Monday, June 8, 2015

Holding the Line

       The whole mess could not have been timed more perfectly for corporate/Oakhaven. I was put one one one New Year's Eve. New year's Eve ell on a Wednesday this year. So not only would state regulatory agencies be closed for New Year's Day Thursday, Friday was bound to be subdued. Even though offices would be open Friday, the lure of a potential long weekend would be too strong for any serious work to get done. I figured I was trapped until Monday at the earliest. This ultimately turned out to be true.
       I followed Dr. Hiatt's advice to play it normal. I had to act as though the assumptions about me being a violent threat ere completely mistaken. Since the assumptions were mistaken, the task was more often than not easy. I chatted with most of my sitters. We strolled around the facility or surfed the internet. A handful were either all business or wanted to spend their time gossiping with co-workers. I left those alone and engaged in my usual routine as much as possible. Maintaining normalcy was important.
     The resistance to acting out cam much easier than I thought. Virtually everyone outside of corporate/Oakhaven management thought my treatment was deplorable. No one other than Nicole B thought the Garfield cartoon merited alarm bells. She was, as mentioned, recently promoted by Brock. Her opinion was suspect to say the least. The sitters were to say outside the door. Several commented on the stigma of “house arrest” the tactic was presenting. I agreed. It had been one of my biggest complaints the first time I was placed one on one. Corporate/Oakhaven knew I objected to it in particular. Presumably that is why the sitters were outside the door instead of in the room. I suspected they were hoping to provoke me. Intentional or not, the casual, nothing is wrong with what we are doing attitudes of Oakhaven management were annoying. Then there was Paulette.
       She returned to work Thursday after her suspension or work from home day or whatever you wish to spin it as. She came in with a clipboard ready to take down my side of events. She was technically my first line of defense, and that is the key reason I skipped over her as much as possible. I would only have suffered a fraction of the strife I endured at Oakhaven if she had displayed even minimal competency as a social worker. I could tell she was going t go heavy on the passive aggression with me.
       “I am surprised you want to intervene,” I said.
       “It's my job,” she snapped back.
      There was definitely no enthusiasm for my advocacy on her part. Not that there ever was, particularly when rock and I saw my treatment differently. I relayed the events of the last three days. When we got to discussing the Facebook posts, I told her they were not out of the norm for my posts and everyone on my friends list, which included her, knew this.
       “I don't pay any attention to your Facebook,” she said.
      She felt the need to be dismissive with me personally. It was further evidence of Paulette's emotional immaturity. I wondered for the umpteenth time why she was a social worker in the first place. But I was not too surprised she was uninterested in my page. The whole purpose of being Facebook friends was to play Words with Friends. The two games were playing at the time had ended. I knew she had resigned from them. She had done it before when angry at me, then claimed she had simply hit the wrong button. I wanted to see what she would say this time.
       “I noticed our games have ended. Did they time out or did you resign?” I asked.
       “It was my choice,” she said.
       “Do you want me to unriend you, too?” I asked.
       “If you feel that's necessary.”
      “You just said you don't pay attention to it, anyway,” I reminded her. She did not say anything. We stared for an awkward efw seconds before I felt the need to say “You did everything I said you did.”
       “I'm sorry you feel that way,' she said. Without another word, she left. I had no expectations she was going to take any action on my behalf. It did not matter. Paulette's personal ax grinding aside, corporate/Oakhaven were not gong to budge.
       There is an incident I would like to mention. Since I no longer have a way of communicating with her, I have no idea if she would want me to mention her by name, so I will. Anyone familiar with Oakaven will know who I am talking about. She was a night shift LPN who most often did treatments. As such, she was the one who set up my nightly tube feeding hen she was working. She was working on the night of January 1st, 2015. As she hung my bag up with her right hand, she was holding out her left hand at an awkward angle. I noticed she had a Post It in her palm. I did not think much of it until she waved it slightly. She was trying to gt m attention. There was something written on the note. I knew immediately I needed to read it under the sitter’s nose. I cannot imagine I was discreet enough with my poor eyesight, but the note said 'DHEC pen tomorrow. Call them!”  She believed such a message needed to be hidden from the sitter.  She was probably right.
      I still figured nothing was going to happen until the first of the week, particularly since this was still the holiday season. I had not even communicated directly with the ombudsman yet because of the holidays. This was the last night the LPN worked at Oakhaven. She was fired for what gossip says was a trumped up reason. I still wonder if it was not made known she encouraged me to call DHEC and was fired because of it. Probably not. Surely if that was true, it would have been floated about as gossip. Considering how much insider information I was being given to boost my case against corporate/Oakhaven, someone would have offered that arrow for my quiver. It is one strange coincidence, though. Not to mention one that gives me occasional bangs of guilt when it crosses my mind. I did not even contact DHEC until the following week via the ombudsman.

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