Thursday, April 17, 2014

Forty-Five Candles

Today is my sister, Denise’s, forty-fifth birthday.   Why I feel compelled to mention this fact is beyond me.   Earlier, I posted a snaky--I did say I was a work in progress, did I not?--tweet/Facebook status declaring anyone who saw Denise should give her a swift kick in the behind for her birthday because she deserves it.  That is the natural man in me springing up.  There have been long periods in recent months in which he has been running on an extended leash.  Beating him into submission is quite a chore no matter how large the stick used to blugeon.
But I must remind myself grace, not fundamentalism, at all times.  Granted, I do not like Denise personally, and I doubt bI ever will without a significant spiritual epiphany on her part.  Yet I do possess the unconditional familial love for her.  It has been said by a number of people working me through my spiritual and emotional turmoil Denise needs to remember she may need me before I need her.  This may be true.  In spite of her abandonment of me, I would not turn her away under any future circumstances.  This is a genuine promise motivated by grace, not the passive aggressive enjoyment of watching one who has wronged me crawling back for help.  I might have been that petty at one point.  No longer.

 I am not going to impugn Denise by elaborating any more than I already have on her actions.  I have only said what I needed to say to get my point across.  She has acted deliberately without shame and has made no efforts to hide her actions.  They speak for themselves, and it looks like that is the way she wants it.  I would think, based on her actions and history, she is a miserable person with no ability to escape her misery.  She deserves my pity, not scorn, and she has it.
I spent nine difficult years in her home.  Without elaboration, I know of what I write.  Perhaps in my absence she has had a wake up call.  The cynic in me--work in progress, folks--says no.  (Hey, I have evidence to back that up!)  Perhaps today will be the day her eyes are opened to the possibility of turning over a new leaf.  With that in mind, happy birthday, Denise.  May it be the beginning of a new, more peaceful journey for you.   One as filled with positive revelations as mine has been in recent times. 

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