Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Not So Merry, Merry Month of May

Spring was a wonderful time in my younger days.  May was a great springtime month in particular.  The weather was almost always sunny and warm in a reminder summer was just around the corner.  As school wound down, the anticipation of academia’s shackles falling off for three months brought visions of what could be the best vacation ever.  Who would not think May was one of the best months of the year?

 Well, May has been shot all to oblivion for me within the last decade.  May 2004 was the month both my retina detached and colon ruptured, which were not unrelated events, wildly enough.  May 2013 saw me unceremoniously dumped from an actual home to long term care for reasons which still remain a mystery.  The end result from the worst two Mays I have ever experienced have been a complete uprooting o9f my life due to circumstances beyond my control.  One day, life was completely unrecognizable from the previous--twice--and I practically unrecognizable along with it.  Twice, again.

 Expect certain days this month to elicit bad memories and even worse posts.  It is necessary to have such things written down at Cogito Ergo Doleo, not only to have a record here, but to establish the kind of issues I am forced to work through these days.  Will I be beating a dead horse?  Probably.  For longtime readers of my blogging endeavors.  But letting go of my emotional baggage is not one of my strong points.  Yet.  Li8fe is pain, but suffering is optional.  Let us see how well I can cope with the former while foregoing the latter. 

 Fret not, dear readers.  I am not entering one of my famous poisoned pen blue periods in which I shift gears from the main blogging theme in order to condemn the general state of affairs.  Consider the less than pleasant remembrances of Mays past as segues from the general discussions about self-discovery/self-improvement.  Those are the most important things these days.  But it is true you cannot know where you are going until you understand where you have been.     

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