dr. Hiatt's failure to obey Brock lead to his being cut out of the matter.
       “Why would you make a declaration on my mental/emotional state without consulting the person most familiar with my mental emotional state?”
       “You're free to contact him, if you wish.”
       Gee, I can contact my own therapist. Was that not generous of Chrystal? At least that is what I was thinking. It was wise to hold off on sarcasm under the circumstances. Resisting was difficult. Not only was I fluent in sarcasm, but I was outwardly obvious my frustration was growing. Maybe that is why Chrystal decided to attempt to defuse the situation, although she did so badly.
       “We've done a lot for you here. We got you Wi Fi. Nursing homes don't have that.”
       Lord, did I hate this line of thought. Brock started it back in the early summer when she snapped at me about the amount of money being spent on me. It was going to remain a repeated mantra. I tried to turn it on them.
       “Then turn it it into an asset. Advertise Oakhaven as the only local nursing home with Wi Fi. Call it a selling point.”
       “We're not going to do that," Chrystal replied.
    I wanted to ask why not, but I stopped myself. I knew from experience corporate/Oakhaven were the types to hear opportunity knock and respond by complaining about the noise. They were not going to give up the notion they had done me a huge favor by wiring Oakhaven, and it was a devastating drain on resources. I could picture off duty CNA in the basement rowing like a Roman slave ship to provide the power.
       “What about the friends you've made?” Chrystal asked. “I've heard you've been out with a few before.”
       “The therapy crew. They aren't technically part of Oakhaven. But you can't take credit for my relationships period,' I said.
       “I'm not trying to take credit for them,' Chrystal said. She let out a deep sigh. “Is there anything we can do to make things better for you?”
     This question again. Always after screwing me over, too. Between this question and the technique of asking me to initiate the conversation when it is abundantly clear what answers I want, there must be a handbook somewhere teaching them what to say in these situations. I was growing quite sick of it. But I did not see it in the employee handbook. Whatever. I had to end strong.
       “No. You can't turn down the thermostat in hell,” I told them.
      Chrystal and Victoria looked at each other in surprise, then back at me. It had only been a few hours since I approached the subject of removing the feeding tube and leaving Oakhaven. Maybe Chrystal was not aware I had done that, but surely it was still fresh in Victoria's mind. Why the surprise?
       “Is that what you think this place is?” Victoria asked.
       I wanted to be literate in my response, while packing a lot of punch. Bu all I could think of was a quote from Hawkeye Pierce once explaining on M*A*S*H why war is not hell. It is actually worse than hell. “No. it is worse than hell. Sinners deserve to be in hell. I don't deserve to be here.”
       Neither of them said anything else. They just left. Nicole B took her place in the chair just outside the. Once everything settled down, I searched for one of Dr. Hiatt's business cards. I wanted to find his phone number to contact him, but I came up empty. Instead, I sent him a private message on Facebook explaining the situation.
       He responded quickly, telling me he understood the Facebook posts in question meant no harm. He also confirmed it was unethical for them to take an action like placing me one on one without contacting him. He offered me the advice of continuing as normally as possible. Chat with the sitter. Have a good time. Keep posting online as though nothing has happened. Do not act out! He said he would contact Paulette to find out what is going on. Well it sounded good up until that idea.
       I followed his advice...except for one little bit. I finally decided I was not happy Sonya had not been the corporate representative to come explain the situation to me. As I said above, the whole mess had her fingerprints all over it. If she was not going to explain herself to me, then I needed to explain myself to her. So I typed out another email. It will be in the next post.

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