Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lack of Vision

I would like to define my vi8sual problems for any newcomers who might be curious how my poor eyesight will affect by blogging.  The short answer is not a whole heck of a lot unless the occasional typo can cause you to dismiss everything that is being said.   

I am completely blind in my right eye. The retina completely came off eighth years ago after several efforts to repair it. Other serious heaLack of Visionlth issues tangentially related arose shortly thereafter, so that was, then and now, the end of any attempts to repait again. The result would have been negligible due to retinal damage. The little bugger has probably disintegrated by now from bouncing around my eye all this time.

My left eye has always been awful. It is 20/1000 normally, but is corrected to 20/800 with glasses and contacts. To make that easier to relate, what you see at 20 feet appears to be 800 feet away at best for me.

If there is any problem, it usually involves typos I do not catch proofreading or misidentifying a celebrity photo. Most of my readers overlook the former and are polite in pointing out the latter. If anyone is nasty about it, it is usually because either he or she does not know I have a visual impairment or dislikes my religious or political viewpoints and uses my mistakes to insult my intelligence . Because anyone who disagrees with them must be stupid, rightt? 

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