Monday, March 9, 2015

Coming Up with Some Words That Will Last

It has been a long time since I have blogged. Probably long enough--assuming I have an audience left—one would assume I would never return to the endeavor. I had no intention of stopping back then, but forces aligned against me. While considering the use of a laptop and internet to be therapeutic in what was ultimately a futile effort to adjust to nursing home life for the sake of my health, Oakhaven spied on my activities, which prompted me to take care in miimizing said activities of their interest. I am not being paranoid. They eventually gathered enough to falsely build a case against me and forced my ouster. But that is a story that will unfold in the coming days. I am now in a safer environment, so I can confidently return to blogging.

 Writing is in my blood. It is my outlet and my way of understanding the various issues which confront me. To have it taken away from me--though unintentionally; they wanted me to keep going in order to find material usable against me—was unspeakably cruel. Not to mention it was contrary to the stated, but not intended goal, of enabling me to act more like myself. Better late than never, though. I have now regained a freedom to be myself which I honestly believe I have been without for years. I intend to now exercise that freedom to the fullest.

 You may be wondering if I will revisit the train of thought I was working on last August. The best answer I can give is maybe. Life with my sister and her family would be ancient history even if many of the ensuing events which have altered the course of my life had not occurred. Yet they have, and are more monumental, for better and worse, that anything that may have happened during my exile from life from 2004-2013. Whatever is relevant will come back up. The rest shall be relegated to the dustbin of personal history where it belongs. Why do we not call that personal growth rather than abandoning an old writing project? It works for me.

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